constance billard school uniforms

constance billard's school uniforms/dress code.
tops- white/ivory/beige/off-white/cream blouses, with collars, can be short sleeved and long sleeved.
jackets- coats are prefered of blacks, whites, creams, reds, blue, green, no flurescent or black colors. trench coats are allowed. cardigans are allowed.
skirts- seersucker uniforms are prefered, either can be a solid gray or black, and if plaid, it'd be prefered if it had a blue, red, or beige theme.
shoes- can be heels, though flats are prefered. heels can't be any higher than four inches.
bags- recommended to be of white/cream/off-white/beige/black. no bright colors.
accessories- headbands, neckties, ties, bows are allowed. dark colors are recommended, though headbands can be of any color.

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