Hey guys! How are you? I hope you're all fine!

Know what? Yesterday, for the first time of my life I gave my blood :D But I could only fill ¾ of the blood bag, because I felt really dizzy near the end and the nurse said we should stop. Hopefully, they can still use the blood even if the bag isn't full :)
And know what? After that, for the first time of my life, I fainted because my tension was too low. I said to a nurse I was felling even more dizzy, she immediately ran toward me and tried to carry me and I told her “No don't worry, I can still walk”, and then I don't remember what happen. Well, that excalated quickly! When I woke up, 3 to 4 persons were giving me slaps to wake me up and telling me to not panic XD I was so embarassed! Of course, yesterday I wore a dress, and as I fell, everyone could saw my underwears X) 
If I wasn't with my best friend, I think I would still be a bit ashame of this, but we laughed so much about this whole story that now it's okay ^^

Sorry guys, this story is little adventure of mine is not really interesting but I just wanted to share it with you

Now lets talk about the set!
This is inspired by Cult Kei, Dolly Kei, and Mori girls. I discovered those styles some days ago, and I love it! 
I think it's very cute, but also a bit weird in the same time (I mean it in a good way). I love how the girls juxtapose their clothes, I love the platforms shoes, I love the prints, I love the make up, I love the originality of it!
By the way, the girl on my set is colled Manapyon :)
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Wrote three years ago
You're welcome!!!
Haha that's exactly how it went! I felt something for a while and once I found out what it was, I was like that!! XD

Wrote three years ago
@aliicia21 Aww thank you! You're so sweet ♥
@kokafor934 Thank you very much!
I can imagine you waiting for your blood pressure to be checked, realising where was the rubber thing, and be like "Oops..." XD

Wrote three years ago
This is so cute!! I love this look! Their looks are really original@
That's cool that you go to give blood!! Good thing you can laugh about that now!! I gave blood before, one time they lost the rubber thing they use to check your blood pressure! It took me 20 minutes to figure out I was sitting on it!

Wrote three years ago
oh I'm happy now that I heard you're alright :) I can imagine how scaring it was :$ when I'll go to give blood I'll drink a lot of water! You're welcome honey ^^


Asian inspired and melody

Asian inspired and melody

Welcome to the Asian Inspired and melody group
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if you interests in an Asia Countries,Asian Cultures,Asian Stars,Asian Models,Asian Film,Asian T.V. Series and Asian Music such as K-pop,J-pop,C-pop etc.
here is the right place to join this group.
welcome all of you to share your interests and Asian inspired set together.
Thank you so much to join and have fun.
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Asian Lovers United

Asian Lovers United

You can enter anything Asian!
Examples: K-pop, J-pop, J-rock, Anime, Dramas, Movies ,Ect.



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um um um quotes

um um um quotes

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yeah lets use quotes
use quotes n stuff in your set!
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