STATUS UPDATE: omg afjsushuis; I got top set! Check it out here; I am soo shocked!☮thank you everyone!

Okay...Time for the confessions! EEEK! Okay,uh, idk. 
1.I actually don't mind 'Breaking Free' from HSM. Omg ikr!
2.When I first joined polyvore, I made like a few random accounts just to follow me >.<
3.I don't like 1D! Sorry guise! **
4.I have a crush on LIAM HEMSWORTH, so back off Miely haha you b*itch, he's mine!
5.I am scared of like kidnappers :3
6. I can't skate or surf or play football. Like at all! #CRINGE 
7. I actually quite like minecraft. yolo !!
8.I'm totally weird and random - some times I just burst out singing!
9. I have a boyyyf♥♥don't ask me how i got him ?
10. I think man-ly men are hott
Um thats all! Comment if you can relate? Haha(:
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