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Yeah......I'm so bored.
And tired.
Yeah, I'm tired.
I'm about to go to bed.
6 in the morning......
Well, yeah.

To my bestfriend about her ex bestfriend and ex boy friend (who are now a couple, and that's why her ex broke up with her):

Seriously, I can't believe Kourteney did that, she must be proud, get a boyfriend that would break a girls heart for someone else, and lose a great friend. Yeah, SO PROUD. But I would be worried if I were her because if he broke someone's heart for someone "better" (She's /nottt/ better) then he could do it again. And Jake's retarded to think that after all he did to you that you'd still love him. 

Kourteney=ex bestfriend
Jake=ex boyfriend

Yup, I pretty much hate him.

And the guy that used my other bestfriend.
Hate him too.

Aaaanyways, goodnight.
Morning, whatever.
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