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September 18, 2012

Song of the day: Uncharted - Sara Bareilles (solid piece of advice in those lyrics up there...)

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Okay. So. I'm taking this opportunity to fangirl over the Harries twins. THANK YOU to whoever it was on Poly who showed them to me a while back--I wanna say it was @lostinsuburbia, but I can't quite remember, and if it's not than that was rather awkward--because I fell in love with them then and haven't stopped watching their videos since.

Just watch their latest video: 6 minutes and 11 seconds of absolute GORGEOUSNESS right there. Here's a gif I found that pretty much sums up their adorable-ness in that video:

So they're identical, right? But I can't help but find Finn so much cuter. And I feel bad because it's just how he does his hair, and Jack could totally do the same thing and look just as gorgeous, but ohmygosh just look: HOW PRETTY DOES FINN LOOK THERE?!? So dang pretty.

Why is it that every British boy I stumble upon is beautiful??? Are London's streets just filled with these fine-looking types of lads or something?! Cause if that's the case, then that's where I need to be right now. Or maybe it's just that all the British boys I discover have some level of fame, in part, because they are gorgeous. That probably makes sense.

Sighhhhh. Anyways. I should probably go do my physics lab now. Peace out, girl scouts! x 

P.S. Wait, btw... Who watched the X Factor last week? I just remembered this hilarious moment that I need to share with you Directioners:
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