I finished my story; It is still a bit rough but I like it. I am sorry it took me so long to finish it. I have been swamped with college and I have been working on my first novel in my freetime. But I wanted to dedicate this story to Steph(maea) . We all appreciate the work and effort you are putting into being our co-mod for the Crew. 


As the skies darkened and the tide thrashed wildly, I wondered if the sea God, Poseidon, I believe that is what the Greeks call him, sought to teach us a lesson about balance. No sooner than our beloved Captain Swann blessed us with a long awaited course toward Greece. The usual promise of treasures and the fate rumor of a mysterious necklace worth considerably more, did a world-wind of hateful clouds and punishing waves ascend upon the Savage Maiden. It took all hands on deck, even the meek efforts of the appointed doctor to raise the sails, flank the mast, and avoid the rocky shores of the Greek Isles. Our good luck only lasted so long. Numerous strikes against the starboard side led to the capsizing of the ship. It seems that Poseidon accomplished his goal, dispersing his ferocious storm shortly thereafter. 

“Are you okay, Cordelia,” the sound of Salma’s voice at first sounded completely incoherent, “Cordelia Barath? Are you with us?” My vision slowly came into focus to find Salma crouched over me with her hand extended. Her eyes worried. As I came out of my daze, she stiffed and reflected that poised expression I had become accustomed to seeing. She helped me to my feet and immediately went back to work. Although the deck was at an odd angle, it took me a moment or two to realize it was from the physical state of the ship and not a condition from the small knot on my forehead. Crew members were chaotically planted across the deck. I used the mast and several ropes to navigate to the injured. Most of which, had similar injuries as myself, bumps and bruises from being hit by flying debris. 

From the corner of my eye, I saw Captain Swann assessing the damages starting with the crew, her most valuable assets. “Cecile, Ira, Anne?” She examined the deck intently for a weakly raised arm or a murmur of life. I heard a few breathless replies from Cecile and Ira. Nothing from Anne, then I noticed she was passed out at my feet. “She’s here!” I confirmed. “She’ll be fine.” All but two of the crew had been accounted for, they were supposedly lost to the sea, and Jack (Captain Swann’s monkey) was missing as well. Ironically, I saw more distress in her eyes over Jack than the other nameless crew members. 

I was no better. I had not bothered to learn the names of the missing crew members and now I feared in death they would be completely forgotten. This was not the way of my people. In my village, we were taught to guard and protect each other. And in our death rituals it was vital to honor them by name in pray. I realized how much Pirate life had changed me. Was my fate to be forgotten as they were, born and buried in the sea? Well…not today! 

My interested turned back to loss but that of our goods and supplies. I darted down to my station. With breath held and the image of all my priceless equipment lost to the sea. Nothing I owned was replaceable! As the Savage Maiden lay on her side like a beached whale, navigating through the narrow corridors became considerably more difficult. The ceiling and flooring allowed for an angular path. I braced my hand and boot against the railing and made my way down the triangle tunnels. This distorted excavation was not a new experience. Many abandoned ships were found in similarly positions. But like any other pirate ship, it only mattered what treasures were awaiting us. 

I took the ladder down to the next floor. But the ladder only extended halfway and a burst of light beamed in through a gapping hole on the starboard side. I jumped down to a clearing of wood and debris. My hands traced the craterous space and fringed edges of the broken wooden planks. In the distance, a wondrous city built on top of an elevated rock face extending seemingly to the Gods. I turned to find the decks below me were flooded, a watery lagoon covering the surface of the lower ladder. 

I wedged my boot against the edge of the craterous space and skimmed the waters below me. Amidst the rocks, I spied quickly sinking barrels of potatoes, crates of apples, and floating bundles of bananas. There was something else but I could not quite make it out. Small, brown fur, It was…Jack! He was clinging to a bundle of bananas like a tiny ship. I bite my bottom lip, going over my options. I decided to ignore my instincts. Captain Swann, you owe me big! I took a deep breath and dove into the chilly waters. 

The impact was much harder than I imagined but nevertheless I was pleased. I could have just as easily hit the rocks. Jack leaped onto my back and I called to the crew, grabbing as much of the supplies as I could with my free hands. My screams were met with ropes. Jack, the true pirate that he is, abandoned me for the ropes the second they were available to him. I tied the ropes to the goods first, since I was in such a generous mood. Watching them slowly ascend upward, I turned my attentions back to the beautiful city shining through the horizon. 

So beautiful, I wondered if this was a coincidence, us crashing so far, yet so close to the city? Maybe Poseidon was not trying to punish us but warning us. This stunning city and the elusive Necklace of Harmonia seem to be treasures not meant to be discovered by mortal men and women.
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