The Biggest Smile Ever
We were finally back from our field trip to a play and eating at Wendy’s, and after taking the remaining twenty minutes of Math class, most of us waited in a line in front of Global. I knew that ninth grade was in Global at the moment, information being the courtesy of Paola telling me I wouldn’t see Stewart until after the first class we took once in school. She knew he would be there, and so did I, and that had been the reason I was the first outside of the classroom when the bell had rung. So whilst I was acting like I wasn’t waiting for him to come out of the classroom I looked away, because I don’t want to seem like a stalker, and when it came to him coming out, I missed it. He was already past me when I realized he wasn’t in the Global classroom anymore. All I caught was a small smile and a glimpse of his eyes. Paola cleared her throat and smirked at me. I rolled my eyes.
“That was the biggest smile of his life!” Paola said once we were in the clear.
“It was just a small smile.”
“Girl, no. I saw the whole thing. He smiled like a doof!”
“Aja, yeah, right!”
“I promise! And for me to promise it takes a lot!”
I didn’t want to believe something like that and get my hopes up, but even inside of Global, I couldn’t help but smile at myself.
@paosofi as Paola
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