Hey guys! How are you? I hope you're all fine!

Know what? Yesterday, for the first time of my life I gave my blood :D But I could only fill ¾ of the blood bag, because I felt really dizzy near the end and the nurse said we should stop. Hopefully, they can still use the blood even if the bag isn't full :)
And know what? After that, for the first time of my life, I fainted because my tension was too low. I said to a nurse I was felling even more dizzy, she immediately ran toward me and tried to carry me and I told her “No don't worry, I can still walk”, and then I don't remember what happen. Well, that excalated quickly! When I woke up, 3 to 4 persons were giving me slaps to wake me up and telling me to not panic XD I was so embarassed! Of course, yesterday I wore a dress, and as I fell, everyone could saw my underwears X) 
If I wasn't with my best friend, I think I would still be a bit ashame of this, but we laughed so much about this whole story that now it's okay ^^

Sorry guys, this story is little adventure of mine is not really interesting but I just wanted to share it with you

Now lets talk about the set!
This is inspired by Cult Kei, Dolly Kei, and Mori girls. I discovered those styles some days ago, and I love it! 
I think it's very cute, but also a bit weird in the same time (I mean it in a good way). I love how the girls juxtapose their clothes, I love the platforms shoes, I love the prints, I love the make up, I love the originality of it!
By the way, the girl on my set is colled Manapyon :)
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