Conair Double Ceramic Medium Porcupine Round Brush - Pink
  • Sleep In Rollers Paddle Brush
    Perfect for all hair types, this Paddle Brush from Sleep In Rollers will brush though any knots in your hair to leave your locks soft and silky. Helping you to achieve salon perfect style, this brush boasts sturdy bristles and a cushioned bed to ensure a painless brush. Presented in an original Sleep In Rollers pink drawstring bag for easy storage, this Paddle Brush is a must have. Brand: Sleep In Rollers.
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Detangling Brush
    What it is: A travel brush with a soft-touch finish. What it does: This portable brush is perfect for styling your hair anywhere you travel. Great for use on wet hair, the durable, plastic bristles detangle without pull or damage.
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Primal Blue Dual Boar Travel Brush
    What it is: A stylish metallic teal travel brush made of boar and synthetic fibers. What it does: This brush fits easily in a purse or gym bag, and is perfect for travel. It features bristles of boar hair and plastic to comb, detangle, and smooth all in one motion.
  • Prostylista Creative Hair Large Paddle Brush
    Create super smooth locks with this Prostylista Creative Hair Large Paddle Brush. Featuring an air-cushioned rubber pad and soft, ball ended bristle pins for total comfort when styling, this paddle brush is best suited to medium to long hair and also boasts an ergonomic handle for increased grip and control when styling. E.D. Brand: Prostylista. Range: ProStylista.
  • Michael Van Clarke Large Safety Comb
    For longer or thicker hair. This large, wide-tooth comb is ideal for combing through hair, wet or dry. Shop the Space NK Boutique.
  • Spornette Prego Ceramic Aerated Brush, 2.5", blue 1 ea
    The Prego is a ceramic aerated 2.5 inch diameter rounder with Tourmaline additives to promote breaking down of water molecules for hair absorption. The Nano-Siver Technology added to the bristles help keep hairclean and smelling good. The barrel heats up when used with a blow dryer to style and dry hair quickly. Best used on medium hair lengths.
  • Conair Volume and Styling Comb - Black
    Conair's lift and tease comb will do just that - lift and tease your hair.Bring it with you in your purse so you can fix your hair while you are on the go. Number of Pieces: 1. Includes: Decorative Comb. Used For: Hair Styling. Features: Flexible construction. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Plastic.
  • Drybar Lemon Drop Daily Detangler
    What it is: A lightweight hair brush for wet and dry hair. What it does: This portable Daily Detangler combs through tangles with ease and is great for brushing out extensions. Complete with a soft-touch handle and nicely cushioned bristles, it is comfortable to use and helps bring shine to life with each stroke.
  • Conair Double Ceramic Cushion Brush - Champagne
    Style your hair with this ceramic cushion brush from Conair. Made from 21% boar hair, the bristles grip your hair for better control. Its champagne-colored handle looks sleek and smooth, bringing an elegant look to your dressing table. Number of Pieces: 1. Includes: Hair Brush. Used For: Hair Styling. Features: Cushioned Grip. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Wood. Bristle Material: Boar Hair, ( 50 %)
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    • Escali US180B Bathroom Scale, Black and Stainless Steel
    • Essey - Wipy-Cube
  • SARAHPOTEMPA Tools "Power" Paddle Brush, 9.7/10" 1 ea
    Try this brush for its intense, thick bristles. Use it in the shower to untangle large knots and smooth out conditioner. Great for every day detangling. Or nighttime brushing. It is strong enough for thick, curly locks and gentle enough for fine hair. The "Power" Paddle Brush’s bristles are strong, thick nylon with rubberized massage balled tips. Using this brush will keep your hair beautiful, shiny and healthy! With the empowering message, this unique brush reminds us that we are all amazing, gorgeous and capable of phenomenal happiness.
  • Conair Wide Tooth Comb - Black
    Conair's Wide Tooth Comb brushes through any unwanted snarls leaving your hair tangle-free. Number of Pieces: 1. Includes: Decorative Comb. Used For: Hair Styling. Features: Flexible construction. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Plastic.
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    • Xhilaration Juniors Woven Sleep Boxer - Assorted Colors
    • Mossimo Supply Co. Women's Plus-Size 3/4-Sleeve Tee - Assorted Colors
  • Denman Classic Styling Brush - Heavyweight
    With an anti-static rubber pad the Denman Classic Styling Brush Heavyweight provides maximum grip and control during blow-drying making it ideal for shaping the hair. With nine rows of nylon pins, this styling brush is ideal for thicker, longer hair! Discover for yourself why Denman is renowned for creating ‘the hairdressers’ hairbrush'. Providing maximum grip and control, Denman Classic Styling Brushes are available in a variety of sizes to suit all hair lengths and types. This Heavyweight styler effectively gives greater control over styling the hair, due to the heavier weight of the brush and promises to smooth, shape and polish your long, thick hair to help you create endless looks. Brand: Denman. Volume: Heavyweight.
  • Conair Flirty Girl Bling Cushion Brush - Colors May Vary
    Conair's Flirty Girl brush will detangle and style your hair. The tourmaline iconic bristles leave your hair shiny and frizz-free. Number of Pieces: 1. Used For: Hair Styling. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Plastic, Nylon, Acrylic. Textile Material: Plastic, Plastic, 100 ( Nylon %) Bristle Material: Plastic, ( 100 %) , Boar Hair.
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Tidy: Detangling Comb
    What it is: A detangling and texture-managing comb with sturdy, widely spaced teeth. What it does: This gentle but sturdy comb works hard to detangle, style, and manage hair without sacrificing texture. Its widely spaced conical teeth are designed for optimal effectiveness and the tough, professional design provides salon-quality performance. It’s great for applying conditioner and even works on wavy or curly medium-to-long hair.
  • Conair Mega Ceramic Porcupine Cushion Hair Brush - Brown
    Conair's Ceramic Porcupine Cushion Brush is a combination of boar and nylon bristles that will distribute your scalp's natural oils into your hair to leave it silky and smooth. The flexible cushion base is great for stress-free brushing. It is perfect for everyday brushing and styling of all hair types. Number of Pieces: 1. Includes: Hair Brush. Used For: Hair Styling. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Ceramic. Bristle Material: Nylon. CPSC Warnings: no_warning_applicable.
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Luxe Combo Travel Brush
    What it is: A stylish and effective travel brush with a combination of boar and plastic bristles. What it does: Brush your hair beautiful with this compact brush perfect for travel. The longer, plastic bristles comb through the hair and the boar bristles smooth out kinks and tangles, ensuring gorgeous strands all day. This durable brush is water resistant and the perfect tool for pulling up a ponytail or detangling after a breezy afternoon.
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    • Room Essentials Peva Stripe Warm Shower Curtain
  • Conair Ceramic Wood Natural Shine Booster Hair Brush
    Number of Pieces: 1. Includes: Hair Brush, Styling Brush. Used For: Curl, Hair Styling. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Ceramic, Nylon, Plastic. Textile Material: Nylon, Plastic. Bristle Material: Nylon.
  • SEPHORA COLLECTION Pop-Up Travel Brush - Signature Black & Red
    The perfect travel companion, this chic, mirrored compact opens to reveal a pop-up brush inside. Simply flip open the mirror and press your thumb against the bottom of the compact to pop out the brush. To close, gently press on the bristle tips with the center of your palm to retract the brush.
  • Conair Detangle & Style Antistatic Comb - 1 Count 'Colors May Vary'
    Conair's Detangle and Style anitstatic comb tames your flyaways and leaves hair look smooth. The product has antimicrobial protection to keep the comb and your hair clearner and fresher. Includes: Comb. Used For: Hair Styling. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Plastic. Bristle Material: Plastic. CPSC Warnings: no_warning_applicable.
  • Sleep In Rollers Mega Fringe Brush
    Designed to give you the biggest, bounciest fringe, this Mega Fringe Brush is a must have. Giving you the technique to create a style that's full of volume and body, this brush works to lift your fringe from the roots and give you long lasting style. Created for use when blowdrying, this brush makes styling your hair so simple, and results in amazing volume that lasts throughout the day. Also for use on the crown of the head to inject more volume, this Mega Fringe Brush boasts flexible bristles and a hollow middle to ensure that the heat travels through your hair and you're left with award winning style. Brand: Sleep In Rollers.
  • Conair Ceramic Paddle Hair Brush
    Conair's Ceramic Paddle Brush is designed to gently detangle wet or dry hair with its flexible cushion base for stress-free brushing. The ball-tipped bristles will not snag or pull on your hair. The ceramic-coated rim smoothes your hair and leaves it looking shiny, especially with the use of a blow-dryer. This brush is great for thick hair. Includes: Hair Brush. Used For: Hair Styling. Hair Type: All Hair Types. Material: Ceramic. Bristle Material: Nylon. CPSC Warnings: no_warning_applicable.
    • Tangle Angel Professional Detangling Brush Pink
    • Mason Pearson Childs Pink Sensitive Bristle Hair Brush
    • Mason Pearson Handy Mixture Pink Handle
    • Conair Double Ceramic Medium Porcupine Round Brush - Pink
  • ACCA KAPPA Professional Pneumatic Paddle Brush, Large 1 ea
    Our Pneumatic Brush, made with Kotibe Wood and Heat Resistant Nylon Pins with rounded epoxy tips, delicately massages the scalp improving circulation. The specific shape of the natural rubber cushion allows the pressure to be absorbed and distributed evenly, providing a gentle bushing action on hair and scalp. Ideal to prepare medium and long hair for styling. 960 Professional. Made in Italy.