Hey guys and dolls!
Lindsey here with a Convincing Your Parents That: You’re Old Enough for Black Friday Shopping. Want any more “Convincing Your Parents”? Comment or message my personal account :)

1) DON’T WHINE: Whining will get you absolutely nowhere, unless you’re three years old. As teenagers, we need to show our maturity, especially when it comes to asking for permission to do new things. Don’t whine when you put the question to your parents; be grown up and responsible.
2) OFFER FOR THEM TO TAG ALONG: Personally, I’ve gone with my mom and a group of her friends and their daughters for the past couple years. It’s not that bad bringing a parent along with you; you can point out things you might like for Christmas, and help each other gets gifts for the other members of your family. Plus, if you’re a couple bucks short for that perfect pair of shoes that you’ll die without, a mom’s wallet can come in pretty darn handy. Going with one or both of your parents will help calm their nerves about you and the crowds, and it’ll show that you’re willing to compromise. Maybe next year, if you behave this Friday, they’ll even let you go alone!
3) EXPLAIN WHY YOU WANT TO GO: Do you want to go just to blow all the babysitting money you’ve saved the past year? Are you going to spend wisely or carelessly? Do you want to buy gifts for friends and family? It’s all about explaining why you want to go; it’ll help them understand why you’ve taken a sudden interest in the shopping experience. Plus, if you go with the “I want to buy gifts for everyone!” excuse, they might be a little more willing to say yes.
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