Hey guys, it's Maddie here with another tip on your eye color! Guys, this has BEEN in the drafts! Okay?! Just calm down, I had stuff to do since it's summer time, so I couldn't post it with the other two. But why would I do broan & green eyes and NOT blue eyes? Anyways, let's start!

O1) Blue eyed people are romantics and dreamers. 

O2) They constantly dream of true love.

O3) They often live in a fictional world.

O4) They usually enjoy being hit on or flirted with.

O5) Blue eyed people are vulnerable and sensitive, easily offended and they take everything too seriously. 

O6) For blue eyed people, it is typical to easily fall into depression. (I find this particularly true because my mother is diagnosed with clinical depression and she has crystal blue eyes.)

O7) People with blue eyes tend to constantly change moods and whims.

O8) For all their sentimentality, they show deep feelings.

O9) The colder the shade of blue eyes a man has, the less heat there is in his soul. 

1O) Blue eyes people can be cruel.

11) They are often irritable and explosive.

12) Much depends on their expression of sympathy or antipathy towards certain people. They find it to experience constant feelings for someone.

13) Blue eyed people are honest, generous, quick to find direction and adapt. Blue eyes are typical for artists, inventors and aesthetes.

14) Blue eyed people are charming, emotional and sentimental. They have major requirements towards their partners. Emotionaly, people with blue eyes are not only passionate in their love, but strong in their hatred.

15) If they hate someone, they will wage a long and protracted war. They are fearless, often going against the tide, being guided only by their feelings.


CREDiT: http://mysteries24.com/n4-26023-Facts_about_blue_eyed_people

That's it for now, ladies!(:

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Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago

Wrote three years ago
It's creepy how accurate these are

Wrote three years ago
Crazy how true these facts are...



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