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●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Open to all!
▸Simple, Clean Organized sets only
▸No templates or backgrounds
▸1 contests every week at least
▸Most important: creativity ♥
Sorry this not a group for sponsored contests! :)
Enjoy! xx
Please join the sister groups to Carpe Diem, for your simple/ outfit only/ minimalist sets/ organized sets!
Simple But Never Plain:
Any type sets:
Please do not submit sets with profanity, nudity, or are of a hateful or hurtful nature, and no retail marketing sets please! They will be rejected! Sponsored sets are okay if they look stylish and attractive! Thanks!

I try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, I'm the wrong one! I believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx

Mod: @mcheffer

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Beautiful People of Color!

Fashion is Everything Group:

I Don't Do Fashion I Am Fashion:

Simple but Never Plain:

My Style:

Beauty Inside, Gorgeous Outside:

●☯ Carpe Diem ☯●

Cosmic Free Spirits:

Fashion My Way:


Every Girl's Dream:

Fashion Diva:

Home is Where the Heart is:

Dream Sets:
The Best Polyvorians:
Make Fashion Easier:


Hooked On Style:
Polyvore at it's BEST:

Gowns Galore:

Fashion World ( Outfits Only )

Fashion World ( Outfits Only )

Everyone is welcome here. Contests will be every week. Sets will be Outfits Only. No magazines layout or model photos. Backgrounds are okay.

OIC! Outfit Is Chic! (Organized/Outfit only)

OIC! Outfit Is Chic! (Organized/Outfit only)

This group is for Organized & Outfit Only sets. Everybody is welcome! Created (02 Jul 2015)
***I reserve the right to reject or remove your sets if contest/ group guidelines are not followed.
No nudity, profanities & anything against community guidelines.
Please read & follow community guidelines:
** Keep It Clean. No indecent or provocative sets please.
**Please avoid submitting sponsored sets or promoting companies if it does not meet any contest rules. TY! ** A member will be removed from the group if these guidelines are not followed, sorry.
Tutorials & Etiquette:
We Support the campaign “Be Original”.
Do Not copy sets or steal ideas off other members.
Please try to avoid using the same items (2 or more) / very similar design or lay-out in your sets of other members. Try to check other member's entries and take inspiration and make your own creative, unique and original set.

If you think you or your sets are FAB :) pls join:
FAB! (Fashion Art Beauty):
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If you are stylish, please join:
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AHA! Amazing Home Art
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Co-mod @ Pixie Dust Glamour (Beauty Group):
Co-mod @ Beautiful Designs: (All types of sets)

Uniquely Yours

Uniquely Yours

This is an 'OUTFIT ONLY'group. That means only clothing and basic accessories (purse, shoes, gloves, belts, jewelry, sunglasses, umbrellas and hats) are allowed...unless otherwise specified for a contest. Signatures and shadows are okay. No templates allowed. Sets must be mature and well organized. Members/sets that do not comply with the rules will be removed. I will try to have weekly contests...if you have a contest idea plz pm me.

Rock The Look

Rock The Look

This is a group for OUTFITS ONLY!!!! No backgrounds, props, magazine texts etc. Jewelry Accessories & Signatures are Welcomed!!! Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! There will be a new contest EVERY 3 DAYS!!
This is a place to let your creativity run free... just remember.. OUTFITS ONLY!! however some contests may specify "to add something else".
We try very hard to ensure everyone has an opportunity to win!! If you are looking for a mod that plays favorites, We are the wrong ones! We believe everyone deserves the chance to shine! So shine on my dear ones, shine on!! xx
Please Join My Other Groups Click on the link below:

GROUP LOGO BY: @luckied99
Group guidelines are as follows:
1. Have Fun
2. Be creative and original
3. Do not submit sets containing nudity, violence, profanity or hateful speech of any kind.
4. Do not submit Full SETS. These sets can be submitted in our Full Set only group.
5.Please don't submit sets for marketing purposes only! Sets not meeting the outlined criteria will be rejected.
Support the campaign "BE ORIGINAL" do not copy sets or ideas of other members!




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