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Congratulations You're A Demi-God! (Percy Jackson Challenge!)

There is no time limit, just let me know when you finish the challenge and I will add you to the wall. :) AND if you have any ideas for challenges, message me and I will gladly add them. BTDUBS YOU ONLY HAVE TO DO 30 (of your choice) SETS TO MAKE THE WALL. [The rest are completely up to you!) [Note if you CHOSE to do more than thirty you get extra credit!) *WALL OF FAME* :D 1) Irtis: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1411337 2) Summerslight: http://www.polyvore.com/should_just_except_my_new/collection?id=1541792 3)Phreak: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1591062 4)aireagle92 http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=3667363 1. Introduction Set 2. Your Human Mother OR Father Set 3. Your Godly Parent 4. How You Find Out You’re A Demigod Set 5. Which Demigod(s) or Satyr Finds You? 6. Your Satyr Set [Use Grover Or Make Your Own ^^] 7. Your Nymph Set 8. Meeting Chiron Set 9. Meeting Mr. D Set 10. Your Time In Hermes Cabin Set 11. Your First Campfire [I encourage you to write a Greek punny campfire song] 12. Your Claimed Set 13. Your Cabin Space 14. Your Favorite Sibling Set 15. Your Best Friends At Camp Set 16. Your Camp Bully/Enemy 17. Your Camp Crush/Boyfriend or Girlfriend 18. Your Favorite Child Of The Big Three Set 19. Your Favorite God Set 20. Your Least Favorite God Set 21. Your Favorite Titan 22. Your Least Favorite Titan 23. Your Favorite Camp Activity 24. Your First Capture The Flag Game Set 25. Your Armor And Weapon Set 26. Meeting the Oracle Set 27. Your First Quest Set 28. Your Winter Trip To Olympus Set 29. Poseidon or Zeus, Whose Side Are You On? Set 30. Meeting/ Fighting Ares Set 31. Your Reaction To Luke’s Betrayal Set 32. Defending Camp Half-Blood From Monsters Set 33. Your Chariot Race Set 34. Meeting Artemis Set 35. Meeting Apollo/ Driving the Sun Chariot Set 36. Meeting The Hunters Set [*Girls Only* Do you join?] 37. Your Time In The Labyrinth Set 38. Kronos or Olympus: Whose Side Do You Take Set 39. Battle of Manhattan Set 40. Life After the Second Titan War Set 41. Your Fatal Flaw Set 42. Your Gift From The Gods Set 43. Your Siren Song Set
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