Coolest things I've ever seen

these are sets that go beyond, outside the box, the universe really. They are special in so many ways
  • -Well, this is weird.
    "Such levity you have an amazing imagination. You will never stop surprising me w/ ur gifts, I think you sell yourself short. I would put this on my wall. Cat eyes, the genre, vintage lady telling the aliensTotally a refer from today, contrast! amazing set" — @leotajane
  • diamonds are a girls best friend, right ?
    "first look, it's all 1 piece, 2nd look its made out of (less than 50) many tiny pieces to form a perfect crest, moniker, assemblage of a jewelry whom wears a magnifying glass just to make it happen, @tessennliz doesn't have one of those. Beautiful" — @leotajane
  • someone to watch over me
    "I feel I have lived this scene. I have found the fox, alive and dead. I have found many things decaying in the forest as if they are looking for me to say goodbye or have something with them that cares for there welfare as they go. Complete and orderly." — @leotajane
  • Untitled #356
    "Only a few pieces make a grand point with few items. This untitled gift, letting you form your own thoughts, gives a choice. Not easy & provoking. A debate, pretty, smart or sensible, why can't woman have it all? What is it that this is a constant debate?" — @leotajane
  • A Full Accounting
    "1 never knows really why they fall in love w/ an image, a person, a dress, but this image speaks to me on sub-atomic levels as if it has my DNA code some where hidden, entire piece the receipt, the ink, the stamp, bubbles,well executed, balanced perfect" — @leotajane
  • Waiting For The Flames
    "WHOA,.....I absolutely love this piece, the curling staircase is a kind of vengeful spiral with flames leaping to our heroine, and the color of her dress matching the flames like sunshine, hair matching the frame and timber. This is gorgeous!!!" — @leotajane
  • Gaia
    "My favorite color palette. The woman's skin is a patina, layered from years of weathering.I love anything to makeup we don't have tails or antenna's. She appeared out of ether, part of all elements. Carbon lifeform, that rearranges her molecules at will" — @leotajane
  • Adams apple and the feet of clay
    "the source of light plays a huge part in this piece for me, we have neon signs halo around the apple girl the chaos seems only fitting for her predicament the color of chalkish yellow light resonating off her face into the cement around her" — @leotajane
  • Rembrandt's Beret
    "annaboo assimilates art and takes pieces she needs to make new creations, this talent is not one easily mastered, it takes an eye, balance, humor and composition which she graceful brings to the palette each day. Love this as it spans 2 universes of art." — @leotajane
  • First Kiss
    "I never quit took Andy Warhol's "pop" art trite, this1 takes a image, political, pop cultural & very controversial (2 some, 2 other it's f#%king great art) puts a lovely pale pink, geo blocks & flowers knife in back saying nothing & all at the same time." — @leotajane
  • The Rise & Fall
    "A crumbing universe, all chaos runs ramped in the hidden occupant living in her home like a prison. The cream colored paint slapped on with a broad brush creates the most unique of backgrounds. Putting it juxtaposed to the blues & patterns. Arrows purpose" — @leotajane
  • Her name was a shape
    "Most of us know how I feel bout bubbles, & not only did she bubble but she also winged them so instead of floating in this universe they can go places.Title just gives u an infinite more like quantum feel, the possibilities!!! Rich stuff here" — @leotajane
  • Looking Elsewhere
    "like Jasper John only better, the vintage feel with a modern vibe, it's just so unique." — @leotajane
  • No Access
    "oh my what a creation. It's a statement to me, on society and it's general need for all of us to look the same, be the same, live the same, have no individuality, and sooner or later become a drone. No Access meaning, I am you, you are me no need 2 talk." — @leotajane
  • Colorful Decay
    "A Collage that comes along with so much detail and similarity yet so many images, colors, and textures crowned by their gold frame circles. the writing melded the piece together like frosting on a cake. Yummy" — @leotajane
  • Donne-moi la main/Give me your hand
    "This is 1 of the best pieces I have seen. Textured woven linen over the subjects walking along a dripping red sun that matches her dress, colors of their environment against the red so engaging. It looks real, like you could reach out & feel it. Beautiful" — @leotajane
  • ChinaGreen
    "It's been awhile since I put a piece in here and this one hits high on the list. The color choices & textures of grungy cracked, weathered backgrounds are the perfect thing 4 the green lady of cracks and small flowers. so many secrets lie here never know" — @leotajane
  • Speechless
    "Speechless, sightless, what does this creature do? The colors are exquisite, texture and accent symbols would have me looking for hours. LOVE it!" — @leotajane
  • abstract fruit
    "Perhaps a simple shape in nature, a mountain, a ice cream cone with all kinds of toppings flavors, patterns textures, the colors are so muted other worldly it's beyond words. I love this piece 10 fold!!!!!" — @leotajane
  • Wood Nymph
    "Like some otherworldly intelligence's combined these elements like a tree or cell, the part's are so intricate & rare, yes a human can make this, a rare one, with the subtly of wind running through their veins, just how a element of the forest would move" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #596
    "from an artist I admire greatly, adding wings, lions and the color I hold dearest. It carries the feeling I wear on my sleeve most often yet has the hope I carry in my heart" — @leotajane
  • Art Degrees
    "Triptych can come in any form, this 1 takes the path least traveled, top to bottom, a linear line, each view has it's own merits of interest, a close up, life on macro scale,village life simple yet more, then city life the final frontier of our existences" — @leotajane
  • Sticking together
    "all pieces of tape, in a random form yet so beautiful and unique. I would hang it in my office bedroom or studio" — @leotajane
  • Stacked again!
    "just the happiness, humor of the piece along with the balance of composition, the colors, the owls and clouds a "it makes me happy & smile" piece which we all need!!!" — @leotajane
  • Bird
    "This set carries with it so many attributes 1 cannot name them all. The muted sublime coloring, textures, light source, perfect composition & intention behind our lucid fairy & her ball of tube colors here they bare the mark master painter." — @leotajane
  • Be the light in a black and white world..
    "Black & White drawing meshed with a flesh blood pumping body in plaid & hemmed so Vivienne Westwood would be proud, and all of the details, this is a Top Art/Fashion set Hybrid, it's deliciously grounding & airy. Has all the elements we need for life!" — @leotajane
    "Take a look at how she created this, there are 26 extra pieces integrated throughout and the piece is blended digitally to perfection. All color blend into each other the transitions and additions just add to the beauty of the subject. Stunning" — @leotajane
  • OUT OF REACH......
    "This came upon the screen & it felt like a lucid dream, mist, clouds and forms immersed in an ocean of shadows. I felt if I looked away the piece would have blown away in the wind. It is so beautiful maybe b/c fragility or idea it might not last. LOvely" — @leotajane
  • The bookmark
    "I love books, hence I love this set, vintage, aged, worn and loved through and through. A life living inside of a book with stories, memories, keepsakes, historical proof of your craft." — @leotajane
  • Untitled 805
    "Presented with a face or that which we recognize facial. the eye is faded. age or destruction. Life goes on, through the grind & oil it's toxic effects can have on some1 & it's a kid. Youth we want it the get and we wish we were young again, Time" — @leotajane
  • Untitled #543
    "The color palette of pale soft pink, with the subject of children dancing as the plane flies over bombing. A camera man documenting it, then we see the sleeping giant as a godly hand reaches for her, to wake her? To resume her duty to help this people?" — @leotajane
  • Nature
    "magnetic forces pulling all these pieces together radiates sublime chaos in perfect symmetry patterns occur in "Nature" like the human body's ability to heal this piece looks like it came together symbolically beautiful" — @leotajane
  • More Than Implications
    "How can 2 completely different ideas exist upon one story, with color, line and symmetry. The beauty of the Reuben drawing in dark red against the light hearted aqua lines & floral assemblage mingles the 2 thoughts as if they travel the same vein. Beauty" — @leotajane
  • Keep Going
    "a young girl with her wolf, her mind locked in a cage, the subtle almost transparency of her being creates wonder as the driver comes by, is she a ghost of the road, you r to keep going" — @leotajane
  • Busted
    "I look at this piece and want it, a classic vintage photo, "bad girl" poor Sharon in MN the profile pix, the yellow textured paint, with black chaos all around clues this together so perfectly. VERY COOL UBER COOL AWARD" — @leotajane
  • Under & Over
    "Trapdoors of facial features, parsed together in a timekeepers fashion, as they sew parts to each other, creating a moment in time spread over a century of people." — @leotajane
  • Crush
    "The faded stages of life, collated, represented, talked about. How we manage our affairs can seem pointless at times, so a good mark, or artistic force 2 lend a hand interpreting thought & feeling grants 1 view of anothers mind. This piece does it 2 a T." — @leotajane
  • Me
    "it's just something I think everyone should have almost like a manual, it's the closest think so cool!!!" — @leotajane
  • 13 938. MORE (DIS)LOCATION.
    "a collection of a home growing organically ( you would think) upward. The angles the Tudor look in a pheasant feel. This looks like a medieval village apartment building" — @leotajane
  • Bold colour
    "Framing would b a family picture yet the artist took intense vibrant colored doors & made them the focus of this montage. The matting is unexpected pinks & sets the colors off just right it's 1 of those pictures you'd like hanging to brighten the room" — @leotajane
  • They like me Colorful
    "tell me how those stitches appeared. so creative with her resources & compositional perfect. A very excellent set to add to coolest things" — @leotajane
  • encaustic r & g
    "best collage I have seen here. The colors are in thirds, It's a mathematical equation theoretical physicists have try to solve & here in color, composition & texture it give the answer. The subconscious knows that's it." — @leotajane
  • who am I - and if so - how many?
    "Magritte meet Dali meet eltiwer. This work is lucidity & surreal.Brings emotions to the surface asking me questions of my own self & how many guises, fronts I have, the balance of it, a reminder don't take life so seriously all the time. Brilliant" — @leotajane
  • Dripping with sin
    "To be continued the most frustrating and sometimes reassuring words heard. Yes it will go on, yet it is usually at a pivotal place in life. No fair. This piece speaks on many levels dark, light, that's the best art" — @leotajane
  • Vertie Victoria
    "It won Top Art set & I was trying to make a fashion set with a painter's hand. I don't usually toot my own horn but I did like the way this turned out. I am cringing at my own love." — @leotajane
  • Unturned
    "This blows my mind, fractals, crystals in gold, chaos theory in another dimension where color rules the universe, It is what is out in our universe waiting to be discovered" — @leotajane
  • A rare species
    "in this little world a rare species is presented in a wondrous fashion. The colors the clouds behind. It is breath-taking" — @leotajane
  • Sketches of Memories
    "just the bomb, in a fashion vintage elegant era, in the time before when women took extra care in their everyday appearance, not that this is the everyday, this is the White House dinner look. Sublime" — @leotajane
  • going back to the start
    "the textures & look make this piece feel like it's been through wars, fights, it has history all over it, and it's wear & tear makes it beautiful & coveted" — @leotajane
  • Respect your time
    "small powerful & full of meaning" — @leotajane
  • Rawrrrrrr
    "This is todays coolest thing, I love the title of the book, the book cover it made me laugh out loud (rarely happens) and love the spelunkers whom don't know they might be in danger" — @leotajane
  • Mary Prefers to Prepare for the Apocalypse Now
    "Just the idea, the technique, the antiquated vibe in which the piece thrives upon, I could see it as a book or a large canvas on my wall. Very Pop-Art Mod" — @leotajane
  • Living in a Doll House
    "Should it go into"only1canMake It" or things & cool won, it's breaking barriers in our culture that will make a difference in a NewArtForm. Call It Internet ModernArtReTroRelevantMovementEra or ComputerArt 1.0 All Polliye1.0 workmatters" — @leotajane
  • Drawing Down
    "I cannot say enough about this piece, it's like God is making the universe or Martha Stewart is assembling a spell, something heavy is going down in a simple way Contrast away!!" — @leotajane
  • cross-eyed headache
    "The color, the movement, the continuity, like Escher & the unending stairs, this piece keeps your eye moving like metronome LOVE IT" — @leotajane
  • Throw your dreams into space like a kite, and you do not know what it will bring back, a new life, a new friend, a new love, a new country. Anais Nin
    "everything all meshed together as if it was made organically bound by atoms, pressed into a pattern with natural grace" — @leotajane
  • believe that tomorrow is another day
    "Today's 6-23-13 coolest thing I have seen" — @leotajane
  • Kelly Wearstler Sonya Ring
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "#2 little home living on your finger." — @leotajane
    An organic, hand cut Rutilated Quartz adorns this 18k gold plated brass cocktail ring. The perfect raw and refined accessory for day or night. Rutilated Quartz, 18k gold plated brass.
  • PROSPECTIVE FLOW Silver dome ring
    SOLD OUT: More info
    "Perspective Flow Dome Ring" — @leotajane
    Dome ring in silver from Prospective Flow. This sterling silver ring features a dome shape, and circular cutaway detail.


Wrote one year ago
Oh with each their own commentary! Thank you , I 'm honoured xo

Wrote two years ago
Really beautiful sets here!

Wrote two years ago
So many awesome sets in this collection! I'm flattered to be included x

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding me! such a beautiful and interesting collection

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set to your wonderful collection!!! You are very kind ♥ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Wrote two years ago
An extraordinary collection heightened by your singularly perceptive commentary! Inspiring to read through : )

Wrote two years ago
@urbancandy you have the gift of words as well, it's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. I love your piece, I love the woods, nature and the mystical notion of what Mother Nature let's us see. Thank you for you kind reply. As always I look forward to more of your provoking & alluring work. It's a random miracle in our world to find such friends. Jane

Wrote two years ago
@leotajane.. Your commentary of each set is so perfect I find myself moved beyond words! Truly you have woven a spell around my heart and to be included in this collection is a sincere pleasure!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you again and I'm glad to like it !!!

Wrote two years ago
What a wonderful collection! I'm honored that you've included my set-- thanks, too, for the lovely descriptions!

Wrote two years ago
Amazing collection. Thank you for adding my set and your sweet comment!!

Wrote two years ago
Thank you so much for your wonderfull comment and adding my set in this fantastic collection ! :)

Wrote three years ago
I thank you so much... : )

Wrote three years ago
Thanks for adding my set. Lovely cillection

Wrote three years ago
wow. thanks for including me in this awesome collection. There are tons of great pieces out there. Thanks again!

Wrote three years ago
Thank you very much for what you said about my set and for adding it to your lovely collection!

Wrote three years ago
Oh, thank you for adding my set! This is a great collection!

Wrote three years ago
Thanks! =))

Wrote three years ago
How humbling to be in your lovely collection, many thanks !

Wrote three years ago
wow...I'm honored, and I love your commentary on each of the sets.

Wrote three years ago
Thank you so much for including me. To hear how someone else sees this piece is a real thrill!! :D

Wrote three years ago
thanks for the compliment and adding my set :D


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