Suri was reminiscing her beauty pageant days (:
Suri also hopes that by wearing white, she will bring back luck to the wedding, muahaha
 [ June 19 ] Well, whoever thought that this day would actually come? Today's the day of the wedding / murderer / bridesmaids debut. Slip on your favorite louboutins and dust off your fuchsia, bridesmaid, dress and head to the La Camille mansion for an anything less than boring affair. 


{ I apologize in advance. This is going to be a long story! } 


Curse this stupid life proof case on my phone. 

If I had it my way, I would not have a phone. 

The messages.. those stupid messages that make me want to throw-up would never flash on my screen and leave scars in my mind. 

I mean, how am I supposed to react to this message?

to: suri 
from: timothy 

Suri, love, don't kill Leo. He's my uncle. Please don't kill him. Do it for me, please. 

I hate life sometimes. Can you understand that?

If I don't follow through with this, Leo will kill off all of the other nannies. Even though they hate me and think that I am a mad hatter, they are still the closest things to family that I have. 

My mother abandoned me for cocaine when I was in middle school and my father was never in the picture.

The mafia is what I turned to when I graduated high school. They became my family and welcomed me with welcome arms, and well, now that I think about it .. they welcomed me in their beds as well. 

Stupid beauty pageants. 

I wish I wasn't as pretty as I am. 

I just want to be a normal girl living in a small town as a writer. 

I want to wake up in a world where my only worries are what to eat for breakfast and what movie to watch with a friend later on in the day. 

Is that too much to ask for?

If you're up there, please help me. 

That was the first time that I have prayed in months. 

After uncrossing my hands and wiping a few tears away from my puffy cheeks, I slowly rise from my kneeling position and shut the curtains to my window. 

A knock on my door startles me, but I refuse to answer it. 

"If you're here to kill me, just knock down the freaking door and get it over with!" 

I yell as loud as I can before sitting on the edge of my bed and staring at my beautiful dagger. 

When I first joined the mafia, Timothy gave me the dagger and promised me that I would never miss a target. Never. 

Did you know that I have killed a total of fifty nine people in my life?

I can tell you every person's first, middle, and last name. I can also tell you their former occupation and where they were born. 

I am not a heartless demon who takes pride in killing. 

I care about the people I kill as crazy as that sounds. 

Even though they may have done some terrible things in their lifetime, they are still people. 

I respect them in a crazy way. 

Plus, I'm going to hell anyways. Why not show some sympathy before my time is up. 

After pondering life and death just like Hamlet did in Shakespeare's infamous play, I realize that Elsa is sitting across from me, watching me curiously. 


"Hey bxxch." 

I whisper while wiping a tear. 

"What's up?" 

Elsa asks and grabs a fluffy white pillow and hugs it to her. 

"Do you ever have one of those days where you just feel like dying?" 

I ask in a cool voice. 

Elsa lets out an unexpected laugh, and I stare at her with furrowed eyebrows. 

"I wasn't kidding." 

I say angrily and look away. 

Elsa's giggles stop and she sighs. 

"Suri, I feel like that every day." 

I turn to look at Elsa, but watch as my door opens and close, leaving me alone. 

My worries will have to wait until tomorrow. 

I lay back and close my eyes, letting sleep succumb my thoughts and anxieties. 


After sleeping for what seems like an eternity, I wake up and watch my phone vibrate in circles around my coffee table. 

I reach for it, but accidentally drop my perfume bottle. 

The glass breaks on the floor, and the liquid splatter everywhere, sending the strong rosy aroma around my room. 

I wrinkle my nose and quickly grab my phone and duck underneath the covers in attempts to blockade the overly powerful smell. 

I glance at my phone screen and notice three missed calls from Timothy and a text from Cain. {host family's younger son} 

to: suri
from: cain

Landon is depressed and I overheard him calling a psychiatrist today. Suri, we need you home. 


The one word that comforts most people but makes me feel sick inside. 

I did have a home, once. 

But like I said, my mother abandoned me. 

Did you know that she got caught for smuggling cocaine and is currently in a small jail in Oklahoma. 

Did you know that she refuses to see me because she thinks that I am a disappointment? 

Me, a disappointment. 


But that's right, I'm a disappointment. My apologies. 

But the Lopez's, as crazy as it seems, I feel accepted there. 

I do miss Cain, whom I consider to be a little brother, and Landon…

Oh heart, Landon. Sweet Landon. 

The boy with the signature Cali smile whom I fell for. 

The sweet boy with the dark secret that broke my heart. 

The sweet sweet boy. 

I respond to Cain before the perfume gets to my head. 

Or perhaps it has, I can't tell. 

to: cain
from: suri

Cain, I want to come home. I'm scared Cain, but I have to finish this. I love you. xoxo


After sleeping for another hour or so, I get up and let out a screech as I realize that I have stepped on the broken remains of the perfume bottle. 

Blood trickles down my left foot and I bite back tears while limping out of my room and down the hall. 

I avoid eye contact with Bonnie as I walk down the hall. 

The bathroom finally comes in sight and I step inside and lock the door. 

"Excuse me?" 


I breathe in and out a few times before grabbing a chard sticking out of my foot and holding it up to the light. 

"Do you know what glass feels like?" 

I ask coolly. 

"Uh, hard?" 

Ursula retorts. 

I chuckle and gather as much energy as I can and lunge at Ursula, knocking over a stack of toilet paper in the process. 


Ursula yells as I hold the chard centimeters in front of her neck. 

"It feels like a strand away from death. How would you like a taste?" 

I whisper as the formally locked door flies open, sending in strong arms that grab me and toss me backwards. 

I land on my bloody foot and yelp out in pain. 

Nico gives me a wicked glare before acknowledging my foot. 

"You deserve it you sick monster." 

Nico helps a "shocked" Ursula to her feet and it takes all that I have not to spit on Ursula as she walks by with Nico. 


Thank God for Elsa. 

"What the hell is going on."

Elsa asks me while bandaging up my foot in the kitchen. 

I begin to speak but sense other girls watching me, so I hold back and shrug my shoulders. 

Elsa gives me a look before gesturing towards a piece of paper. 

"That's the plan for today. Don't screw up." 

I look at the piece of parchment and find my name beneath Bonnie's.

Suri --- Kidnap Leo. 


"What if I can't." 

I whisper, but apparently not quiet enough because Nico bursts into the room. 


Nico yells and chucks an apple at me, which hits me square in the shoulder. 

My poor foot prevents me from moving, but Elsa grabs a handful of grapes and throws them in Nico's direction. 

"Stay away from her or else you will answer to me." 

Elsa says forcefully and glares at Nico as she slams the door leading outside. 

"You didn't have…"

Elsa interrupts. 

"What are friends for." 

We both give each other a smile before Elsa continues to fix my cut foot. 


The time for the wedding finally comes, and I can honestly say that I feel like throwing up. 

What am I going to do. 

Break Timothy's heart by helping to kill his uncle or kidnap his uncle and lead him to safety?

I look up through the living room's sky light and into the clouds. 

"If you're up there, give me a sign. "

I whisper as heels on wood break the silence. 

I turn around and watch as all of the nannies dressed as mismatched bridesmaids stomp into the room and eye me carefully. 

I fold my arms and turn away, savoring the look of Nico and Ursula in overly tacky dresses. 

"Let's go." 

Channary states and steps into the foyer. 

The other girls stand there and apply last minute alterations to their look while I follow Channary. 

She senses that someone is behind her and turns around to look at me. 

"I believe you. I am watching the Little Mermaid carefully." 

Little Mermaid?

I give her a puzzling look and she grins at me before exiting the house. 

"She means Ursula. The villain in that Disney movie." 

Elsa mumbles before following Channary out the door. 

I let out the first laugh in what seems like forever. 

I continue to laugh and laugh as the rest of the girls exit the door, leaving me alone. 

My laughs turn into cries and I collapse onto the ground, sending pain from my foot up my body. 

Mascara falls down my face like rain and I continue to cry and cry. 

My cell phone rings and I look at the screen. 



I ask and quickly brush off my tears, as if Landon can see me right now. 

"Come home." 

I hear Landon whisper. 

I squeeze my eyes closed before deciding to tell Landon the truth. 

"If you mean jail, then I will. Landon, I am not a good person." 

I hang up the phone and quickly dry my remaining tears. 


The nannies left me to drive nothing. 

Not a single car remains in the garage. 

I check the time and realize that the wedding is scheduled to start in half an hour. 

I need to get to the ceremony, NOW. 

My eyes land on a dusty golf cart in the corner of the garage and I laugh. 



Have you ever seen a girl in a fluffy white bridesmaid dress riding a golf cart down the highway?

Let me be the first to tell you that it's one hell of a sight. 


After getting pulled over my two policemen, I finally make it to the wedding space. 

My face is covered with dead bugs from the rush of the highway, but who actually cares. 

There isn't going to be a wedding. 

As I walk up the marble steps to the venue, I am greeted by two security guards who both eye me warily. 

"Gentleman, I am but a humble bridesmaid who was forced to ride top down to get here. If you will excuse me, I need to go and fix up myself."

Both men part, allowing me to walk through, and I quickly rush inside and dart my eyes all around me to analyze my surroundings. 

There is a large metal door leading into the chapel. 

Two large ficus plants are in the corner of the large foyer. 

Two other bridesmaids, I cannot make out their faces, greet people at the door. 

Huh, how quaint. 

I hear one of them tell an elderly lady to enjoy herself and I can't help but laugh.

"You're hot." 

I turn to my right and notice a groomsmen eyeing me up and down. 

"I know." 

I say bluntly before walking up the stairs, making sure that no one is watching me. 

As I am walking, I notice Leo talking to a hooded figure, and I quickly duck behind a plant and listen in to their conversation. 


"There better be no complications. I want to come out of this alive."


"I plan on marrying my girl and getting out of the country."

"Understood sir."

My eyes grow wide as the hooded figure reveals a sharp edged dagger and I let out a yelp, and quickly duck down lower and pray that neither men saw me. 

My phone lights up and I check the screen. 

to: all nannies
from: bonnie

Let the games begin. See you all tonight for mimosas! 


"Excuse me gentlemen, but you are both needed in the back room downstairs for last minute alterations." 

I peak out from behind a large leaf and watch as the hooded figure and Leo walk down the stairs. 

I also notice Channary appear out of nowhere and quickly walk behind the two men, grab the hooded figure, and drag him up the stairs. 

I start to move out from behind the plant, and realize that by helping Channary I will cause the whole plan to fall apart. 

I rush past her and head down the stairs, following Leo who appears to be dazed. 

As soon as he steps into the room, Bonnie appears by my side and gives me a five minute time to kidnap Leo and lead him to the roof. 

I nod and step inside, closing the door behind me. 


Leo turns around and looks at me. 

I fold my arms and turn away. 

"You're Timothy's girl, yes?" 

I nod. 

"You're also Bambi, otherwise known as Suri."

I roll my eyes. 

"You are here to kill me." 

I refold my arms. 

"Good luck with that." 

I finally make eye contact with Leo and realize that there is a shadow behind me. 

I quickly extend my arm and reach behind me, but all I grab is air. 

I turn around and then shriek as a firm hand grabs my beck and picks me up. 

The hooded figure. 

My legs dangle around me useless and I close my eyes and speak through shallow breaths. 


The grip on my hold slackens slightly, giving me the chance to quickly grab my dagger and slide it across of the figure's cheek. 

He roars and lets go of me, allowing me to grab Leo. 

He punches me square in the eye and I let go of him and cry out in pain. 

As Leo rushes back to the door, I say a little prayer and muster up enough energy and rush to the door, head but Leo, and watch as he falls on the ground and passes out. 


After dragging him to the roof, I take a seat on a bench and tuck my knees to my chest as Elsa and Lola appear with two guns each. 

No. Not like this. 

I quickly stand up and rush to Leo's unconscious body. 

"Not yet." 

I whisper to the girls. 

Both stare at me with dumbfounded looks and I lean over and into Leo's closed eyes. 

"I'm sorry for this. I am."

Just as I am about to stand and walk off, Leo's eyes open and he focuses his gaze on me and laughs. 

"Tonight you will all die." 

He lunges at me, and all I can recall next is hearing three gunshots. 

Two hit Leo square in the chest and one hits me

my leg. 

I try and focus on my attacker and notice the glint of Ursula's head disappear before I pass out. 


I awake in a janitor's closet to the voice of both Elsa and Channary. 

Both girls eye me warily and I open my mouth to speak but Elsa forces a tylenol down my throat. 

"The body was taken care of, thanks to Portia, Channary, and myself. He's gone for good."

I nod. 

"The whole wedding crew is gone. The bride included. All of us have a feeling that she knows who killed him and we all need to return to the Hills as soon as possible if we are to avoid another accident like this." 

Channary says matter-of-factly and then gestures to my leg. 

I nod and lean my head back against a mop. 

"First my foot and now this. That bxxch is going to die when I see her again." 

Channary and Elsa exchange confused looks and I quickly fall into a fake sleep and I wait for both of them to leave the closet before reopening my eyes. 

The door opens once more and I am faced with the infamous Ursula. 

"It's a pity that you didn't die. Maybe next time, yes?" 

Her words send chills up and down my limbs, but I manage to retort. 

"It is a pity. I promise not to make the same mistake next time." 

A flicker of concern passes Ursula's face, but it vanishes as she turns to leave, but not without a final comment. 

"For the record, Leo told me that I am the world's best lover." 

She exits the room, leaving me to face the pain of both my foot and leg. 


"I may have killed a few bystanders with a ..uh, bomb." 

My eyes flutter open and I realize that I must have been sleeping, because gone are the mops and buckets. 

My new surroundings is a car filled with the majority of the nannies. 

Lola shushes Esther and I sigh as someone turns up the radio. 

Esther turns to look at me and I explain to her that I know the identities of every single person that I have ever killed.


Esther asks. 

"Because they are just as human as you and me. Our heart may be larger, but they are still living, breathing creatures who deserve a longer life than the one we give them. Their fates shouldn't be determined by us." 

The radio's volume turns down and I feel the eyes of ten or so nannies eyeing me. 

"You can all hate me, but understand that you are as close to a family as I have ever had. I just survived my boyfriend's uncle nearly killing us all, and yet here we are. If we aren't angels, than I don't know who we are." 

Elsa claps. 
Ursula snorts. 
Bonnie yawns. 
Nico rolls her eyes. 
Channary smiles. 
Esther stretches her arms. 
Lola begins to snore. 

This is my family. 
My sick, twisted family. 
One of which loves trying to kill me. 
This is my sick, twisted family. 

Finished! (:
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