Cool Poly ALL KINDS of Sets with a Drink, Drinks on the House

This collection will have all kinds of sets , as long as the set has a drink somewhere in the set that is noticed.
We Polys, love to put dinks in our sets, teeeheeee
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Wrote one year ago
A big warn Congrats to all of the winners!! This was such a cool contest!! Thank you for including my set with a most kind comment to this fabulous collection!! xxoo

Wrote one year ago
Tnx for adding my set and for your comment ;)

Wrote one year ago
Thanks for the inclusion....really liked this collection......

Wrote one year ago
@lindacaricofe awww, thanks for adding my set. this is a cool collection, great artists!

Wrote one year ago
AAww Thank you sweetie!!! Your comments and compliments just make my day a little brighter!!!!

Wrote one year ago
Your comments & compliments are always more than welcome, make my day and make me happily smile! Thanks @lindacaricofe

Wrote one year ago
I'll take one of each♥! XO ~

Wrote one year ago
I always LOVE your set descriptions!! Thanks for including my "naughty" set!! Lol


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