♡ JANUARY 21 ♡
The princesses have all settled down in their new home, and are meeting one another for the first time after having seen each other on the steps to the school on the first day. What will this meeting bring? Head to the maize during your second class to find out. 

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I actually hate this school. When I was in Neverland, I could wake up as early or as late as I pleased. The sun was never my alarm clock, but I always woke up early anyway, so that I could spend the day with Peter. 


The thought of his name brings a pang of sadness through my body, and I struggle to get out of bed. I fold my arms together and stumble towards my bathroom. I switch on the beautiful chandelier and walk over towards the mirror and stare at my sad state. Droopy eyes, dark circles, and a pale complexion. Lovely. After washing my face for several minutes, I turn on the water to the white marble tub and pour in several teaspoons of body wash, that will be used as bubbles. 

While I am getting ready to hop into the tub, I hear a knock on my door. "Yes?" I call out. "TEN MINUTES!" A voice booms. Whatever. I roll my green eyes and explain that I will be out in five and wait until the knocking stops before hopping into the tub. I sink lower and lower into the water and close my eyes and begin to meditate. I had spent years learning how to breathe underwater from the mermaids, and my all time record for holding my breath underwater has reached to approximately seventeen minutes. After meditating for a while, I reemerge just above the surface and sigh to myself. School awaits. After spending a good half an hour working through my tangly hair, ironing my uniform, and finding my shoes, I am ready. I head into the dormitory hallway after locking my door and smile at the familiar face several yards away. "Hey, Snow!" I call out. She turns towards me and beams. Tin--Rosalie, so good to see you." She says and walks over towards me. "Ready for class?" She asks me. "Ready as I'll ever be…" I moan and follow Snow through the crowd of students until we reach our first class. I take a seat near the window and zone out as the teacher begins to discuss the importance of horoscopes. Blah Blah Blah. My eyes begin to feel heavy, but I am soon awakened by the tapping of a ruler several inches from my head. I shoot up from my chair and yell out the word "equilateral!" I hear several students snickering, and I look at the teacher sheepishly. "I'll just go now…" I say quickly. I knew that the teacher would have sent me to detention either way, and, well, I was happy to get out of there. I walk past a worried Snow and head into the hallway. I walk through the empty halls and stop before I reach the detention room. As I am about to open the door, an angry Mulan storms past me, but quickly does a one eighty and turns towards me. "Rosalie, come along.. detention is dreadful. I was forced to rewrite the student handbook. Do you see my throbbing hand? Yes, it's not usually this shade of red." She says and gestures towards her hand. My hand flies to my mouth and I look as Mulan sadly. "The maize." I tell her. She nods and we both step into the quad, and begin walking towards the maize.

Ten minutes later

Once we both reach the center, I notice many of the other princesses and smile at them. "Morning everyone." I state. Several of the princesses smile and nod, and I take a seat near the tall willow tree. "So...." Megara trails off. "So, I need to know why we are all here. Where is the Enchanted Forest? Our home? Why have we been sent here?" I ask angrily. Megara shrugs and glances at the sky. "The stars here are different... I don't think we are in our true realm." I look up at the nearly invisible stars and sigh. "Any ideas... as to where we are?" I notice Jane rise from her seating position near a small patch of daisies, and watch as she walks over towards the willow tree and faces the princesses. "I believe that we are on earth. The trees... the scenery... I remember reading about it....." 

"But that means..."
I whisper
"There is no magic to get us home." 

The End.


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Megara! Sorry to comment so late :)

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I will finish it tomorrow! I will include Jane, don't worry! (:

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Snow :)

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