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Name: Amelia Andrews
Birthday: September 16
Bio: At first glance, Amelia seems like a perfect angel, but once you take a deeper look you see all the cracks in her perfect facade and see her for the devil she truly is. She's a temptress; a femme fatale that catches the eyes of the many older married gentlemen. She gets what she wants no matter who she has to hurt to get it,but despite her flawed behavior she has a good heart and if you do have her on your side, she'll fight to the death for you. Deep down she just wants what every girl wants; love, but so far her attempts have been disastrous.
Item: Sky High Heels
Model: Megan Fox
taken: nadia (

I laid on my side facing the bathroom door,
"Do you think your wife knows?" He slowly walked out while buttoning up his shirt.
"Do we have to bring her up?"
"I'm just saying."
"No, I don't think she knows. I'm very good at covering up my tracks." I felt a slight pinch in my chest. I did feel bad, sort of.
I sat up off the bed and wrapped the sheet around me, "so that's why you bring me here to a hotel room?" I grinned at him.
He finished re-tying his tie and walked over to me and kissed me, "at least it's a five star hotel." I smiled.
"I guess your right. You wanna go another round?" I looked at him up through my eyelashes.
"I would, you know I would, but my lunch break is almost over. I have to go back to work." I sighed.
"Alright, well I guess I'll go to. I have to go shopping with some of the girls." I started getting dressed and I left the room first, so nobody would see us.
I walked across the lobby and accidentally brushed shoulders with someone,
"Watch where you're going, b.itch!" I looked up and saw Nina, great.
"Oh, hello Amelia," she smirked at me.
"Hi Nina," I rolled my eyes at her.
"What are you doing here in the middle of the day at The Ritz?"
"None of your business. Why are you so concerned with me?"
"I don't know, I just heard some... interesting news concerning you?"
"Well, I can guarantee you, it's not true."
"Oh really now?" She looked past me at something and I turned around to see what it was. It was him getting off the elevator.
"You have no idea what you're talking about Nina..."
"What? I didn't even say anything... but I'm telling you, once I get proof, I'm going to make your life a living h.ell." She walked off into the opposite direction. I took a deep breath and regained my composure. She didn't know anything.
I walked outside and gave my ticket to valet and they pulled up with my precious Mercedes McLaren Daddy bought me for my 18th birthday.
I hopped in and headed out to shop.
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