Congrats to all my lovely winners! These items were perfectly tailored to create realistic rooms so I hope you all enjoyed them! I had so much fun looking at all these fun styles everyone came up with! Here are the reasons for picking my winners :P

~Beautifully executed style, you chose the accessories and the furniture and colors perfectly! 
~*These were easy edit items* So anything sticking out of the picture could have been clipped to fit inside it, so I looked at that aspect*
~No moodboards! 
~Making sure you actually named your style was the main idea of this contest! Sets that did not name their style were disqualified sadly...

Congrats to the Top 3 for getting trophies! And thankyou everyone for submitting beautiful sets, my new contest will be posted in just a few! <333

1st: @filletrange (You go girl! Your colors and fun quirky items totally grabbed my attention from the beginning!

2nd: @misslisa5472 Girl your details and gripping realism just blew me away! Every luscious detail is just perfect!

3rd: @debraelizabeth The sophisticated neutral look of this room and awesome crisp white against that beautiful wall is just amazing, the items you chose were absolute perfection!

4th: @benzin All those items fit perfectly! I can't believe how seamless this room looks its gorgeous!

5th: @shae-alana GIRL! Your colors and phenomenal shadows made this room stand out! It was def a winner as soon as I saw it I can't stop staring at all the beautiful details!

6th: @retrocat1 Your sets are all works of art, the actual art you used with that beautiful wall made all the pieces you use just POP!

7th: @eyesondesign that view is KILLER and I love that you made a dining room! Those cute chandeliers could not have gone more perfect with this room! Lets start the party!

8th: @synderella This lofty space is so full of character and texture, I can just imagine lounging around with a cup of coffee taking in that gorgeous view!

9th: @helenehrenhofer Oh my so much light and beautiful shabby items! You brought these fun items to a new level with the amazing chic designing!

10th: @valsal girl your surfer bright rocking vibe has made me crave summer! What amazing details with your shadows and I am in love with your wall color!

11th: @luckied99 I love these colors together, they pair so well and I love that there is fun ethnic pieces thrown in there making this sophisticated chic room feel more casual and lived in!

12th: @divine-designer Those colors are so striking and your shadows and simplistic detailing were brilliant! I love your lighting effects and the items you chose to create this feel so dreamy!

Congrats winner! I hope you all go and congratulate them all! <333

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