The Commonwealth Vintage Dancers 1920s Costuming
  • Vintage Witch Costume
    Are you a good witch or a bad witch? This sophisticated style has universal appeal! Practical magic is posh when east meets west in a strapless pencil dress! Comes complete with coordinating accessories -- simply add your own “eye of newt” and let the cauldron do the rest. No-so-basic black is taken up a notch with dazzling details like a sequined neckline and a ruffle-fin back slit on the skirt. You will look like one fashionable witch. Add more wiccan wonder to your ensemble with the included sequin belt, matching buckle, gloves and pointed hat with a sheer veil. All of your vampire and zombie friends will be impressed with how you are dressed. From warlocks to wizards, complete your coven with enchanting ensembles for however they cast spells. The fun doesn’t stop here. Check out BuyCostumes for a plethora of costumes and accessories, like this Vintage Witch Costume, for kids and adults and even pets! As we like to say, life’s better in costume! Includes: dress, belt, gloves and hat. Does not include: broom, hosiery or shoes.
  • Alice In Wonderland Movie - Sassy Blue Dress Alice Adult Costume
    Welcome to Tim Burton's world. Adorable and alluring, this Alice In Wonderland Movie - Sassy Blue Dress Alice Adult Costume is the perfect outfit to step into Alice's magical land. Be careful not to get caught in the rabbit hole again with this stunning dress. Not even the Red Queen will be able to ruin your night, and while heads won't come off, they will turn toward you when you rock this adorable and alluring ensemble. This will make your version of Alice look sexy, stylish, and modern with vintage accents -- all in the same outfit. PS This sexy costume includes Alice's storybook sky blue dress with black detailing on the skirt and on the bodice. | For a more charismatic look, add the striped fingerless gloves and the matching knee-high socks. | For a more vintage look, the costume also features a petticoat, which will perfectly fluff up this short dress. | Includes: Dress, Petticoat, Gloves, Knee Highs. | Does not include shoes. | This is an officially licensed Disney product from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.
  • Batman Classic 1966 Series Grand Heritage Batgirl Adult Costume
    Be the Bat-est Girl in town in this getup! Gear up with your Batman Classic 1966 Series Grand Heritage Batgirl Adult Costume and give Batman and Robin a hand in their endless fight against The Riddler. Protect Gotham City by any means necessary in this stylish number. This high-quality costume features a purple jumpsuit with a printed, yellow Bat symbol on the chest. Channel your inner caped crusader to help bring the amazing Barbara Gordon to life. Reinvent yourself as the woman that leads the Birds of Prey. Inspired from the classic TV series from 1966, the purple jumpsuit provides a sexy yet powerful visage. The utility belt around the waist and the lavender gloves complete the costume's vintage and timeless look. The reversible cape with batwing fringe allow you to thwart evil in style. The headpiece with those bat ears are another sign that this is a collector's costume. Includes: Jumpsuit, Cape, Headpiece, Belt, Gloves. Does not include shoes. This is an officially licensed Batman costume. As seen on the TBS show, King of the Nerds!
  • Retro Army Girl Adult Costume
    Let your commands be heard loud and clear in this sexy army girl costume. Even the most disobedient of the bunch are sure to obey your orders in this Retro Army Girl Adult Costume. Whether you are standing ready for duty or mingling, watchful eyes and ears stand ready for your next move. Classic yet commanding, dare anyone to say "no" to your orders this Halloween. This defiant outfit features a pin-up inspired dress in a flattering green tone. Gold star accents embellish the front of the costume, while red lines along the front and sides enhance your figure while adding to the charm of this costume. A matching jacket helps to complete the look. An accompanying hat, which also has gold star accents and red trim, lets everyone know that you mean business. Your wish is their command tonight in this vintage costume, so let your voice be heard over the crowds. Includes: dress, jacket, and hat. Does not include: shoes. This is an officially licensed Retro Army Girl costume.
  • Pink Poodle Skirt Adult Plus Costume
    Time warp back to the hippest malt shop in town for a burger and fries with this Pink Poodle Skirt Plus! Grab your friends, hit the jukebox and do the twist in this retro-chic Pink Poodle Skirt Adult Plus Costume that's bound to attract the dreamiest boy at the diner. The glam, black poodle applique and silver sequins bring a fresh feel to this adorable vintage classic piece. Maybe that dreamboat will even ask you to the drive-in! This flirty and innocent throwback to simpler times includes a bubble gum pink, A-line skirt that's sure to flatter your feminine figure. It hits just below the knee, allowing you to twist and shout all night on the dance floor to the rock 'n roll records you're hiding in your bedroom. Pair with a black or white top, paint your lips bright red and put on your dancing shoes for the night. You may just catch the eye of the boy in the varsity jacket -- he's such a hunk! Blouse and scarf are not included. Includes: Skirt.
  • Vintage Hollywood Marabou Satin Robe Adult Costume
    Bring back the glamour of classic Hollywood! Classic Hollywood may look classic to us now, but Hollywood fashions of the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s thrived on scandalous-for-its-time sex appeal. This Vintage Hollywood Marabou Satin Robe Adult Costume captures the red-hot glamour that had the world abuzz for starlets like Marilyn Monroe, Lauren Bacall, and Tallulah Bankhead. This robe has all of the luxe, edgy appeal that made the classic starlets' look so famous. It's time to turn up the heat and make glamour sizzle again as you step out (or stay in) in this stunning ensemble! This full-length satin robe features a scandalously high slit and generously applied marabou feather trim at sleeves and robe edges. The gorgeous satin material feels smooth and comfortable against your skin -- perfect for a warm evening event. Pair this dress with your most shocking pair of heels and every sparkly thing in your jewelry box for a high-class look, or with a garter and showy stockings to emphasize the high slit -- and don't forget the perfectly coiffed hair. Includes: Robe. Does not include jewelry or shoes.
  • Keep It Clean Sexy Maid Dress
    Dust off your Halloween decor in this Keep It Clean Sexy Maid Dress from BuyCostumes. You’ll have all the gentlemen calling housekeeping when they catch a glimpse of you in this French maid getup. Polish off your look with this Sexy Maid Costume, complete with black dress, embroidered apron, headpiece and choker. The black velveteen stretch dress gives you a little vintage flair, while staying true to the sexy French maid look. Nothing looks classier than the little black dress. White embroidery and ribbon detailing adorn the bust, waist, apron and skirt for a little extra sass. You will be the most gorgeous maid in the room. White embroidered headpiece and black choker polish off your look. It is always important to Keep It Clean. Choosing a costume doesn’t have to be a chore! Here at BuyCostumes, you will find an array of costumes and accessories perfect for any holiday or special occasion for kids and adults of all ages. As we like to say, life’s better in costume! Includes: black dress, embroidered apron, headpiece and choker. Does not include: feather duster or shoes.
  • Burlesque Beauty Adult Costume
    You definitely can-can be the star of the show in this stunning burlesque number. If you would like your costume to have some vintage glamour, this Burlesque Beauty Adult Costume is the perfect choice. It combines style and seduction while making sure you are the center of attention. Whether you are heading to the Moulin Rouge or just a costume party, you will feel feminine and feisty in equal measure. Enjoy dancing the night away in this outfit! The centerpiece of this gorgeous costume is the pink-and-black dress. The bodice comes complete with a built-in corset and stretchy lace for a perfect fit. Attached to the bodice is a beautiful black tiered skirt with pink ruffles in classic burlesque style. The dress also features a detachable pink bustle bow to make the outfit even more alluring. A separate black skirt trimmed in pink lace and made from luxurious stretch fabric hides underneath the tiered skirt. Accessories are everything for burlesque beauties; enjoy the authentic burlesque look with a charming miniature plumed hat, complete with a veil that perfectly matches the rest of the outfit. Elbow-length, black mesh fingerless gloves trimmed with pink complete the look. Includes: Dress, skirt, fingerless gloves, hat. Does not include hosiery, choker, or shoes.
  • Say Ahhh! Sexy Nurse Adult Costume
    Open up! Make sure you bring your defibrillator, because you're going to break a few hearts with this Say Ahhh! Sexy Nurse Adult Costume. There is something deep in the psychology of man that makes him weak in the knees at the sight of a sexy nurse. You'll have everyone in the room asking for a checkup and physical exam. With a skirt this short, expect turning heads. This nurse uniform skirt is just long enough to maintain your dignity, but short enough to raise eyebrows. The white and red medical theme make this unmistakably a nurses outfit, but the pleated details and cut compliment your waist and bust to make you unmistakably sexy. To top it all off we'll give you an authentic-looking vintage nurse cap, two large plastic syringes, and a playful stethoscope. Includes: Dress, Cap, Stethoscope and 2 Shot Syringes. Does Not Include: Shoes. This nurse costume will distinguish you as the sexiest girl at the party. Its vintage and playful design will bring out your naughty but good nature.
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    • Angelina Jolie's Fantasy Wedding Gown Sketch Angel Sanchez
    • Fashion Sketches by Susanna Ngao
  • Go Go Blue Adult Costume
    Who says disco is dead? Dust off those go go boots and prepare to get your groove on, because you'll be the hottest '70s chick in the room with the Go Go Blue Adult Costume. Whether you're dressing up for a '70s-themed costume party or you just want to have a far-out time on Halloween, this Go Go Blue Adult Costume will instantly send you back in time to the groovy days of Studio 54. Can you dig it? The Go Go Blue Adult Costume gives you reason to boogie, even if there's no disco ball in sight. This floral printed dress and matching head scarf are so hip that every cool cat in the room will want to get you out on the dance floor. Includes: dress, scarf. Does not include earrings or boots. Don't forget to turn on the lava lamp and brush up on your '70s lingo so you're ready to hustle on Halloween. Ready your vintage records and get ready to party down in this getup!
  • T-Bird Sweetie Adult Plus Costume
    Tell everyone to watch out because a new Pink Lady is in town. The sounds and looks of the classics come together in this classic pink and black T-Bird Sweetie Adult Plus Costume. Who says that girls don't love cars -- and everyone knows that guys love girls who love cars. The black pedal pushers and hot pink jacket of this costume will just naturally rev up the night as you recreate the heat that surrounded the throaty growls of those hot engines. The checkered neck scarf could also be waving at the finish line as you cheer your guy on to victory. A more casual look than the poodle skirt but just as vintage '50s, this easy-on-the-eyes ensemble will allow easy ins and outs of classic cars, as well as Main Street parade-worthy looks in all weather. The back of the easy-to wear and great-to-look-at jacket proclaims "Pink Ladies," but you don't have to act ladylike at all. In fact, you can get as down and dirty as any grease monkey while wearing the comfortable pedal pushers with your own white T-shirt under the jacket. And when you go for a ride with the top down, use the black and white scarf to keep your hair out of your eyes. Includes: Jacket, Pants, Neck Scarf. Does not include shoes or sunglasses.
  • Sexy Black Flapper Adult Costume
    Bring back the Roaring Twenties, and start the party wherever you go! Even F. Scott Fitzgerald would approve of this Gatsby-style Sexy Black Flapper Adult Costume. Whether you imagine yourself at one of Gatsby's extravagant parties, or you're more of the back alley speakeasies kind of gal, you will look straight out of the '20s in this sexy flapper costume. Luckily, you don't have to worry about prohibition, and if you want to enjoy the standard cocktail as a flapper, you don't have to do it underground. The flapper style is easy to recognize, but difficult to master. Fortunately, this costume has the style and the sexiness to perfect this lively look. Whether you're listening to jazz, or whatever's popular on the radio, you're in just the right outfit to cut a rug. The mini, layered fringe dress swings just right for a night of dancing, and the halter back and bow creates added style and authenticity to the ensemble. It wouldn't be a flapper costume without the staple headpiece. You can don this glittery black headpiece with a matching feather. Top off your outfit with the faux pearl necklace, and you're ready to go. Includes: Dress, Headpiece, Necklace. Gloves, tights and shoes are not included.
  • Sexy Olive Oyl Adult Costume
    Channel your fun-loving sexy side with this sleek Olive Oyl costume straight from the 1920s nautical scene. Brooklyn accent not included. With iconic waif-like physique and jet black hair, you'll soon have a Bluto and Popeye of your own fighting to be the man of your dreams if you wear the Sexy Olive Oyl Adult Costume. Her milkshake brings all the boys to the Naval yard. Olive Oyl really knows how to ac-cen-tu-ate the positive with this little one piece number! The scooped, petal collar design gives way to a red-as-lipstick top and a black short skirt showing off her long, gorgeous legs. White and yellow embroidered bands on the wrists and hemline add to her daring, flapper style. Wig comes already perfectly coiffed for your Naval adventures on the high seas! Includes: Dress and Wig. Does not include: Shoes. This is an officially licensed Popeye costume. Olive Oyl is an iconic character that most everyone will recognize from her appearances in the comic strip Thimble Theatre, and the famous Popeye cartoon.
  • Black Flapper Adult Plus Costume
    This costume exudes fashionable, flattering, flapper fun. When wearing the fringed black dress and matching sequined feather headpiece of this Black Flapper Adult Plus Costume, you're sure to make heads turn as your fringes fly. No one will mind if you suddenly break into the Charleston dance or tell the DJ to hold the Bruno Mars and play some Louie Armstrong. Yes, you have arrived in the 1920s-style speakeasy of your dreams, and you are the bee's knees of the party (do bees even have knees?). This black polyester tank dress flatters the leg by not being too short, and the delicious layers of fringe tastefully cover the entire dress for an authentic Roaring Twenties style. The sparkle of metallic gold at the scoop neckline adds sophistication, while the sequined black headband and feather announce loudly that you are a glamorous saloon gal. This costume really is the cat's meow for decade theme parties or Halloween fun! Includes: dress and headband with feather. Does Not Include: necklace, cigarette holder and shoes.
  • What's Shakin' Flapper Dress
    Be fearless. Be flirtatious. Be the reason they called it, “the roaring twenties!” Prohibition never looked so sexy! This fabulous flapper number is sure to turn up the heat with its shimmering mini dress and feathered headband. What are you waiting for? Give it a try and let your fringes fly! Sparkling sequins add sizzle to this speakeasy style. Jeweled neckline makes this flapper dress look extra fancy. Red color will have you look seductive and teasing. Black skirt will get you shimmering all night. Watch the fringe swing and bounce as you dance the Charleston. Sequin will have you shining as bright as a star. Hear those cats meow! Top off your luxe look with the coordinating headpiece, featuring a feather for additional flapper flair. Matching sequin red band is the bees knees! Get the whole Gatsby Gang together and dress to impress this Halloween! Check out BuyCostumes for a wide range of Roaring Twenties themed costumes for men and women! Life’s better in costume! Includes: dress and headband. Does not include: jewelry, boa, cigarette holder, pantyhose or shoes.
  • Silver Womens Flapper Dress Costume
    A little birdie is telling us that you want to be a flapper this Halloween. Want to look provocative, luxurious and seductive? Want to revisit the Roaring Twenties? Look no further with this jazzy Silver Womens Flapper Dress Costume, complete with dress and feather headpiece. Shimmy and shine all night long in this silver dress. Fringe detail on sweetheart neckline and skirt will have others meowing like kitty cats. Fringe not enough? Ruffle detail on skirt jazzes up the style as it flows and swings with each dance step. Want it more girlie? Rhinestone and glitter detail on straps and skirt will have you in the spotlight all night long. Feather headpiece is the bees knees! Feather flutters as you dance the Charleston and Tango. Sequined headband shines under the lights that will have you glowing. Finally, jeweled center makes the headpiece look neat and bubbly so you look like one classy gal. Want to jazz it up? Check out BuyCostumes for all the accessories, like jewelry, gloves, boas, cigarette holders and even shoes! Includes: dress and feather headpiece. Does not include: earrings, gloves or shoes.
  • Tiana: 1920's
    Styling idea
  • Charleston Cutie Adult Costume
    She's the bee's knees in flapper style! Whether you're doing the Foxtrot at a speakeasy or painting the town red in a manner worthy of the brilliant F. Scott Fitzgerald, you'll be the life and soul of the gig in this Charleston Cutie Adult Costume! Channel your inner Charleston Cutie and bring the vibrant spirit of the Roaring '20s to life at your next costume party -- you'll be the cat's pajamas even while rocking a sultry, sequined dress! Ooze glamour in this black satin dress which features plenty of fringe and glittering lace overlay to catch the light while you're vamping it up on the dance floor. Puttin' on the Ritz! Attached belt with matching details and removable rhinestone buckles lend some extra va-va-voom to the ensemble. Fishnet stockings to show off your killer pins, a feathered headpiece atop a perfectly bobbed coiffure, and a long strand of pearls is all a flapper needs to be dressed to the nines! Includes: dress, necklace, headpiece, fishnets, buckles. Does not include: shoes and boa.
  • Elegant Flapper Adult Plus Size Dress Costume
    Party like it is 1922! The Roaring Twenties were the bees knees because they knew how to throw a fun party. Jazz up your Halloween night in this Elegant Flapper Costume, which includes a sequin dress, black boa and hat. Shake and shimmy all night in this black dress. Fringe detailing on skirt and sleeves will have you dancing the Tango and Waltz. Silver sequin belt with black bow adds femininity to the dress so you look like one provocative gal. Black boa will get your sexy booty shaking as you show off some sassy flapper moves. Black cloche hat will get you up off your feet and dance the night away. Flower adds personality and liveliness to the accessory so you can have a roaring good time. Having a Roaring Twenties Gatsby themed party? Have all of your guests check out BuyCostumes for a wide range of 1920s inspired costumes for men and women. As we like to say, life is always better in costume! Includes: sequin dress, black boa and hat. Does not include: shoes.
  • Silver Flapper Plus Size Dress Adult Costume
    Your flapper costume is the “cat’s pyjamas.” It’s time to break free from your dull life in exchange for a night full of partying, dancing and hanging with friends. Visit your inner Roaring Twenties persona by dressing up in this Silver Flapper Costume, complete with dress and feather headpiece. Check out this jazzy silver dress that is sure to make heads turn. The fabulous fringe detail on the sweetheart neckline and hemline is sure to have your body shaking all night. Rhinestones and glittery straps guarantee to add glam to this gorgeous costume. Ruffle detail on skirt will have you looking flirty and fun so that all of the guys and gals will want to dance with you. Matching feather headpiece is sure to have everyone on their bees knees! Feather flounces and flows with each step you walk and dance. Sequin headband flashes as bright as your smile when you hang with the cats. Jewel will charm the pants off of everyone. Want the full out flapper look? Check out BuyCostumes for jewelry, gloves, boas, cigarette holders and shoes! Includes: dress and feather headpiece. Does not include: earrings, gloves or shoes.
  • Merida: 1920's
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  • Elegant Womens Flapper Adult Costume
    Sexy. Scandalous. Spiffy. Take a step back in time to the Prohibition Era this Halloween. You will be the bees knees when you wear this Elegant Flapper Costume, complete with dress, boa and hat. Dance the night away when you wear this flapper costume. Black dress is absolutely fringe-tastic when you shake and shimmy across the room. Sequins sparkle and shine as bright as your smile when you dance the Charleston. Silver accent sure looks classy against the black. Bow detail is just the cat’s pajamas. Black cloche hat will get the cats meowing. Floral detail adds a touch of elegance to this elegant flapper costume. Add some jazz to your ensemble with the black boa. Wrap around your neck or drape over your arms for a totally adorable flapper look. Round up the Gatsby gang this Halloween! Here at BuyCostumes, you will find a plethora of Roaring 20s themed costumes and accessories for men and women. As we like to say, life’s better in costume! Includes: dress, boa and hat. Does not include: fishnet tights or shoes.
  • Flapper Fashion (Black) Adult Plus Costume
    Jazz Hot Baby! Daisy Buchanan has nothing on you in this Flapper Fashion (Black) Adult Plus Costume stunner. Break out the bathtub gin and dance the night away in this racy black flapper costume that brings back the era when girls threw out their corsets and cut their hair into bobs, and jazz and the Charleston ruled. With the black fringed dress and sequined, feathered headband, you are ready to get the Roaring '20s party started. Just add fishnet stockings, high heels, and the Lindy Hop for a Gatsby-like good time! To create a dapper couple straight out of the Prohibition era, get your man to don the Gangster Double Breasted Suit costume. You two will be the talk (and toast) of the town! The black fringed flapper dress is short, flirty, and sexy -- the very essence of the 1920s. It's layered with fringe and features gold sequined neckline trim. The black sequined and feathered headband lends a further air of '20s flapper chic. Make the '20s look even more authentic with a flapper wig, cigarette holder, and feather boa. Includes: Dress, Headband. Does not include wig, shoes, cigarette holder, stockings or beads.
  • Black Flapper Costume Adult
    You better start practicing your Charleston. The fabulous, fringed layers of this Black Flapper Costume Adult are so much fun to wear -- and of course, dance in -- so let the fringes fly all night long. The metallic gold trim at the scoop neckline of the dress adds the appropriate amount of sophisticated flapper glamour, while the black sequined headband and feather are the perfect touch for a shady saloon lady. As an added bonus when wearing this outfit, you'll have the perfect excuse to channel the Roaring Twenties and call almost everything you see the cat's pajamas. With the generously stunning layers of fringe going all the way around this black, polyester tank dress, it's a true showstopper and authentic to the 1920s flapper style. The sequined headband and feather, also in black, are a must for fashionable flapper head wear. You are going to look like you belong in the classiest speakeasy in town! Includes: dress and headband with feather. Does not include: necklace, cigarette holder and shoes.
  • Olive Oyl Adult Plus Costume
    The best in 1920s Flapper chic cartoon apparel has arrived in the form of Olive Oyl. Squeaky voice and extra large feet not included. Who wouldn't want to wear the Olive Oyl Adult Plus Costume and be partner to the famous pipe-smoking, muscled, and tattooed Popeye? Even with all his charisma and charm, he'd be nothing without his precocious goyl, Olive Oyl! Olive Oyl always dresses to impress with a lovely one piece number, red as her rouge on top with a lovely white petal collar design to show off her neck, and a black skirt giving way to her long legs. White and yellow embroidered bands on the wrists and hemline add to the coquettish style that Popeye (and others) cannot resist. Wig comes already perfectly coiffed for your high seas journey! Includes: Dress and Wig. Does not include: shoes. This is an officially licensed Popeye costume. As Olive Oyl, you'll be able to take care of all your Swee'Peas and still know how to throw a terrific party with or without the tatted sailors, corn cob pipes, and U.S. Naval Cruisers.
  • Fashion Flapper (Red) Adult Costume
    The roaring twenties meet the lady in red. The Fashion Flapper (Red) Adult Costume takes the prohibition era to a whole new level of excitement. Sequins, fringe, and feathers mingle to create a unflappable ensemble. Slip this on and you'll be one hot siren that could swap moonshine with Capone after a night spent dancing the Charleston at the local speakeasy. Be careful who you mingle with, being a moll is a tough profession. A fire-engine red dress takes this hot number up a notch. With layered fringe and a golden, embroidered neckline it's sure to garner attention from every sheik in town. A gold sequined headband with a single red feather attached adds to the delicate passion the dress evokes. Includes: Dress, Headband. Does not include: boa, wig, necklace, stockings, garter, or shoes. Clamoring for affection isn't the flappers bag, but have no fear. Folks will be lining up in droves to have a look-see. Practice your poise and put on some jazz, you're fierce and taking the night wherever it may lead. Just don't forget to tuck that flask into your garter.
  • Maid For You Sexy Maid Dress
    You’ll have it “maid” in this Maid for You Sexy Maid Dress from BuyCostumes. Bonjour, housekeeping! Dust off your cleaning skills and fluff some pillows in this Sexy Maid Costume, complete with a dress and headpiece. Black sateen dress features puffy white sleeves adorned with black bows. You will love the frilly and flirty costume. Sweep your feather duster as you flaunt your sexy outfit and personality. White apron and skirt trim feature a black lace overlay to give you that je ne sais quoi. You know life needs a balance between work and play. Keep your coif in place with a black headpiece, perfectly accented with a white bow and lace. All of the gentlemen will be calling housekeeping to get your attention. Need more clean-cut costumes? Look no more! Here at BuyCostumes, we carry a wide variety of costumes and accessories perfect for any holiday or special occasion for kids and adults of all ages. As we like to say, life’s better in costume! Includes: dress, choker, and headpiece. Does not include: gloves, feather duster, fishnet stockings or shoes.