well, I'm officially dying! I want school to be over as soon as posible! lol i have a huge project to work on and million of things to do! I miss polyvore sooo much! T_T I wan to spazz over my guys and read stories and join RPs but I guess I can't do it now T_T so yeah I'll just clean my drafts and try to make sets from time to time!!! 

I wrote this a long ago, before Seoul Mate took the direction it took... LOL and now all can I do is posting it for the Autumn Date contest: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/contest.show?id=368941 even though it really doesn't really go with the theme ^_^ anyway.... I love you guys stay healthy and enjoy life /(^_^)/ 

“I thought you said you were busy” Jaeseop complained as he stepped into the living room to see his girlfriend sitting at the table with her eyes almost glued to the screen of her computer. “What are you doing?” He curiously stood behind her in an attempt to have a peek of whatever she was staring at so attentively, but the girl immediately closed her laptop and clumsily stood up.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m busy, I have to finish this coat for Monday!” She said nervously walking to a corner of the room, where a mannequin was placed. AJ smiled and followed her with the eyes.

“Isn’t it done already?” Jaeseop asked again, his lips slightly curved, his expression obviously amused. 

“Well, I still need to fix this little detail… you know…” But May’s eyes widened when she horrified saw how her boyfriend started to read what she had been previously checking on Internet. “Don’t even dare to…” It was too late, AJ had already read the first line and his smile grew bigger when May put her hands around his eyes in an attempt to stop him from further reading.

“Seriously, this girl…” May sighed frustrated and shook her head, her hands still around Jaeseop’s head. “You said you were busy and we couldn’t go on a date, yet you were sitting reading this stuff?” 

“G was coming over to work on the photoshoot, but…” May sat on the chair next to Jaeseop with a defeated expression crossing her features, it was then when the male noticed that something was bothering her.

“What is it?” He asked, his cat-like smile vanishing from his lips.

“But he’s not coming cause we had an argument” May replied looking at her hands as if she had never noticed they were there.

“And why did you two have an argument? You’re pretty close and rarely fight, was what it?” Jaeseop patiently asked, like a father trying to make his daughter open up with him. 

“Sometimes he really gets on my nerves, he’s so insensitive and say whatever he wants without thinking if it’ll hurt or…” she suddenly made a pause. “Nevermind, it was something stupid.”

“I don’t think you’d get mad at him for something stupid, I know you never get angry at him, you’re pretty much always forgiving whatever he does” Jaeseop said, his statement slightly becoming an accusation.

“I don’t get angry at him because I know he’s always a fool and he doesn’t really mean to hurt me, but this time it was different, I think he… I think he’s right…” 

“Right about what?”

“Us” Jaeseop raised an eyebrow confused.

“He said you’ve taken me for granted and our relationship it’s really pointless cause you’re always busy and I’m always busy and you don’t seem to care anymore and neither I do and…”

“And that was the reason why you were reading our astrologic compatibility in some random website…” Jaeseop burst into laughter at May’s disappointment.

“It’s not funny!” she complained stamping her feet against the floor.

“Yeah, of course it is! You know I’m busy but I always get some time for you and I don’t like to pester you cause I know you hate clingy guys and you’d feel overwhelmed if I keep on calling, texting and being annoying” 

“That’s exactly what the website said!” May pouted.

“I’d never taken you for granted, you’re so unique, I’d never get bored with you” He laughed sincerely looking at his girlfriend.

“The analysis said the same” May meditated.

“Oh, come on! You don’t need a website to tell you so, I care about you and you care about me as well, we’re the perfect couple!” AJ shook his head and rolled eyes as if he had just stated the most obvious sentence ever.

“I think I’ve been so busy lately and kind of stressed as well.” The girl accepted, looking down ashamed.

“Shall we forget about this and go on the date we planned before you decided to cancel for whatever strange reason?” Jaeseop asked, that playful smile May loved so much on his lips “I’ve been dying to wear this and walk in the street holding your hand!” He said pointing at his black sweater and grabbing May’s hand casually. “I want to drink hot chocolate and buy a book I’ve been wanting to read since last month, we can go and watch a movie afterwards… oh! No, let’s better buy that sweater you wanted to buy the other day and…” but Jaeseop’s girlfriend stop him with a kiss on the lips and a teasing glance. 

“What if you help me with my collection? We can watch a movie while cuddling and drinking hot chocolate after” She suggested raising her eyebrows.

“But-“ Jaeseop tried to protest.

“But’s it’s cold and windy and I’m pretty sure it’ll start raining soon…”

“But staying home doesn’t even count as a date.” The male crossed his arms on his chest sulking.

“It does” May said, standing in front of him and forcing him to put his arms around her waist. “It counts as a date as long as you’re with me” she smiled, tiptoeing to kiss him. 

“Since when did you become so cheesy?” The guy merely shook his head amused, no wonder he was right, he’d never get bored of her.


btw sorry for the possible mistakes.. *too busy to check T_T
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