cool stuff for jemma ha ha ha

here you go jemma @feels-like-snow-in-september!! i hope you like it. i filled it with lots of cool stuff you like and all my old photos :)))))))))) some of them have captions so read (:


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oh yeah ur right my bad

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@a-cheeto-butterfly i love the neutral colours you add into your sets! and the little flowers are adorable :) your sets are lovely x
@flaw-in-my-code i love every one of your sets so much!! and i love all the items you use ♥ you are a huge inspo to me xx
@british-mints you're from australia too so that's super cool!! i love your layouts and colours schemes so much =)
@feels-like-this-could-be-forever hehe na'eema, you're a super talented artist! you make the most gorgeous sets, and you're soo sweet to everyone hehe
@rattle-the-stars your sets are lovely! xx
@styleboy ah, i love the style of your sets so much and you're really nice!
@vogue-galaxy love your page hun! x
@seafound i love your sets so much courtney! i love reading your set descriptions about george haha. you're beautiful, and you have the best taste in music <3
@jewell-e love your page so much and you are lovely!!
@absurd-ambitions hehe kaela, i love the style of your sets so much!
@roxymarie your sets are amazing!! you use the best items and come up with such cute colour schemes x
@acquiescence i love how you can make any colour work in your sets! your descriptions are so lovely to read, and you have great music! :-)
@end-of-the-day i love the vibe of your account so much!
@vanemarie the style of your sets are fantastic and your whole page is perfect x
@romanholidaze the outfits you put together are wonderful =)
@maheroo your magazine sets and your simple sets are so pretty and i love your style!
@hurricaned the items you use in your sets are gorgeous and i love the sets you make with them!
@it-was-meant-to-be aw you're gorgeous and you sets are utterly perfect <3
@starry-skies-in-the-city hehe izzy, you're so lovely and easy to get along with :) your page is beautiful and you're just so sweet <3
spare spots: @ @ @ @

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@polystar10 ah sara, i love you and your account so much! and i love all of our conversations about old music, armie, and our favourite movies hehe
@iced-lemons i'm in love with the style of all your sets! they're so cute ♡
@feels-like-snow-in-september woo jemma hehe. i love ya and your husband dan. and how you really like being called russian clint barton but won't admit it. it's cute. you're cute. and when you watch documentaries about the beatles :') it's been real, and it's been fun. it's been real fun
@i-get-a-little-bit-breathless i love the outfits you make! they're all gorgeous xx
@heartbreakmotel lauren, you're so lovely and you make the sweetest comments on my sets! i love when we talk about horrible histories too haha. you're one of my favourites on poly and i'm in love with every single one of your sets xx
@h0ld-0n-let-g0 your sets are so beautiful and i love the colours schemes you do in them (-:
@relephant aw allie, you're such a big inspiration to me and i love the sets you make so much! and you're so sweet hehe ♥ the vibe of your profile is so cute x
@symone-i your page is so cute symone! you have the best filler placement and colour schemes in your sets <3
@my-heart-is-art your page is beautiful and you're sets are lovely!
@orchid-fire ahh, i'm in love with your sets! and caroline is a wonderful name! x
@thundxrstorms i love the whole vibe of your account so much ♡
@carrotsandlemons the whole style of your sets is beautiful and you're definitely one of my favourites haha x
@falloutjadyn jadyn!! you're the sweetest and you're very pretty hehe. your sets are so nice and so are the outfits you make ♡
@dressed-like-a-daydream hehe i love your profile so much and you're really nice to talk to :)
@elderflowers izzy, you make the best sets ever and you're from new zealand which is really cool haha. you love doctor who too and your sets are just so cute :^)
@lie-ability i love your new account so much amanda! you're super fun to talk and your sets are wonderful!
@half-dust ooh, i love the sets you make so much and the calm and neutral, yet colourful colour schemes you do!
@hhuricane your username is so cute! i really love how you do your bio, your icons, and your sets hehe
@adal1ne the vibe of your account is gorgeous! i really love the nice bright colour schemes you do and your style is amazing x
@dreams-of-pxrxdise your whole account is amazing and i can't see one flaw ♥ xx
@i-get-lost-sometimes you make the best layouts and your colour schemes are amazing (:
@sadtrashqueen i cannot explain how much i love your sets! they're all unique and cute xx
@heyitsdamiah love your sets so much, especially your art sets ♡

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@feels-like-snow-in-september coooooooool. i didnt put captions on many because im too tired and i need to go to bed but i'm glad ya like it! ((: what do you mean "anymore"? ehehehehehehehe

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what an awful long comment sorry

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awe thanks so much! this is rad!!! i love the first pic ugh dan is a beautiful human being. and LOUIS lol. aww and my really old louisa icon. sa5m and idk what guy from that show you're talking about hahaha. my adidas lol :'( ok i'm going to comment on everything that you commented on okay
and noo 10 is not my favourite doctor
u got a REALLY good pic of harry though ahh!!!!
dot is my favourite awe whatta babe
i'm anti C-7 lol it's not even a good ship name..... lol it should be H-7. that's a better ship name
emmasrectangle eeeee my baby!!! :D
and with the picture of the girl that you said looks like me, i'm pretty sure that's another youtuber i'm subbed to!
i still like andrew btw
timon my baby boy. timon is me
it's half donna half DOCTA
the super boove lolol i can't believe.. wow. i love smek so much
computer nerd?? why did you even search that
and ughh i don't like calum hood anymore!!!! delete!!

soo cool wow this surpassed all of my expectations lol
but i love it
so much
more than i love harry kim


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