It's Iris! This is a suuuuuper random tip! So I'm going to show you guys some really neat things to do with old jars. I was looking around Pinterest and other sites like it and kept noticing all of these amazing DIY with jars!!! Most of these will work perfectly with a medium-sized glass jar (think pasta sauce jar...) but they could be smaller or larger. I haven't tried most of these out yet, but they seem so neat!!!

O1; Jar of Dreams

This is such a cute idea and I started mine a few days ago! You've probably seen pictures of these floating around the internet recently, so I'm not sure where this idea is originally from. :P All you need is a jar. For the next year, write down things you accomplish, dreams you have, secrets you are keeping, etc. on scraps of paper and put them in the jar. Then at the end of the year, look at all of the slips of paper and see everything you've achieved and thought about in the past year! It's kind of like keeping a diary, but different. 

O2; Firefly Lantern

This is a little bit more complicated to set up, but the end result is too cool!!! When you are finished, you will have a ridiculously cool lantern-type thing. Once again, I have no idea where this idea came from!!!

-A LOT of glow sticks
-jar (with lid!!!)

Step O1;
Clean the jar thoroughly. Then, cut off the end of a glow stick and carefully empty it into the jar. Repeat with all of your glow sticks.

Step O2; 
Add glitter. Close the lid tightly and shake the jar!!!

Step O3;
Put in a dark place and watch the magic unfoldddddddddd! :)

O3; "Heaven in a Jar"

Okay. Yum. This sounds kind of amazing. It's basically a cupcake in a jar. Yeah. I know. This is the site where I found this angelic idea: Check it out!!!

I hope you guys liked these ideas!!! There are obviously many many many others out there, but these are some super easy cool ones! Once again, thanks so much for following!!! :)

Iris <3


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