- copper stach
- twenty
- likes: gold, silver, diamonds, lots of boys, leather, haute hippie, louboutins, nail polish, shopping, lace, lingerie, tea, her sisters, the adele brothers
- dislikes: desperate guys, being unsure of herself, insecurities, disloyalty, dishonesty, wearing her heart on her sleeve, trying too hard
- though she was named copper, she took a liking more to gold, silver and diamonds. yes, she can be a bit high maintenance but as the oldest stach sister, she knows how to go without. everything but a boyfriend that is. she always has to have a man on her arm, always, always, always.
- song: limit to your love by james blake
- rosie tupper
- taken by:

top three choices:
copper stach
elana pierce
cecilee meester


“William or Noah, however will you choose?” My 18 year old sister Violet teases while reading my messages with both Adele brothers on my BlackBerry. “You know, it’s quite the scandal to be leading on two brothers at the same time in this town,” she smirks and hands my phone back to me, “but I’m not going to pretend like I’m not completely jealous of you.” I look at her and roll my eyes. “It’s not like that, Vi. Well, maybe with Will, but Noah’s been after me and every other girl in Kitty since he hit puberty. Besides, the beard he’s got going on right now is too much for me.”

“But you’re going out with Will tonight, aren’t you? At least, that’s what I got from your bbm conversation with him. Good thing because he’s been totally in love with you since freshman year of high school and I don’t think he could have been any more of a sad sap with you not here throughout the school year.” She pulls a joint out of her bag, proceeding to light it up.

“I am going out with him tonight,” I say, stepping into our conjoined walk in closet looking for something to wear more than my current “outfit” of a bralette, panties and Louboutins. I voraciously look at dress after dress, deciding if each garment is appropriate for my date with Will happening any second. It was our first time seeing each other since I got home from school at Columbia. We left on pretty good terms during winter break, including a steamy hook-up in his truck, but who knows with those Adele boys? They’re amongst the most sought after boys in town. Did he still feel the same way I felt about him? Was he seeing other girls because for the first time in my life, I wasn’t sure if I wanted the usual gaggle of guys I’ve had fall at my feet ever since sixth grade. Was William Adele going to be the guy to finally have Copper Stach give up her maneating ways? I was getting far too ahead of myself. Escaping from my inner thoughts, I finally settle on a Haute Hippie dress, throwing it on and asking Violet for her approval: “Do you think this dress is too much, V? Too high maintenance for a Kitty Hawk date?” 

“You look gorge, Copp, as always… and who are you kidding? You /define/ high maintenance, but what do I know, Will’s just going to end up taking it off anyway. If only I had your luck with boys…” Just as I’m about to tell my sister how she could have any guy she wanted with her carefree attitude, kickass style, and gorgeous looks, the doorbell rings. Violet gives me a reassuring smile and a thumbs up as she takes another hit from her joint. I grab a clutch, some jewelry and head for the door. Except it’s not the Adele brother with the kind smile, unreal body, and Ford truck waiting for me on the other side… it’s Noah.
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