We've all fallen short

Name; Hazel Ophelia Ashworth
+ Nickname(s); Haze
+ Age;18
+ Faceclaim; Nina Dobrev

+ DOB;01/25
+ POB; Quebec, Canada
+ Hometown;; Maui, Hawaii

+ Ability;; Hazel harnesses earth's natural magic to access her powers. She tends to stick to light magic but she does dabble in dark magic every so often.
+ Personality; Hazel is a tough girl who has a hard time dealing with emotions. She's sarcastic and doesn't know when not to say what. She's honest and trustworthy and she usually means well. She's slightly introverted, many times preferring meditation and studying to going out. She also has a very short temper.

+fallen Angel
+bio: Will add later

+ Likes; Reading, gardening, dancing, nature, yoga, meditation, spiritual cleansing
+ Dislikes;; smoking, pollution, loud noises, large crowds

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