Hi, I redid the set again and I'm going to type this out so hopefully if your reading this it means I was successful this time around! 


Where to begin? 

Well I shall start off with the convention itself; now between the convention and the concert, the concert was more fun. And that's because the convention was planning was good, except for they under calculated on how many people were going to show up. There was twice as many people who bought tickets for the convention than for the concert so the entire place was packed and became extremely disorganized. 

They left little time for any idol fan signing or guest panels. For instance, I heard from the people who came early for Exo-m signings that only about 1/10 of the people there actually got to meet them and get their signatures. And I really wanted to get some for you unnie! @nyamnyam

Same happened for me when I went to go get autographs from the Youtube Stars Table (went there mainly because of Simon and Martina). I waited in line for about an hour and only ended up taking about maybe ten steps forward? Either way, there was a good couple hundred and only around 50-100 people got to meet them. It was quite sad :(

But on the bright side, I got to see them for their interview! ^^ I was lucky and was able to get a decent view. Poor Simon though was really sick :(

Besides those events there were a lot of stands selling merchandise (but exo stuff went fast! 0.0 everything was sold out by the time I got there), and lot of Korean food ^_^ It was just really hot and over packed a lot of the time. 


Now for the actual concert part! Except for all the constant reminders about our sponsors and G.NA's fail at MCing the event...everything else was perfect!

B.A.P came out first and really brought up the mood, especially by starting off with No Mercy :D And their engrish was so terrible >......<
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