♥Coraline Casio♥

Full Name: Coraline Roxanne Casio
Nickname: Corrie
Age: 18
Nationality: Brazilian

Hometown: Houston Texas
Family: ( Adopted)
Mother: Daphne Casio
Father: Arthur Casio
Sibling: Sebastian Casio

Appearance: Nina Dobrev (Below)
Personality: Coraline is sassy but classy. She is a perfectionist. She has a short temper and can be quite cruel if pushed too far. She is brutally honest and blunt but she is also one of the most loyal people you will ever meet. She is compassionate but not gullible. She's intellegent and confident but a bit narcissistic at times. She's outgoing and loves to try new things and she is very nice...until you piss her off that is.

Short Biography: Coraline was adopted from a poverty stricken Brazilian family when she was three years old. She is now the adopted daughter of the wealthiest Oil tycoon in North America. She has been Jr. Miss Texas for two consecutive years and she is the current Jr. National Kickboxing Champion. She also enjoys Ballet from time to time. When she was fifteen, she began her own non profit charity that be idiots underprivileged kids in Brazil. Coraline intends become a Social Justice Lawyer when she is older.
Notable traits:
Jr. Miss Texas (2years)
Jr. National a Kickboxing champion
Will you be active? Of course:)
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