Part 3 of "Picking Up Zayn" and "Surprise Party" Again, sorry this one was kinds short, and weird. I'm still writing more, and this one has another part coming soon. Anyway, if you comment on the last 2 imagines, telling me what you think, that would be great. Also, I'd love to write more imagines for you, just pm me! Thanks guys :D

So your boyfriend's band, One Direction, was performing today. Not just anywhere though. They got to perform on a very special show that only had the most talented people (yay!) You had gotten a front seat, and was sitting there with your best friend. When the host introduced your boyfriend, Louis Tomlinson, you clapped and cheered. But he didn't even notice you. However, when your best friend, Zayn Malik walked up on stage, he kept your stare the whole time. You smiled, blushed a little, and waved. The reason you blushed was because you liked him, and you told him. And he liked you too. If you hadn't been dating Louis, you would have totally dated him. Anyway, so the boys were introduced, and they started to perform "Live While We're Young." At the part where the boys bandmate, Liam Payne, sings "Come on and let me sneak you out," Zayn was making a creepy face, almost as if he was directing those words to you. Seeing that face, you wished that your whole life live could be like this (only with Zayn.) Louis, on the other hand, wasn't paying any attention. You sighed, wondering why you were still in a relationship with him. The few months after your surprise birthday party were rough. You and Louis hadn't been seeing things on the same page lately. You sighed again, brushing it off. Maybe some day soon you could pluck up the courage to see what your relationship was coming too. But right now, you were stating with Louis. He deserves that.
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