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  • Next - DNA Table Lamp
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    The shape of the DNA table lamp becomes an organically growing structure, out of a simple basic element. Three synthetic modules with a total of seven illuminants come together for a shapely light-object which is not only leaned on deoxyribonucleic acid (short: DNA) regarding its name, but also regarding its form: Carrier of human genotype. DNA is not only available as table lamp - it is developed as collection by the manufacturer next, made of different illumiant types. The table lamp displays itself through its simplicity, the associations to the plant world, from the flower to the tree. With a cord-dimmer, the DNA lightens up the life in every desired way. The table lamp is available in the timeless colour white and as classy chrome edition. DNA was designed by the design-duo Hopf & Wortmann, which worked together untill 2007 in its „office for design“.
  • Next Home - Drop_3 Wall Light
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    The Drop_3 light was created by the design agency Hopf & Wortmann for the young label Next Home. The Drop_3 belongs to the light series “Liquid Lights” – an aesthetic symbiosis of light and water. Shaped like drops, the liquid lights indicate individual directions and give warm comfortable light to every room – a striking enrichment for every kind of architecture. It looks as if a drop of white liquid is running down the wall. The wall light Drop_3 by Next Home consists of white synthetics and is also available in small. By using coloured illuminants, you can create an impressive atmosphere. The “Liquid Lights” series by Next Home was awarded the Form Prize in 2001 and received the title „Design for Europe, best lighting“ at the Biennale Kortrijk. Please take also notice of the other lights from the “Liquid Lights” series in our online shop.
  • Cappellini - Cloud Shelving System
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    Cloud is a modular shelving system that has been designed by Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec in 2004 for Cappellini. Several Cloud modules can be combined with each other and placed seamlessly together in the most different angles. The modules are connected and fixed with press-clips. The name Cloud has not been selected by chance: The eight depositing boards of every shelving module are arranged to form the silhouette of a cloud. If the system is expanded, Cloud grows to become a honeycombed and vivid construction. When it comes to assemble the single elements there are hardly rules to follow, no ups and downs, rights and lefts, no beginnings or ends. The round forms of the Cloud modules join each other in the most different formations. The vivid and light forms out of the feather of Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec ensure that the Cloud construction will never seem unfinished and that it can continuously be enlarged. The depositing compartments from Cloud are reachable from two sides, so that the shelf can also serve as room divider. The Italian company Cappellini makes the Cloud shelving system out of polyethylene, which is manufactured in a rotation moulding procedure.
  • northernlighting - Snakkes Light
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    The wall lamp Snakkes is a wall mounted LED light board whose writing is emphasized by light. The wall lamp Snakkes was designed by Daniel Benito Cortázar for northern lighting and should serve as simple illumination as well as communication item with written messages on it. Say it with Snakkes: If your roommate needs to be reminded of the payment of the flat rent or you don’t meet anyone at home to tell them that you are using the car, for love notes or long-term memories for the date of the postman coming: Surrounded by light, your message will automatically get more attention than a normal coloured Post-it, memory note or as SMSs. Snakkes means as much as “let’s talk later” on Norwegian. It would be something you would say to someone before you leave a party or to leave a note on the kitchen table. The Snakkes light by Northern Lighting will offer the opportunity of expressing these things more emphasized so as to not forgetting them that fast: By an offensive but still background illuminated notice! The lamp can be re-written again and again as well as removed traceless with the right pen thanks to the acrylic front panel.
  • Gufram - Capitello
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    The plastic-armchair Capitello is inspired by the knocked off head of the ionic pillar. Designed by Studio 65 in 1971, Gufram still produces the Capitello Armchair, which can be categorized in the Italian radical-design-movement. Capitello is like a stoney pillar, but it is - if you sat on it - very soft.
  • Next - Alien Easy
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    An alien formation that illuminates your room… Invasion of another world. It seems as if a strange creature comes down with a rope. Even, gently weightless – Alien shines in a warm, soft light. More details: Design: Constantin Wortmann. Dimensions: H: 65.5 Cm , D: 28 Cm , L: 24 Cm or H: 111 Cm , D: 47.6 Cm , L: 41 Cm. Material: PE plastic. Illuminant: E27 max. 100W. Alien_M Easy and Alien_XL Easy are also available as outdoor version!
  • Artecnica - Wonderland candleholder
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    The Wonderland candleholder by Artecnica embodies a surreal world, reminding of Alive in Wonderland. The designer Stephen Johnson was inspired by jumble sales of his home town in England for the figures that balance on one another, carrying a candleholder on their top. The shape of the candlestick of the Artecnica house consists of a rabbit, a bird and a child figure. Wonderland shows how much emotional demands such as fantasy, nostalgia and humour are included in design. Artecnica’s Wonderland consists of 100% recycled aluminium and it is also available in further editions as well as in gold or chrome.
  • Studio Aarnio - Double Bubble table lamp
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    The Double Bubble table lamp is cast in plastic to ensure durability and uniform colour of light. It became an immediate classic following ist introduction in 2003 and formed a new territorial conquest in the lighting design field for Eero Aarnio. The Double Bubble series of lamps is one of the most recent designs by the celebrated Finnish designer Eero Aarnio. Initial plan was to utilize glass blowing technique, but improved uniform colour of light and durability directed the designer to implement latest plastic casting-technique. Double Bubble or Tupla Kupla - as it is know in Finnish - comes different sizes; two table lamps, one monumental standing lamp and an outdoor version. Due to curvy surface, there are three lamps fitted inside; one in each bubble and one in the leg part. The light in the largest Double Bubble is complemented by slightly stronger lamps. The Double Bubble lamp of Eero Aarnio and Studio Aarnio is also available as floor and outdoor version.
  • Alessi A di Alessi - Watering Can Diva
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    The Finnish Eero Aarnio, who became famous with his iconic loungers „Ball chair“ (1966), „Pastil chair“ (1967) and „Bubble chair“ (1968) is one of the great renewers of contemporaneous Scandinavian design. He developed a products collection for Alessi in 2011 that unifies classic, playful and paradox design aspects. The intertwined watering can Diva consists of thermoplastic resin and has nearly 1.5 litres of water capacity. The swung form of the can appears as if out of one cast and simultaneously adopts all the parts of a watering can, without appearing complicated. That is how the swung neck of Diva ensures targeted and dozed pouring with a handle to carry it. Eero Aarnio remembers: ”I still remember Alberto Alessi’s smile when I presented my designs for the first time years ago. My watering can “Diva” and the bottle opener “Mouse” – both extremely practical and filled with joy, were part of them. My approach for the product design led over two basic processes: To enter the world of arts without rules again and again by the research of possibilities that bring new materials for a project and creativity that mainly came from my feeling. I believe that new and surprising creations can only emerge combining these two approaches.”
  • Dark - Spacewalker pendant light
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    It exists afterall – at least soon within your four walls – Constantin Wortmann, who’s made a name for himself in the world of design with his design studio Büro für Form, designed this friendly creature that lights its environment. Bearing in mind the name there is certainly no need to mention that the enlightenment is of a futuristic nature. Its organic form lets Spaceman appear unintrusive, despite its undeniable extravagance so it fits every environment. As a pendant light Spacewalker isn’t really a walker as he floats weightlessly in the air instead. He can also hang upside down. The Spacewalker is made from matt polyethylene. The friendly creature with the oversized head is being supplied with the essential via a 25 cm long red cord. Spacewalker won the highest award “Best of the Best” of the Red Dot Award. It comes in white but it can blush, turn green or go blue with the help of the corresponding colour filters. Spacewalker is available in the following versions: DA = for digital light control. EVG = for electronic control gears/ non-dimmable. EVGD = for electronic control gears/ dimmable. Illuminant: 3 X 21 Watts G5. Illuminant: 3 X 39 Watts G5. Optionally you may use coloured bulbs.
  • Monkey Business - Wire Blooms cable clips
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    With Wire Blooms from Monkey Business the cable fixing on the walls is going to become a creative experience. With Wire Blooms there is no necessity to relocate cables behind baseboards, furnitures or white clips as hidden as possible anymore because Wire Blooms are cable clips with the form of several leaves and a bird that convert annoying cables into a decorative item. The cables will be transformed into branches or other pieces of nature where leaves and birds find their place. Wire Blooms from Monkey Business are fully adequate cable clips that are delivered including small nails. Furthermore there is an adaptor that also allows the fixing of thin cables included in the package.
  • Sagaform - Herbs Pot Trio
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    With the watering pot from Sagaform you will steadily have fresh herbs on your windowsill! The Trio Herbs Pot is made out of stone ware and possesses a practical opening at one lateral that makes the watering easier for you. Naturally you can plant other things in your personal watering pot beside basil, rosemary and so. The functional as well as aesthetically really good through worked design was coined by the French designer Pascal Charmolu.
  • Zanotta - White Shell Side Table
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    The minimalist side table White Shell was designed by Salvatore Indriolo for the Italian manufacturer Zanotta in 2011. The design reminds of an opened shell and offers deposit space inside or on top of the table. Zanotta manufactures White Shell out of Cristalplant, a polyester-resin cosmopolite material. That makes the side table extremely resistant, also standing heavy weights. White Shell can therefore not only be used as table, but also as stool. The Italian manufacturer Zanotta directed its attention to Salvatore Indriolo and his White Shell on a design competition. Indriolo participated at the “Zanotta + Cristalplant Design Contest” in the year 2010 and won. Zanotta instantly was amazed by the future-oriented designer and inserted the White Shell in its assortment.
  • Menu Design Menu - Dropp! Bowl
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    The Dropp! Bowl by Menu looks like a paint splatter that has been frozen. It is suitable to serve fruits or bread on a fascinating way or simply as a decorative container for keys, coins or odds and ends. Dropp! Is made out of silicone and has a soft, bright interior and a matt outside. The design of the Dropp! Bowl from Menu was coined by Niels Römer. The unconventional form of the bowl has its origin in the image of a paint splatter, which stays frozen in the time. ”This design provokes on a positive and charming way and wakes often wakes the people’s attention” , is what the designer Niels Römer says. Designer Niels Römer wants to wake discussions with the unusual design of the Dropp! Bowl. It wants to achieve that people begin to talk and discuss about a usually simple and unspectacular object like a serving bowl. Menu’s Dropp! Bowl is available in further colours.
  • Frost - Mini Camouflage Wall Hooks
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    The Mini Camouflage Wall Hooks by the design duo Busk+Herzog ensure exceptional modern wall decoration and fill the room with individuality. The wall hooks by the Danish manufacturer Frost can be combined with each other in different variations depending on your wishes. Also mounted individually, the small Camouflage wall hooks set accents in every interior furnishing. The steel-made hook Mini Camouflage is suitable as suspension possibility for towels, keys or jewelry. Therewith it acts as practical as well as exclusive-design object. The wall hooks Mini Camouflage are available in different colours. Frost additionally offers variants of brushed or polished steel. The wall hooks are available as single or in a practical set of 3.
  • Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Konnex Shelving System
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    The Konnex Shelving System was designed for people who enjoy shaping and organizing their environment. With this innovative new system of connecting cubes it became possible. Konnex was designed by the young designer Florian Gross. A basic cube set, consisting of three modules, can be individually assembled to a shelf. Additionally different basic sets can be added to unique storage furniture: For this, the different slits around one cube can be slid into the side walls of another. The concept of the basic set allows the modules to be moved and be stored easily occupying hardly any space. The cubes of the basic set are simply placed in one another. The Konnex durability is warranted by its material: A basic set consists of 6 mm HPL (High Pressure Laminated Boards): Which are respectively glued with a 2k-heavy duty adhesive for its stability. The 31,2 mm depth Konnex has been designed for the floor, but wall fixing material is included in the delivery package. The 20 cm depth Konnex can also be mounted at a wall. Wall fixing products will be included. A combination of both is not possible. Also in our blog: Good Design Award 2011 received Red Dot Design Award 2011: Gala und Special Exposition Konnex wins Red Dot
  • Vitra - Panton Junior
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    The Panton Chair has always been a favourite of children. They not only like its bright, cheerful colours and smooth curves, but the fact that it is as much fun to play with as it is to sit on. Soon after its introduction, Verner Panton began to consider the idea of producing a child-size version of the chair together with Vitra. What was financially unfeasible over 35 years ago is now possible: Vitra introduces the Panton Junior, whose production is based on the original plans of Verner Panton. Identical to the regular model with regard to material and shape, the Panton Junior is approximately 25 percent smaller and available in seven different colours. This makes it an ideal chair for children in pre-school and primary grades.
  • ferm Living - Molecule Building Set
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    With the Molecule Building Set by ferm living, you will decorate your home in an instant, learning something about molecular structures at the same time. The Danish design studio ferm living offers you the possibility of setting free your fantasy with the Molecular Building Set and to design objects according to your personal taste. Teach your children the basic parts of the universe on a playful and easy way, show them what water is made of and the small but important difference between carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide – on an elementary level. Also suitable for lessons at school. With the adults’ building set, which includes 24 molecules in 6 colours as well as 16 wooden sticks, you will be able to create your own artwork. The “Molecule Building Set” is delivered in an attractive wooden box.
  • Konstantin Slawinski - Aliacta Universalvase
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    A vase by Adam + Harborth from Berlin for four bloomy occasions - a plain cubic glass body, which is enclosed by a clamp made of brushed stainless steel or powder coated white steel plate. The clamp is the clou - on all four sides are four different-sized openings which can be used as flower holder - from daisy to the flower bouquet. Wir versprechen, dass alle übrigen Vasen bei soviel Einsatzmöglichkeiten gerne im Schrank bleiben.
  • Flensted Mobiles - Life & Thread
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    The Mobile Life and Thread is one of the larger Mobiles from Flensted Mobiles. It was designed by Ole Flensted. With its dimensions it is ideally suitable as decoration over a sofa or a bed. The mysterious design from Life and Thread with four “flags” that group around a sphere, allows different interpretations: An earth sphere between day and night, between heaven and earth or the thought that there are more things between heaven and earth that it might be thought. The Mobile Life and Thread is delivered including the “thread” so that the colour combination of the mobile is changeable as it is wished. Life and thread furthermore is available in several smaller versions.
  • Umbra - L-Conceal Books Holder
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    The L-Conceal books holder is a variant of the successful Conceal books holder by Umbra. The books seem to float at the wall with the L-Conceal as well as they did with the Conceal books holder, designed by Miron Lior in 2005. Another plus: It doesn’t matter in what for an angle one mounts the books shelf at the wall, whether alone or in a group, L-Conceal always reaches a certain effect. With several L-Conceal books holders, sculptural images at a wall are reached that possibly create a wave shape, the form of a carpet or a Zick-Zack. Turn gravity upside-down and let your collection of books run up and down a mountain. The L-Conceal books holder by umbra is available in further colours.
  • Hey Sign - Lilly Felt Pillow
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    "Lilly" is the refreshing name for the refreshing pillows by Hey Sign. The original triangle shape gives dynamism to it and the nettle tick with foam filling caters for constant shape and reliable hold. Lean back! Not necessary to mention that also this product by Hey Sign based in Meerbusch is made of pure felt "Made in Germany". As renewable raw material, felt is ecological recommendable and it convinces by its special natural characteristics: It is air-permeable, skin friendly, elastic, heat insulating and stain-resistant by its natural fat content. Lilly doesn’t only know how to convince apparently, but also proves to be practical and functional. It permits ventilation, it is skin friendly, elastic, warmth insulating and it is dirt repellent because of its natural fat content. The Lilly pillow is also available in all Hey Sign colours, in the material strength 3mm, and also in two other sizes (56x56x59cm alternatively 72x72x79cm).
  • Iittala - Teema Mini Serving set
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    The multifunctional serving set is a practical fulfil of the Teema dishes series by Kaj Franck and Iittala. It leans on the basic shapes circle, triangle and square, which also characterize the Teema dish series. The mini serving set is ideal to serve and prepare finger food such as olives, tapas, butter, marmalade or herbs but also to deposit teabags and food rests. Each Teema serving set consists of three pieces: One circle shaped, a triangle formed and a square serving bowl. The round bowl is based on Kaj Franck’s original design for cup coasters of the Teema coffee cups. The triangle and square bowls are new designs from Heikki Orvola and based on the ancient designs by Franck. The Mini serving sets consist of porcelain just as the Teema dishes and are oven proof. Every bowl of the Teema serving set is now also available as single pieces.
  • Cazador del sol - Mini
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    Most of the people know this: If the days become grey, people use to feel tired and rather depressed. The longer bad weather lasts, the more we long for the sun. A sun catcher helps – not depending on the weather. Everyone will be able to take a piece of sunshine inside of the house, into the garden or on the balcony with a Cazador del sol. The best thing of the fluorescent discs is that bad weather won’t harm you anymore. It is just the opposite: The darker the days become, the brighter the sun catchers will shine – something pleasant for all sunshine enthusiasts. Contrasting the big “Original”, the Mini sun catcher by the manufacturer Cazador del sol is especially beautiful inside of the house, as flower bouquet in vases. Of course the Mini sun catchers are also usable outside on the balcony or in the garden. Fluorescence. The magic feeling of the Cazador del sol is based on its fluorescence. The Perspex discs have fluorescent components. These ensure the transformation of invisible, short term spectrums (UV light) of daylight into longevity light, appearing brighter. Yellow light is cheerful. Yellow is the colour which engenders good mood and cheerfulness. No wonder the Cazador del sol sun catchers shine in the sun’s colour. Contrasting most of the fluorescent objects, such as e. G. Highlighters, the sun catchers don’t shine flashy, but in a pretty warm yellow. Welcome good mood! Perspex. The Cazador del sol sun catchers consist of weatherproof Perspex. This material supports the luminosity of the discs, since they lead the light better than glass. Furthermore it offers many advantages for the utility of the Cazador del sol sun catchers outside: Perspex is much more weightless than glass and it doesn’t break! Furthermore it is environment friendly and it burns residue-free. Each sun catcher (diameter: 80 Mm) is delivered including a fiberglass reinforced rod (length: Approx.. 250 Mm), since this makes it easier to place them in the garden or flowerpots. This is how the sun catcher will be usable during the whole year, making you smile in every season, also in winter.
  • Hoptimist - Bumble
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    Hoptimists stand for happiness and optimism, qualities not so often viewed. The Gustav Ehrenreich designed couple Bimble & Bumble were re-edited, since they haven’t lost any of their magic yet. As the name already reveals, Hoptimists ensure good mood by hopping. Bumble is Bimble’s brother and it delights with wakeful glimpses and acts cleverly. The design of the Bumble comes from the year 1968, but nothing changed regarding the happy principle since then: When Bumble is pulled down or pushed, it floats to the sides and up and downwards. Bumble simply spreads well-being and happiness – something hard to leave, once known. The Hoptimists ensured themselves a place all over the world in the 1970ies with this simple, but genius construction. And they still prove that the idea doesn’t age: The Bumble and Bimble figures are a great decoration idea in children’s rooms or on top of baby cots. The small ones will be delighted by the hopping Bumble, but also grownups will smile by the charm of the Hoptimists-series’ figure. Bumble is available in different colours.
  • Haseform - Animal Wardrobe
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    What have Elephant, caterpillar, octopus, cow, sausage dog and fish in common? Evident case: They are wardrobes! That has been ensured by the Company Haseform that has produced the most beautiful clothes storage furniture for children and young people modelling curved, lacquered steel for animal heads and bodies. The inclinational 3 to 99 years old one would say “cute”. The elephant makes trunk and tusks available for jackets and hats, the deer offers its ears and antler, while the octopus comes to nearly be predestined with its tentacles, for people with a lot of guests. There is a suitable wardrobe for everyone. More details: Material: Steel. Size: Approx. 20 Cm.
  • Vitra - Hang it all Wardrobe
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    The Vitra Hang it all wardrobe - designed by the designer couple Eames in 1953 - is one of the most famous designs by Ray and Charles Eames, and it belongs to classy design. Used instead of simple hooks, these brightly-coloured wooden spheres were aimed at encouraging children to hang up "all their things'', such as: Jackets, toys, roller skates, dolls, or backpacks. But the last years showed, that classy wardrobe isn't just for the children's rooms, no it is also a cheerful, and functional alternative. Vitra reproduces the once by Ray Eames original designed box. Because of this, the 'Hang it all' wardrobe is not only a real classy living furniture, it can also be a great present.
  • Hoptimist - Woody Bumble
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    A Hoptimist made out of wood – just as the designer Gustav Ehrenreich initially wanted it. This is the reason why Lotte Steffensen re-designed the Woody Bumble. Ehrenreich, the one that created the Hoptimists in the 1960ies, was a trained carpenter. It was his greatest desire to manufacture the Hoptimists out of wood, but this wasn’t really possible with the time’s technology. Time however, worked for the development: In order to make Ehrenreich’s dream come true, there are the happy Bimbles & Bumbles out of wood today, Bimble is the charming girl out of the series and she smiles mischievously. Its male pendant is Bumble, the one with the wakeful eyes who delights and looks clever. It is about a piece of real handcraft, a high quality product that has completely been constructed by hand. The oak wood comes from sustainably renewable European forests. The natural material offers its unmistakable appearance to every single Hoptimist. One special detail: The eyes are made out of inland Wengé wood and they offer vivacity to the figure.
  • Hoptimist - Woody Kvak
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    A Hoptimist made out of wood – just as the designer Gustav Ehrenreich initially wanted it. This is the reason why Lotte Steffensen re-designed the Woody Kvak. Ehrenreich, the one that created the Hoptimists in the 1960ies, was a trained carpenter. It was his greatest desire to manufacture the Hoptimists out of wood, but this wasn’t really possible with the time’s technology. Time however, worked for the development: In order to make Ehrenreich’s dream come true, there are the happy Kvak out of wood today. It is about a piece of real handcraft, a high quality product that has completely been constructed by hand. The oak wood comes from sustainably renewable European forests. The natural material offers its unmistakable appearance to every single Hoptimist. One special detail: The eyes are made out of inland Wengé wood and they offer vivacity to the figure. Besides Woody Kvak, there is also the smaller edition Baby Woody Kvak available.
  • Georg Jensen - Forma Cheese Board
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    The trend of serving a table with noble pieces that are contemporaneous and modern in their functionality as well as in their visual expression comes back. The Forma cheese board that was designed by the Danish designer Helle Damkjær who lives in Paris, almost embodies the fluent, sculptural design speaking from Georg Jensen. Since I live in France, a gastronomic Nirvana of the most perfect delicacy and feudal cooking art, I often participate at opulent meals and parties with consummate serviced tables where the codex of incomparable luxury is kept. My intention therefore was to design a cheese board and knives-set that mirror the luxurious but still simple Scandinavian nature” , says Helle Damkjær. The Forma series includes three cheese knives: One all-rounder for common cheese, a parmesan cheese knife that is suitable for parmesan or other crumbly cheese sorts and a soft-cheese knife. The cheese board whose beautiful organic design reminds of a painter’s palette is made out of oak wood. Through the palette form the board is easily to handle whilst serving the cheese. The oak wood was chosen because of its elegant quality, its beautiful colour and high bacteria-resistance, what lofts it from all the other materials.
  • wodtke - Gryll Fire Module
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    Experience a summer in the garden – pure enjoyment. Something good from the grill or a fireplace are indispensable for this: The wodkte fire module is both. The wodtke fire module Gryll is wonderfully usable. In only an instant the simply practical fireplace becomes a grill that will also cause culinary enjoyment. Both, clever and practical is what the module system is. Two of the organic appealing cubes (S or L) are combined with each other: Wood on the bottom and fire on the top. The wodtke Gryll consists of oxidized steel, making every module unique and acting especially original. Furthermore the rusted steel is especially easy to care and resistant. The refined turning-function of the wodtke Gryll Fire Module is comfortable, wince the top can easily be turned to the grill master or the warmth-searching one.
  • Stadler Form - Otto Ventilator
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    Otto makes wind! When heat builds up indoors in summer, the slightest breath of wind is welcome: The fan 'Otto' by Carlo Borer helps with a gentle breeze or generates a gale!Thanks to the adjustable, industrial fan, the air circulation can easily be varied. 'Otto' is straightforward chap with height- adjustable feet. He is also in tune in nature. The frame is made of European solid wood, and has been steam-formed and oiled twice. The attractive summer-company Otto is equipped with 3 velocity-levels (less than 70dB-A).
  • Vitra - Miniature Big Easy Chair
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    In 1988 and 1989, Arad’s London »One Off« work shop created an entire series of »Big Easy« armchairs using bent sheet steel welded at the edges. The »Big Easys« were brought out as individual items or small limited series; they all had a striking basic form and inflated arms reminiscent of comics – but they differed in terms of the welding and color. In the course of time, the initially oarse, roughly welded »Big Easys« went through changes, first becoming colorful lacquered chairs with smooth surfaces and then elegant versions made of polished stainless steel. Although Ron Arad’s furniture are variants on everyday things, they seem strange and irritate the eye – not only owing to the choice of material. Formally and functionally speaking, they undermine customary assumptions. You feel you have to first learn how to use them. A »Big Easy’s« voluminous steel body of the »Big Easy« resembles a traditional upholstered club armchair but can hardly be associated with a sense of comfortable interiors. Ron Arad considered it an art object that could likewise be functional, but was not intended to be particularly practical. The original of the Big Easy Chair was designed by Ron Arad in 1988 and it is produced as 1:1 model by Vitra AG, Basel/Switzerland, since 1998. The here offered miniature by Vitra (scale 1:6) consists of blackened stainless steel sheet metal.
  • Vitra - Night Clock
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    An original classic: George Nelson has designed his round Night Clock in the year 1948. The desired collectors’ clock hasn’t lost any of its charm, even a few decades after its first appearance. With its original colours and forms the table clock is also today a refreshing alternative to the common time chronometers. The Night Clock has been designed by George Nelson as part of the Desk Clocks collection. The single table clocks of the mini series all emerged between 1947 and 1953. With its sculptural forms and the chosen colours and materials, the clocks embody the life-feeling of the 1950s. The company Vitra manufactures the George Nelson Night Clock today in an original re-edition out of brass and acrylic glass. The table clock’s clockwork consists of high quality quartz and is delivered with a 1.5 Volt battery, ready to work.
  • Koziol - [pi:p] Salt-Pepper casters
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    Who does not possess a bird, cannot brew original ideas. Inspired by the own company history – the very first Koziol injection cast form from the year 1932 was a gull – Koziol designed a highly authentic and extremely original collection in cooperation with the Studio fp.formgebung from Darmstadt: [Pi:p]. The [pi:p] salt and pepper casters appear in the form of a tree on which two birds are placed. Depending on your desires, one of the birds contains salt and the other one pepper. The tree serves as base for the birds that fly to it, to spice the meals. The salt and pepper casters are practical as well as originally designed. The natural coating from [pi:p] does furthermore remain about the small Koziol values: Friendly coexistence, sustainable resources usage, environment compatibleness, modesty and lovingly obstinacy. The salt and pepper casters-set with tree, is also available in further colours. The salt and pepper casters can moreover be ordered without the tree.
  • Njustudio - Hockenheimer Magazine
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    What flies through our homes daily, monthly or also quarterly won’t end up on the dusty shelf or in the waste bin any more. It can also work differently for once: Collect, stack, sit. The Hockenheimer makes it possible: a clever storing system for magazines and newspapers, a sustainable and individual piece of furniture - with benefits for subscribers! The stool frame out of the finest birch wood is manufactured by hand, waxed and brushed affectionately in a young workshop (near Coburg). Each nju-cushion (cotton/polyester) is an individual piece that is also handmade in Coburg. Even the leather bands are especially configured for the Hockenheimer and equipped by hand with buckles and rivets.
  • Alessi A di Alessi - Corkscrew Anna G.
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    ”Allow, Anna G.” Since 1994 Alessi produces the diva among all the corkscrews. The always smiling Anna G. Was created by Alessandro Mendini who developed real cultural objects with his corkscrews Anna G. And Alessandro M. (2003). Along the years Alessi produced numerous special re-editions of the popular collectors’ piece. Besides the here offered Anna G. That consists of chromed zamac there are also further models from this beloved corkscrew available.
  • Vitra - Miniature Plywood Elephant
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    The Plywood Elephant holds a prominent place among the plywood pieces designed by the Eames couple. In the early 1940s Charles and Ray Eames successfully developed an innovative method for moulding plywood into three-dimensional shapes, which they used to produce a wide range of furniture and sculptural objects. Among the early plywood designs, the Elephant is one of the most difficult to produce. Tight angles and compound curves require a sophisticated mastery of plywood technology. Designed at the same time as their children's furniture, the Plywood Elephant can also be seen as a playful counterpart to the leg splints developed by the Eameses for military applications – which were the very first mass-produced objects made of three-dimensionally moulded plywood. Requiring complex fabrication methods, the Plywood Elephant never went into production. Only two prototypes were made, both of which were displayed at the New York Museumof Modern Art in 1945-46. Today only one known model remains in the possession of the Eames Family. In 2007 Vitra produced the first commercial production of the legendary Eames Plywood Elephant as a limited Collector's Edition. The original of the Plywood Elephant was designed by Charles and Ray Eames in 1945 and it is produced as 1:1 model by the Vitra International AG, Basel/Switzerland since 2007. The here offered miniature by Vitra (scale 1:6) consists of three-dimensional formed plywood, a covering veneer in maple and a nickel-plated connection screw.
  • Offi - Newspaper rack Mag Stand
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    Harmonically shaped and sophisticatedly form glued, this newspaper rack is a special jewellery piece that simultaneously ensures order and system. The design of the Mag Stand was coined by Eric Pfeiffer whose reduced and swung form speaking is typical for the numerous products from the in San Francisco located Offi Company. The Offi newspaper rack Mag Stand is available made out of birch wood, oak wood and walnut.
  • Offi - Mag Table
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    Multifunctional furniture of a special kind! …because initially Mag Table by Offi is a small table made out of carefully formed and bounded plywood with a side bag for magazines and journals. And a grip. If you use it, Mag Table transforms itself into e.g. A desk for your Notebook. The multifunctional furniture by the designer Eric Pfeiffer is available in the variants birch, oak and walnut as well as in a laminated black, red and white variant.
  • Normann Copenhagen - Timber Trivet
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    The shape is classy, with clear lines. Timber is a practical, stylish trivet with an especially attractive surface, designed by Adam Goodrum. Timber is made out of natural materials and perfectly suitable to be used in the kitchen or on the dining table. The playful aspect was the origin for the design by the Australian Adam Goodum. Timber realizes this playful idea without unnecessary details by means of graphic shaping and the faithful form, with clear similitudes to classic wooden toys. Adam Goodrum explained about his product: ”It was my wish to create a sculptural trivet. I approached playfully to the form it has now. Just as if making a puzzle, where the single pieces have to match in order to offer a completed picture. The three-part trivet is completed if one connects the single parts and the iconic shape makes up a decorative whole image.” The trivet Timber protects table tops and other surfaces effectively and elegantly. Moreover it is separable when it isn’t used, so that it can be stored space saving.
  • Vitra - Turbine Clock
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    The wall clock was designed by George Nelson in the year 1957. It is one of the known clocks of the designer that are presented as Wall Clocks at the Vitra Company. The Turbine Clock from Vitra is a fidel reedition of the wall clock and consists of brass and aluminium. It possesses a high quality quartz movement. In a variety of materials and sculptural forms, George Nelson’s clocks embody the awareness of life of the 50es. His clocks still are a refreshing alternative to the common timekeepers today. The architect George Nelson counts to the most important and influential personalities of American design. Besides his work as an architect, designer and exposition designer he coined the international design and architecture discourse over the decades with his extensive journalistic work. Vitra produces and distributes a part of George Nelson’s designs since 1957, initially under license registration. In the year 1984 Vitra undertook the exclusive rights for Europe and the Middle East. The collection grew by a few designs over the last years.
  • Auerberg - Takeami-Stone
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    In the Japanese tradition a stone with a rope in the middle of the way means that one shouldn't continue that way. The Japanese artist Hachiro Kosuga took this tradition and reinterpreted it with his Takeami Stone. His artistic, bamboo braided stones are not only suitable as paper weights. A Takeami Stone on top of a laptop could signalize in a stressful day: ”Enough for today, time to rest!” This beautiful object has been chosen by the German based artist and curator Miki Shimokawa for Auerberg in Kyoto by Hachiro Kosuga.
  • Cappellini - Body Raft Swing-chaiselongue
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    Body Raft is a Chaiselongue with swing function. The idea to the flexible and slightly appealing structure has been coined by the designer David Trubridge. The life history of the native Britain that initially studied shipbuilding and reached the furniture design through numerous influences that he collected while he travelled around the world and in New Zeeland, is doubtlessly mirrored in this design. Inspired by his travels and meetings with inhabitants, a series of objects emerged that are based on the forms of traditional Maori canoes. The famous object out of this series is probably the swing-couch Body Raft that David Turbridge presented on the Milan Furniture Fair 2001. Cappellini did directly ensure this exptic design and helped Davod Turbridge thereby to become an international furniture designer. Since 2002 Cappellini produces the swing-couch out of arched, massive and natural-coloured beech wood battens. The rings inside of the structure are made out of beech plywood.
  • Vitra - Akari 50EN Pendant Lamp
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    The pendant lamp Akari 50EN is one of the Akari light sculptures from Isamu Noguchi. The round lamp with the soft light consists of the fine Shoji paper. The name Akari is, fitting to its design, the Japanese expression for brightness and light, which also includes airiness. From 1951 the Japanese artist and designer Isamu Noguchi designed the Akari light sculptures, more than 100 handmade shoji paper models at a total, as table, stand or ceiling lamps. “The light from an Akari lamp is like sunlight that is filtered through the shoji paper. The magic of the paper converts the cold electricity back to eternal sunlight. For the warmth also persists through the night filling our rooms” (Isamu Noguchi).
  • Vitra - Akari UF2-33N Table Lamp
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    The table lamp Akari UF2-33N is one of the Akari light sculptures from Isamu Noguchi. The filigree lamp with the round design produces a soft light that permeates through a screen of fine Shoji paper. The name Akari is, fitting the Akari table lamp design, the Japanese expression for brightness and light, which also includes airiness. From 1951 the Japanese artist and designer Isamu Noguchi designed the Akari light sculptures, more than 100 handmade shoji paper models at a total, as table, stand or ceiling lamps. “The light from an Akari lamp is like sunlight that is filtered through the shoji paper. The magic of the paper converts the cold electricity back to eternal sunlight. For the warmth also persists through the night filling our rooms” (Isamu Noguchi)
  • Extremis - Woodstock
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    To enjoy chimney fire, wood-ovens or a fireplace together is only possible if there is also someone who goes for wood. Small baskets are often bulky and not aesthetical. The solution? Woodstock! Woodstock by Extremis is a rack with an according stacking truck. Your firewood will not only be stored in an adapted amount, but also be transported effortlessly. The shelf keeps the wood together, there where it is needed. This is not only practical, but also really aesthetical. And the stacking truck? This is normally used to transport something different, isn’t it? Woodstock isn’t only a special functional design. As usual for Extremis products, it is also extremely environment friendly. Since the stacking truck is made out of rests of the material that has been used for the shelf, there is hardly waste. An included packing design furthermore ensures a specially small transport volume. Not surprising is that the public Flemish waste management OVAM displays Woodstock as an environment friendly product example in schools. The Belgian manufacturer Extremis offers Woodstock as an interior edition out of powder coated steel (black) and as exterior edition out of galvanized steel. Naturally the outdoor edition can also be used inside of the house or – with a bit of carefulness – reversed. 1.18M³ can be stored in Woodstock if the wood has a length of 30 cm.
  • side by side - Wind Light Wine
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    Yes, the Wind Light Wine top part from side by side really consists of an existing wine bottle. The base is made out of massive oak wood and is equally similar to a wine bottle and together, both parts form an atmospheric wind light. You will receive the Wind Light Wine from side by side pretty and safe packed in a gift box. The Wind Light Wine from side by side has been designed by Jette Scheid and is available in two variants- with green or transparent glass.
  • Radius Design - Uni Flame
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    Sitting on long winter evenings on the open fireplace, who does not dream about this? What has been daily life and a inefficient warmth as it was at grandmothers times: Today it is luxury. The »Home Flame Collection« offers flame romantic on a bio-ethanol basis for every demand. The burning box with its ceramic sponge in the inside guarantees a very beautiful, equal flame game and simple availability u to the last drop. The thought through construction offers an independent and free placing.
  • Launch Design Partners (LADP) Launch Design Partners (LADP) Launch Design Partners - Emperors Pendant Lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The Pendant Lamp Emperors Lamp is a lamp with a philosophical background. On the first sight it seems as if the lamp is only as much as a lamp's framework. Through this framework, only the naked, unprotected bulb will be seen. The designers from Design Dessert wanted to emphasize the visibility and invisibility in this design. Thereby, they especially referred to the conflict between the objectively viewable and the subjectively perceptible. The Emperors Lamp comes to this topic by only insinuating the lamp shade, but its design is left to the wishes and perceptions of the viewer. The shade seems invisible objectively, but for each observer, it can be a different motive. The form of the shade could also represent a simple flower blossom. Fantasy knows no limits! And although the real lamp shade is missing, the Emperors Lamp is a fully valuable lamp. Furthermore it encourages us to think and opens the question of the relation between objective reality and subjective perception to the watcher. The Emperors Lamp consists of a powder coated steel frame that is available in the colours black, green, yellow, fuchsia, citron and coffee.
  • Bacsac - Bacsquare plant bag
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Bacsquare is a practical plant bag for a small garden on balconies or terraces. The bag consists of a light material and offers plants and soil ideal conditions. Bacsquare was developed in the year 2009 by the French company Bacsac. The idea behind Bacsac is to make it easier to have an own smaller garden on the rooftop in big cities. Most of the tries to create a city garden fail because of the little space and the weight of the necessary material. The plant bag Bacsac therefore does only consist of a light tissue that saves balconies or terraces from the heavy weight of conventional plant pots. The designer Bacsac used as material to create their plant bag a geotextile tissue. This one is not only relatively light, it also offers ideal conditions for your plants to grow: It ensures that the soil breathes, it is waterproof and it limits evaporation. Bacsquare is the perfect frame for your private herbs-garden, a small flowerbed or to cultivate vegetables. The planting bag Bacsquare is available in many different sizes (Bacsquare 4 - 140 l, Bacsquare 4 Vertical - 290 l, Bacsquare 9 - 330 l and Bacsquare 16 - 550 l). The Bacsquare 4 is subdivided in 4 chambers. This makes it possible for you to plant different sorts beside each other.
  • Eva Solo - Rain gauge
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    “Raindrops keep falling on my head..!” But how much? The Eva Solo pluviometer, designed by Claus Jensen and Henrik Holbæk from Tools Design, tells you exactly how much rain is falling. The scale on the glass funnel precisely shows you the rainfall in millimetres and inches. Besides the practical aspect the pluviometer will look really good in your garden. A rod made of rustproof steel holds the glass funnel and it is simply pushed into the ground. Thus, the Eva Solo pluviometer tells you after each rainfall how much rain has fallen. In addition, we also recommend you the Eva Solo bird feeding station. The similar shape language makes the two products an elegant and vivid couple in your garden. The Eva Solo pluviometer was awarded the Baden-Wurttemberg International Design Award in 2004.
  • Iittala - Toikka Glass Birds
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    In 1973 the first bird made of glass was created for Iittalas bird- collection. Father of the, by now over 300 sample-covering collection, is the Finish glass designer Oiva Toikka. You can still get 43 different birds of the collection and every year there is a new collectible. In cooperation with Iittala Oiva Toikka designs with a unique, virtuous approach a new member for Iittalas bird family. A mark of the birds is the in filigree work in the glass cloned coat of the birds, at which Oiva Toikka uses the glass like a painter his skid. The apparent boundless imagination of the designer, together with his knowledge and his experiences with glass, created a large amount of small wonders, which impress collectors all over the world. Every single glass bird is handmade and with that unique and a real collectible.
  • Tom Dixon. The Company Tom Dixon - Mirror Ball Pendant Lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The Mirror Ball pendant lamp from Tom Dixon is mirrored inside of its spherical shade. This has for a consequence that the bulb’s light gets a special accent as it is highly reflected from the inside. To the outside, the mirroring has the effect that other objects and also light sources are reflected in Mirror Ball. Several Mirror Balls hanged beside each other do therefore create a fascinating ensemble from light sources and mirror images. But also one single Mirror Ball pendant lamp melts on a spectacular way with its surrounding and feeds it with a pleasant light. Mirror Ball is a visual highlight in every place, it sets wonderful accents and fulfils the furnishing with a spectacular element. The Mirror Ball lamp is also available as floor lamp edition. The Light Tripod Stand makes it possible to create an individual floor lamp with different sized Mirror Balls.
  • Luceplan - Hope Pendant Lamp
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    The Hope pendant lamp by Luceplan embodies the magic of traditional lamps and re-interprets them with thought technologies and contemporaneous materials. The multiple awarded design was coined by Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz. Organic inspiration and technological innovation make up a part of the fascination that is spread by Hope. Combinable, original, versatile and elegant, Hope embodies the philosophy of Luceplan. The separation of transitory trends is thereby reached by the timeless design. The balance between material weight and weightlessness was the guideline of the project while constructing Hope. Paolo Rizzatto and Francisco Gomez Paz offered Hope an original design which interacts fascinatingly with the spreading light. The external petals consist of polycarbonate and are actually Fresnel-lenses with extraordinary reflecting and light-calculating abilities. They reinforce the fascinating effect of the light and reduce the energy consumption of the lamp. Hope has been awarded with the Compasso d’Oro in the year 2011 for the innovative use of Fresnel-lenses and the graceful light. The lamp that has been introduced in the market in 2009 by Luceplan has already won the red dot design award and the Good Design Award. The lamp family Hope includes floor-, wall-, ceiling- and pendant-lamps. Thanks to a practical assembly set, the pendant lamp that is available in different sizes offers multiple usage possibilities. The lamps’ arms can be configured individually so that each desired room can be illuminated differently. With the help of a special kit for a special assembly, furthermore more Hope pendant lamps can be connected with each other.
  • Dyson - DC46 Allergy Parquet
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    The DC46 Allergy Parquet is the special Dyson for an intense cleaning of hard grounds. Special filter techniques ensure perfect cleanliness – even in the extracted air of the vacuum cleaner. The DC46 absorbs more dirt than other vacuum cleaners out of the Dyson Cyclone series by the further developed and patented 2 Tier Radial Cyclone Technology. This technology ensures constant high suction force, which is also enabled by the fact that the DC46 doesn’t need any vacuum cleaner bags – as well as all the other Dyson vacuum cleaners. Even the extraction air is absolutely clean: The seal of approval of the British allergy foundation and the Swiss centre for allergy, skin and asthma prove that even the smallest dust and dirt particles haven’t got any chances to survive. Another specialty of the Dyson DC46 Allergy Parquet is the patented Ball™ Technology. The DC46 sits on a ball and therefore possesses a low focal point. This makes it easier to clean it and it means that it won’t stop working at edges and carpets. Moreover the “ball housing” acts noise retardant, enabling more quite working noise. The included, flexible parquet nozzle has a joint head which enables a rotation of the nozzle. Furthermore there is a two-canal floor nozzle included in the delivery package: Extra flat and with two protection canals for an improved dust-suction. The floor nozzles mustn’t be switched and it is suitable for all kinds of grounds. More details: Delivery package: Weightless, adjustable telescope tube. Cushions and combo-nozzle. Two-canals ground nozzle (also suitable for soft grounds) Flexible parquet nozzle with extra-long bristles to clean hard grounds. Product data: Motor performance 1100 Watt. Suction power 180 Watt (constant) Voltage 220 V. Performance radius 7.4 metres. Cable length 5 metres. Container capacity 0.58 litres. Dimensions B x H x D 292 x 447 x 221 mm. Net weight 6 kg.
  • reisenthel - nestbasket
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    The company reisenthel is an expert for baskets and bags of all kinds. Also the nestbasket by the company is a clever accessory: A capacity of 28 litres and 10 kg of load make the nestbasket an universal companion for shopping and household. Nestbasket by reisenthel is comfortable to carry thanks to its ergonomic handles. The wall structure of the nestbasket was inspired by nature with its wild lines, while the bottom is certainly closed. The basket is not only environment-friendly but also easy to clean. Additionally, thanks to its robust, recyclable polyethylene material, the basket can be even used for transporting dirty wood from the garden to the chimney inside the house.
  • Umbra - Vela Stool and Side Table
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    The cool aluminium made Vela stool and side table by Umbra appears with an organic, natural design. It is usable as stool or as side table thanks to the clever design by Alan Wisniewski. The unusual, elegant style of the Vela stool and side table makes a design artwork out of it, which doesn’t only look good in the living room. This eye-catcher also looks good in the kitchen, the office or in the bathroom for design-enthusiasts, according to each one’s individual style.
  • Umbra - Vela Newspaper Holder
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    Unusual and harmonic at the same time is what the Vela newspaper holder from the designer Constantin Wortman is. In its form, the newspaper holder fulfils the already famous candle holder Vela, that did also appear by Umbra. The Vela objects help themselves with the same sensitive and organic form speaking that shows a sort of grid patterns which is drawn through round asymmetrical omissions. This makes Vela similar to a corral on the first sight, or other natural forms. Accordingly vivid and organic is how the newspaper holder appears. It seems as if it would develop and grow. The external, polished aluminium appearance fulfils and contrasts simultaneously the organic forms from Vela and makes it an impressing accent everywhere. However, Velas exceptional design does not hide its practical aspect because the newspaper holder is problem-free capable to hold numerous magazines, books, journals or other objects.
  • Muuto - OTO 100 shelf system
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    System shelf made of fiberglass "The storage system is made for the modern nomad and inspired by the fact that we move more often in our lives than ever before. It can be separated and assembled very easily. It has a clear sculptural value and you can put it in the formations you like best. When it's not used for books, magazines, clothes, etc. It can lay on the floor, each ring inside the bigger ring creating a beautiful pattern" , explained Pil Bredhal about her design. Space-saving and easily assembled The shelf system OTO 100 consists of overall eight fibreglass tubes of different sizes that can be individually assembled and fixed with textile belts. When the shelf isn't used the single elements can be put side by side to safe space. OTO 100 is an exceptional, individual and functional shelf system that adapts to constantly shifting needs.
  • Carl Mertens - Orbit
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    In science orbit is a way where an object turns itself periodically onto another. Why Wolf Udo Wagner gave his exclusive candle holder this name becomes clear when you look at it: Just like many other orbits of different planets bended lines surround the illuminant in the middle of the construction. The viewer associates the solar system immediately. When it is dark, the cooperation of candle light and orbits create a fascinating shadow play and brings new impressions in the privacy of one's home. The used material has a very high quality: The Orbit-construction is made of high shining stainless steel, the tealight sits in a heatproof silicon-bed with magnetic closure, which disposes the less usual cover of the candle. Your personal solar system of the design-blacksmith Carl Mertens in Solingen has a diameter of 26,5 cm.
  • Vitra - Miniature Well Tempered Chair
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    Ron Arad is one of the liveliest and most productive figures in contemporary designs. He contrasts polished, stylish commercial design with highly poetic objects with an archaic feel to them. In the framework of the »Vitra Edition« he created the »Well Tempered Chair«. Its form is not the product of artificially shaping the sheet steel but is instead generated by screwing the tensile sheets into arches. Given its flexibility, the spring steel always bounces back into its original shape. The armchair is therefore not just a brilliant formal idea but also conveys a completely new feel for sitting. The original of the Well Tempered Chair was designed by Ron Arad in 1986 and it is produced as 1:1 model by the Vitra AG, Basel/Switzerland, since 1986-1987. The here offered miniature by Vitra (scale 1:6) consists of spring-steel.
  • Cappellini - Pylon Chair
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    The Pylon Chair which has been designed by Tom Dixon is exceptional, different and only recognized as chair on the second or third glimpse. The Pylon Chair, produced by Cappellini, is considered a real artwork. The chair, which is only made out of thin steel piles and completely by hand, is another design masterpiece of the awarded Tom Dixon. Despite of the breakable and weightless appearance, the interwoven frame parts of the Pylon Chair ensure secure hold. Tom Dixon again proves his love for unusual forms as well as experimentally appealing designs with this seating furniture. The 1992 born Pylon Chair is lined in a series of exciting objects such as also the S-Chair, which has been brought to the market in 1989 by Cappellini for the first time. The S-Chair is exposed in the Museum of Modern Art in New York today. The Pylon Chair is made out of steel bars and available in many different lacquers. Cappellini offers the chair in orange, blue, plaster white or aluminium. The seat is 60 x 67 cm large and 41 cm high. The chair measures 128 cm with its backrest.
  • Magis Design Magis - Chair One stackable chair
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    Between objects and people, something has to happen. Konstantin Grcic said once in an interview. It seems that he took this sentence as a guideline for his Chair One which he created in 2003 for the company Magis. This Chair with its skeletal and sculptural form which looks like a model from former geometric lessons did not just cause irritation among experts. However, in no case, Chair One is just an avant-gardist seating furniture. The chair is an interaction of material, forming and industrial production. It is rust protected, fire-retardant and thus, perfectly suitable for fire sensible areas and also outdoor usage. Grcic used for the first time die-cast aluminium for the whole seating surface which is furthermore treated with sputtered fluorinated titanium and painted in polyester. He chose polished anodized aluminium for the legs. Chair One is a stackable full metal chair which is available in three different colours. Additionally, seat cushions consisting of leather or textile are available for Chair One (and not included in the delivery package).
  • Magis Design Magis - Chair One with concrete base
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    ”Between objects and people something has to happen” , said Konstantin Grcic once in an interview. It seems he had this demand as leading phrase for Chair One while he designed it in the year 2003 for Magis, because the skeleton-like and sculptural appealing chair didn’t only cause furore in the specialists world. Chair One isn’t simply an avant-garde seating furniture. The chair is interplay of material, shaping and industrial manufacturing. It can be used inside or outside since it is rust-resistant and fire-retardant. Thanks to the heavy concrete base, the chair furthermore stands safe at any weather. Grcic used aluminium die casting for the complete seat of Chair One for the first time, which has additionally been treated with fluorinated titan and polyester lacquer on the surface. The complete base consists of colourless impregnated concrete.
  • Eternit - Ecal Stool
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    Concrete outdoor stool The Ecal Stool of the designer Nicolas LeMoigne is another proof how that the fibre cement eternit is a very good material for the production of design furniture. Cement and design: What sounds at first sight like an antagonism, harmonizes perfectly in the praxis - not at last because of the quality of the designer and the manufacturer Eternit. The Ecal Stool knows how to convince with its plain but absolutely efficient design. The Stool supplements Eternit's Ecal Table. It is not only high quality and offers a stylish seat and if required lot of room for accessories, books, food and drinks, but it is also elegant in its line management. The production of fibre cement caters also for weather-resistance and stability. The Ecal Stool is produced like always at Eternit of the same called fibre cement, which is since the beginning of the 90s asbestos-free and also 100 percent recyclable. The characteristics of the natural material, which is made of cement, limestone flour, fibres, air and water, are for the use in the outside very good. The Ecal Stool is also available in anthracite.
  • Eternit - D'Art Plant Pot
    SOLD OUT: More info
    At the plantpot D’Art of Eternit the name is program: It is art for your garden. The Plant Pot D’Art comes from the combination of three side surfaces of different lengths in different angles. The liberal radiuses equal a dynamic line management, minimise optically the pot height and give D’Art a "floating“ character parallel to the floor surface. The arrow-shaped, triangle ground surface equals the beneficial static- and use characteristics of the used fibre cements. The fibre cement is made of the natural materials cement, lime stone flour, fibres, air and water, is to 100 percent recycelable and is absolutly asbestos-free since 25 years. Eternit-Fibre cement is also breathable and regulates the humid. The material is coloured-through which implicates that nothing can chip or marking off and is also very robust and long lasting. The corpus of the D'Art Plant Pot offers room for larger and smaller plants, through which unneccessary water can pour out of the hole in the bottom. Every Eternit-Exemplar is handmade in Switzerland, which is certified with an tags with signatures of the handwork in the pot inside. The design convinced also the jury of the Red Dot Design Prize, with the D’Art in 2008. The D'Art is also available in the version "right>", on which the short side surfaces are on the right sides.
  • Tom Dixon. The Company Tom Dixon - Pipe Pendant Lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The Pipe Pendant Lamp from Tom Dixon spends light from the end of the tunnel: Because Pipe hangs like a rod from where a pleasant light shines out from the depth, down from the ceiling. The Pipe Pendant Lamp appears in the form of a one-side cut rod, out of where the light comes from a hole. This enables soft light from one side of the lamp. As soon as the shade is turned, Pipe will spend direct light. The interior of the Pipe Lamp has a noticeable colour (gold or pink), contrasting the exterior side (which is black). These perfectly fulfil each other as the inside shines additionally by the light, while the exterior reminds matt. Pipe has a special effect when several lamps are hanged beside each other, when they hang together in a so called “bundle”, whereby the light fall and the colours fulfil each other perfectly. The Pipe Pendant Lamp is also available in a white/pink edition. Furthermore Pipe can also be ordered as a table and wall lamp.
  • Authentics - Rollbag M
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A classic form, interpreted in a modern way: The Rollbag S by Authentics will always offer as much space as you need and at the same time it will be as handy as possible. Martí Guixé combined a traditional form with modern materials with the Rollbag S. The famous and classic "lunch bag"-form is made out of a robust and water-repellent polyester material which is available in many different colours. The material can be cleaned easily. This makes the Rollbag not only environment-friendly and stylish as alternative to common lunchboxes, but it is also suitable for many more purposes. The Rollbag by Authentics is available in three sizes. The here displayed size M is suitable for middle-sized portions with its 1.8 litres capacity. However, the Rollbag M by Authentics is ideally suitable as toilet-bag or for smaller utensils while travelling: Since the Rollbag is waterproof it can also transport swimwear without any problems. The material suits the form of the content and can simply be rolled and closed by a Velcro-closure.
  • areaware - LED Alarm Clock
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The LED alarm clock by Areaware consists of a series of cubes that all of them display the current time in correct order with a shiny number. The idea of the abstract time is thereby extremely interesting, since it is broken by a series of constantly growing numbers. The Areaware LED alarm clock by Jonas Damon was made for an existence as playful desk accessory or for night tables. It is furthermore possible to “hide” the time in order to only make it possible for you to read it by means of changing the position of the cubes.
  • Braun - Digital Radio Alarm-Clock BNC010
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The classic designed alarm-clock BNC010 by Braun is a sample of simple design. Behind the unostentatious appearance of the housing, many functions are hidden. The LCD display has background illumination making time visible in the dark. The 24 hours display of the BNC010 is clearly readable and exceptionally straight-lined just as the housing. The comfortable alarm adjustment is fulfilled by a snooze-function. The radio function has FM/AM reception and six adjustable station buttons, as well as volume regulation and channel search function. The radio alarm clock has radio receptionall over the world thanks to its multiband technique. This makes the BNC010 also ideally suitable as travelling clock. The radio alarm clock by Braun runs with batteries (included in the delivery package) or with a (optionally, common sold) 220 V adapter. More details: Radio alarm clock. LCD-Display. Multiband (worldwide funk reception) “Snooze” function. Background illumination. 24 Hrs. Display. FM/AM radio with 6 station buttons. Volume regulation. Senders search.
  • Launch Design Partners (LADP) Launch Design Partners (LADP) LADP - Birds on a Wire Wall Hook
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Behind Birds on a wire is the idea, to freeze a short moment and to use this shape for humand demands. In this case the designers of JBA Design were inspired by a pecker, which sits on a tree and starts to pick in the wood. Every single bird of Birds on a Wire is accordingly a wall hook, on which you can present your favourite accessories like necklaces, bags or scarfs. The birds come in handmade ceramic and are a phantasyful alternative to usual wall hooks or the possibility for storing smaller accessories. If you put several bird next to each other, do they seem like the the literally roosted chicken, where the name of the product come from. Birds on a Wire auch is also available in white.
  • Metaphys - Quale Magnet set
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The Quale Magnet set by Metaphys displays an original set of magnets that is nearby suitable for every surrounding by its decent but precise design. Quale by Metaphys knowingly renounces colours, since shiny and colourful magnets are already available sufficiently. Quale is simply equipped with a sphere and a cross as well as with the contrast between black and white in order to distinguish different duties or people. Nobody has to memorize the colours, but simply recognize the usage of notices intuitively.
  • Gubi - Bestlite BL10 wall lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The BL10 wall lamp is the largest of the classic Bauhaus wall lamps by Gubi. It has an extension arm and it is flexible, practical and elegant. Fixed to the wall BL10 is rotatable and traversable and therefore it’s able to light any spot in its reach. Through the extension arm the lamp can also reach areas that are further away. After use BL10 can be pushed to the wall to save space. The functional lamp is also suitable as a reading lamp, working place lamp, bathroom lamp or for lighting a certain part of a room. The simple design of the lamp fits every room and it looks elegant both in the background and as the centre of an ensemble. The lamp shade can be brought into almost any position. A heavy floor plate ensures a secure and firm stand. When Robert Dudley Best designed the lamps of the BL series in the 1930s they were revolutionary simple and of unusually clear and functional forms. They are still regarded as examples of classic Bauhaus design. This has been enforced by the British designers close contacts to Dessau, Weimar and Berlin, which were the centers of the Bauhaus movement back then. Even the British premier Winston Churchill had a BL1 lamp standing on his desk in Whitehall and many architects and designers made some great designs under its light. The wall lamp BL10 by Gubi is also available in further colours.
  • Moooi - Rabbit Lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Master Lamp for the table… The Rabbit Lamp has been designed by the Design Team Front Design for the Netherlands manufacturer Moooi. The table lamp is part of the three-part collection of furniture and lamps that include the real-size Horse Lamp and the Pig Table besides the Rabbit Lamp. The rabbit-body consists of fibre glass. The lamp’s shade is made out of a PVC/viscose-material that has been tensed on a metal frame and closed to its top. …A perfect guest for a tea-party of the crazy Hat-Maker.
  • Charles & Marie - Trophy Hangers
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Hunting trophies for walls is antiquated? Time to think different! The Phill Cuttance designed Trophy Hangers also enrich every modern home, since they include an ancient idea on an ironic new way. Their concept idea is very clear, since traditional hunting trophies at living room walls are rather “old fashioned” today. This is how the initial idea of a hunting trophy was turned around by Phil Cuttance; well, the idea is not only turned around, but turned on its head and bump… The Trophy Hangers are especially emphasized when two of them are hanged at a window or at a glass shower. The Trophy Hangers by Charles & Marie are delivered in a set of two and consist of head and bump. They are made out of artificial resin and are with it absolutely waterproof and also suitable for the bathroom. Besides the elks, there are also further motives of the Trophy Hangers, such as for example a giraffe and a rhino.
  • KAISER idell 6631-P Pendant / black
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The KAISER idell lamp 6631, designed by the German silversmith Christian Dell in the beginning of the 1930s, embodies essentially the style of the Bauhaus movement in that time. The lamp 6631 Luxus even reached world-popularity. They emerged in numerous editions since the 1960s again and again. They were especially present on the desk of the famous TV-commissary. Which is why the table model 6631 is also lovingly called “commissary lamp”. The lamp is characterized by its formal closeness and simultaneously bribes by only a few basic construction elements. Form-distinctive is the straight-lined reflector shade. On the top, at the reflector, there is the socked connected, embossed with “ORIGINAL KAISERidel”. The shade of the pendant lamp consists of wet-lacquered steel sheet and chrome-plated brass. The lamp is delivered including all approval seals according to the today’s norm. Regarding design, quality and handicraft work, it is identical to the original. The “German piece of light culture” is re-edited and produced in Denmark by the “KAISERidel A/S” based in Vejle.
  • Magis Design Magis - Proust Lounger
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The „Poltrona di Proust“ out of the year 1978 is one of the most famous designs by Alessandro Mendini. The designer overworked his legendary creation together with Magis. A splendid lounger out of polyethylene emerged, which is the embodiment of re-design. Alessandro Mendini already re-designed his Proust lounger in the year 1978. Classic forms and colours of Baroque and Impressionism were took by Mendini, re-interpreted and connected in his “Poltrona di Proust”. Everything began with a tissue pattern by the French writer Marcel Proust which inspired Alessandro Mendini. During his researches in Proust’s surroundings, he found a Neo-baroque lounger which fascinated him so much that he enlarged the work at the tissue pattern to work at a complete lounger. Mendini’s classic Proust lounger from 1978 possessed hand-made spots patterns which ornamented all parts of the splendid lounger and mirrored the impressionism of the painter Paul Signac. The avant-garde lounger was initially designed as unicum, but was manufactured in some cases and in limited editions later on. Alessandro Mendini interpreted his world famous “Poltrona di Proust” once again now together with Magis. Magis Proust emerged, a lounger that is manufactured in a rotation procedure out of polyethylene for industrial production. With new colours and modern materials, but keeping the original shape, Magis brings its Baroque magic to the 21st century. Magis offers the Proust lounger in different colours as well as in a multicolour edition, similar to the original spotted pattern. Thanks to the robust polyethylene, the lounger is suitable for outdoor use.
  • areaware - Distorion Candlestick
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The designer Paul Loebach distorted and transcribed a classic candlestick with the help of a 3D-Rendering program for distortion. The result is a candlestick that looks like it was melting or bending in the heat. The American manufacturer areaware produces distortion out of resin and marble. The material supports the soft look which seems like it has just come out of an animated film with its distorted construction. Despite the weird appearance, the candlestick fulfils its real duty perfectly: Distortion carries a candle firmly and especially straight so that wax does only fall on the prepared shade.
  • areaware - Distortion Candlestick SM Original
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Not only the soft wax of the candle seems to melt at the Distortion candlestick, but more than that the candlestick itself. The basic form of the candlestick by areaware reminds of the classic, nearby traditional candlesticks that have often been made out of brass. The designer Pail Loebach plays with this association and breaks it with his modern, playful interpretation: The specialty of Distortion lies in an integrated 3D-effect, which makes the candlestick dance regarding its look. The artificial-resin and marble-made holder seems soft and movable, as if it was out of wax itself.
  • Flos - Parentesi floor lamp
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Parentesi is Italian for “brackets“ or “to clamp“ and describe besides the name the way how the lamp functions. A steel cable which is “clamped” between ceiling and floor facilitates the regulation of the height of a steel tube where the lamp is fixed. This convenient layout of the light by Achille Castiglioni and Pio Manzù was already made in 1970 but is still more than up-to-date. The innovative mixture of floor lamp and pendant lamp was rewarded with the "Compasso d´Oro" in 1979. Technical Data: This lamp provides direct light. The lamp moves vertically via sliding of a painted or nickel-plated shaped steel tube on a ceiling-to-floor steel cable (400cm long). The fixture head is made of injection-moulded black elastomer (UL-94 HB) and houses a switch. The length of the power cord from the lamp holder is 400 cm. By extra charge, Parentesi is also available with a dimmer.
  • Alessi - Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Chip
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Chip knows what it is supposed to do. It is made of three pieces and its magnetic inside adducts paper clips, which gives it a feathered design. The crossings between the components are part of the design. The solid and heavy Chip can also be used as a paperweight. The rounded form of Chip and a glossy finish furthermore ensure a pleasant touch.
  • Müller Möbelwerkstätten - Step Wardrobe
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The bus drives off in two minutes but… where are the keys?! The “Step” wardrobe helps to keep the daily chaos a little bit tidier, at least in entrance halls, as a practical placer. Hats, scarves and gloves can easily be stored in the upper compartment. Additionally there are four hooks for jackets and coats at the sides. Moreover the sprouts offer deposit possibilities. Key chains are kept by invisible magnets. A writing pad is easily hanged at the sprouts if necessary. The lower compartment serves to store shoes. The wardrobe is mounted in an instant with few helping tools. It is fixed at the wall with a screw for each compartment. The wardrobe “Step” enables casual use: The owner can hang the function elements according to its own demands or simply throw his jacket over the sprout. “Step” is a practical placer when a place is entered, meaning welcome in the beginning and ensuring that the owner doesn’t forget his coat when he leaves.
  • Normann Copenhagen Norman Copenhagen - Watch me wall clock
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Watch me is a clear and graphical designed wall clock that was designed by Rasmus Gottliebsen for Normann Copenhagen. Watch me is characterized by simplicity and enriches homes with timeless colour shaping. As inspiration source for the design from Watch me, Rasmus Gottliebsen had a colour range that he could expand like a fan to observe the variations. This is how the Watch me clock offers an own colour to every time span. Rasmus Gottliebsen explains: ”At Watch me it does not come to the split second timing, but to a feeing of the passing of time – a time colour. Minutes, Hours, days or years are shaped to one experience of different moods like this. Watch me is a happy and colourful wall clock that creates free room for life with its time game.” The Watch me wall clock from Normann Copenhagen consists of powder coated steel. It runs with a standard AA battery.
  • Koziol - A-PRIL Cocktail Sticks-Set
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Koziol’s A-PRIL collection represents flourish enjoyment. The cocktail sticks in four vivid colours aren’t only practical, but also pretty to look at with their decorative holder. The A-PRIL sticks by Koziol are suitable to prepare and serve classic snack-creations as well as to pick out all the tasty things on the table and in the kitchen: Instead of the must of picking small gherkins, olives or antipasti out of glasses or to fish them from plates, A-PRIL instantly makes party meals a bit more flourish and appetitive. The synthetics made sticks appear as set of eight pieces in vivid colours, they are dishwasher safe and re-usable any time. The decorative tree even makes it enjoyable to store the cocktail sticks.
  • Schönbuch - Wall Dots - coloured
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Coloured they appear, the Schönbuch Company wall dots from Bavaria. In an individual order, dots create a fresh colour accent everywhere and become more and more popular. How strong coloured they have to be is a customer’s decision because “Dots” are available in different sets of five: The “Favourites” set consists of dots in the following five colours: Yellow, safari, pink, purple and sky blue. An alternative to this one is the “Ice-cream” set: Pink, aqua blue, safari, purple and sky blue. For those who prefer monochromatic lifestyles can demand five dots in only one colour of the above named ones for one package. The dots sphere consists of massive wood that was light lacquered. The four centimetres long shaft and the wall plate are made of brushed stainless steel; the fixing material is included in the package.
  • Magis - me too Magis - Paradise Tree Wardrobe
    SOLD OUT: More info
    With the wardrobe Paradise Tree the annoying hanging up of the jackets after school or the playing becomes an enjoyment for your children. Paradise brings the children playfully to clean up, but leaves them a creative free space, which they need to get their own personality. When children come home, from school or their friend's houses, the hanging-up of their jackets is mostly secondary. The jackets mostly land in the corner and scarf and hat lay on the floor. With the Paradise Tree the designer Oiva Toikka dealed with the demands and wishes of the children and presents now an object, which procures fun and tempts them to clean up. The wardrobe Paradise Tree is made of six different coloured elements. Every element has two arms, which offer room for jackets, pullover, gloves, scarves and hats. Because the arms are on every height of the wardrobe is good for every child of every age and can be used generation comprehensive. The design of Paradise Tree is playful. Contributed to that are the different colours of the wardrobe, but also the design of the hangers. Those do not have anything in common with the normal cold, and for kids boring wardrobes, but look like knobbly hands, leaves or other soft, and playful shapes. The amount of the hangers and the shapes offers the choice of a favourite handle. Also, the Paradise Tree can be used for playing and conveys the creative play.
  • Rosti Mepal - Teabag box
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Sensational, a round teabag box! In this form is how you present your teabags on the most elegant way. Through the form of the box, even the last teabag is easily extractable. As material for this round box, Rosti Mepal used acrylic. Because of the transparent material all teabags are viewable. This makes it possible for you to see what tea sorts you have “in stock”, recognizing in time when your favourite tea is nearly gone. Fill the storage box with teabags, these ones will offer a vivid and unmistakeable look to it; making your tea assortment also something special visually. The interior compartments ensure the division of the bags according to taste and colour.
  • Koziol - [pi:p] Bookmark
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The [pi:p] Bookmark of Koziol - It has never been more beautiful to put a book away! Imaginative design a bookmark from the collection [pi: p] by Koziol in the form of small birds. They can easily be attached to each page so that the recovery of the requested page is no longer a problem. By its design, the Bookmarks perfectly fit into the [pi: p]-Collection of Koziol.[Pi: p] is a series of products inspired by Koziol's own history - the very first Koziol mold was a seagull in 1932. Therefore, Koziol designed in collaboration with the studio fp.formgebung from Darmstadt this highly authentic and highly original collection of playful and practical lovely design for everyday objects. The bookmark set of 3 solid-coloured ist also available in transparent black, white and plum.
  • Monkey Business - Key Pete
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The key holder “Key Pete” fascinates with its playful appearance and surprises with its strength. Key Pete is a strong key holder by the Israeli design smithy Monkey Business. The small climber has magnets in its hands and can be placed on every metallic surface. Key Pete holds himself with one Hand on the wall and with the other one he holds the keys. Up to 20 keys can be carried by Pete. This does not only ensure tidiness and avoids the continuous and unnecessary search for the keys, but it is and interesting eye-catcher at the same time. The colourful and vivid design makes Key Pete ostentatious.
  • Joseph Joseph - 2-in-1 Measuring Cup
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The distinctive two-compartments-design from the 2 in 1 measuring cup makes the use of an additional measuring spoon or cup unnecessary. For the usage of the second compartment the cut has to only be turned around. The smaller compartment is suitable for the measuring of liquids in an amount of 5-50 ml (5 ml makes up about the amount of a tea-spoon). Without any problems larger amounts of up to 550 ml can be measured when the cup is turned 180°. The 2 in 1 measuring cup is dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 90°C/190°F. The display of the measuring cup is directly worked into the plastic so that it won't move along the time. The 2 in 1 measuring cup is also available in pink and green.
  • Bonaldo - Poly Chair
    SOLD OUT: More info
    Poly is the name of the new stacking chair that has been designed by Karim Rashid in cooperation with Bonaldo. Poly is completely made out of polycarbonate that is processed in die casting. Poly is adapted to inside and outside areas because of its material and it moreover is perfectly introducible in already existing furnishings. The Poly Chair design convinces through its young and geometric appearance. Furthermore the chair is inviting and comfortable, this is not at least proven by the seating comfort. The innovative Karim Rashid design has been honoured with the Good Design Award 2008 and the Red Dot Award 2008.
  • Moooi - Sponge Vase
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The fascinating Sponge Vase has been designed in 1997 by the designer Marcel Wanders for the company Moooi. The vase was created within a project in cooperation with Droog Design and Rosenthal. The extraordinary exterior of the Sponge Vase is being produced through a new method that the designer Marcel Wanders developed. The idea behind this was that the porcelain often does not show its fine properties when a traditional imprint form is being used for production. The designer therefore developed a new technique, which does without this form. For the Sponge Vase a simple sponge is being dipped into fluid porcelain soil. The mass encloses the sponge and as soon as it has dried, the actual sponge is being burned in an oven. What remains is a vivid porcelain imprint of the sponge that has been converted into a vase by Marcel Wanders. The Sponge Vase is an example for how intelligent production processes create novel objects and express the qualities of a material in a way unknown before.
  • Koziol - Kasimir Cheese Grater
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A slightly different cheese hedgehog: Kasimir presents its spines and grates parmesan, gouda and more in fine stripes for the tasty pizza, pasta meals or gratins. The small hedgehog by Koziol is a humorous symbiosis of design, function and emotion and small jewellery for the table and the kitchen. Kasimir is the ideal accessory for all of those that like to cook with fresh ingredients. The hedgehog appearance of the grater is pleasant to be touched and makes cheese-grating an enjoyment. Koziol’s Kasimir consists of SAN synthetics and it is thereby also available in further colours.
  • artepuro - Takibi table fireplace
    SOLD OUT: More info
    A fire for contemporaneous nomads! The Takibi table fireplace was designed by Michael Koenig for artepuro. Takibi burns with bio ethanol, smoke-free and odourless. Thanks to an adjustable burning box, the fireplace reaches a burning time of up to 2.5 hours. The Tabiki design is characterized by arbitrary graceful linear structures. Takibi is the prehistoric instinct of surrounding a fireplace-interpretation of Michael Koenig. The arbitrary crossing lines of the table fireplace remind us of a fire of London’s branches. This meaning is also shown in the name of this fireplace: Takibi comes from Japan and means fireplace. Artepuros Takibi is also available as wall- or floor fireplace.
  • Moroso - Osorom
    SOLD OUT: More info
    The spherical seating furniture from Konstantin Grcic is a succeeded combination of empty volume and weightless states. A plastic living element and airy presence wherever it is assembled. The frame, made out of glass fibre and synthetic resin expresses viewable transparency. Not only exceptional, but also resistant is what Osorom by Konstantin Grcic is – a faithful company over the years with its seat, manufactured in a techno polymer layer procedure with varied densities. The somehow different stool by the way, also serves as side table.
  • j-me - Float magazine stand
    SOLD OUT: More info
    With the Float magazine holder by j-me your collection of magazines and newspapers is always within reach, well organised and nice to look at. The principle is as unusual as practical ad it makes Float an enrichment for every room. As on a clothes stand, Float can hold 12 magazines and newspapers in an orderly arranged way. When the magazine stand is not in use, it stays decently in the background with its simple ingot steel design. Being supplied with magazines, Float becomes a pretty furnishing object with complete form and function.

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