- one cup ice(:
- one half cup milk(:
- two shots expresso/ (no idea.. or just regular coffee(:)
- one ounce special dark hersheys syrup (or regular!) (:
- three pumps of starbucks vanilla syrup (not sure where to get it!): sorry. ill try to kind out!) oh yeah, or to taste!
- three teaspoons of dark chocolate chips(:

- chocolate whipped cream(:
- oreo cookies(:

what you do(:

blend everything except topping, duh! blend for about 45- 50 seconds, pour into a nice glass!(:

now for the topping! crush some oreo cookies with like a hammer (IN A PLASTIC BAG!) or just your fist! make sure the bag is sealed or else it will get EVERYWHERE, no joke. next, top it with some choco whipped cream, and some cookie crumbs!(:

requested by @couturecouture ! enjoy! 

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Wrote 4 years ago
?? its true @xosunnyox

Wrote 4 years ago
ok sure...... ;) whatever u sayyy @couturecouture

Wrote 4 years ago
ya but thats not every day, thats every week @xosunnyox

Wrote 4 years ago
R u kidding me? Like every weekend I walk to starbucks peppers and the beach and get a tall double chocolatey chip frappuccino ;) and I thought you knew me haha @couturecouture



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milkshakes and mochas ♥

milkshakes and mochas ♥

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delicious drinks! mochas, fraps, milkshakes, lemonades, etc.(:
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