Cordelia Donal

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  • Amanda Seyfried
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    "Cordelia Rose Donal
    19 years old
    An angelic siren" — @kendaloupe
  • Reese Witherspoon: 'I Was Hard on Myself When I Got Divorced' | Gallery | Wonderwall
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    "Emily Donal
    Single mother of Cordelia and Jazz singer and music teacher" — @kendaloupe
  • 55 Hottest Celebrity Men To Lust After
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    God of music, light, healing, prophecy and medicine and father to Cordelia" — @kendaloupe
    Hottest Celebrity Men are gorgeous, successful, charismatic, and most of all - sexy.  And you gotta love Hollywood for its abundant eye candy! Seriously, what would we do without these sexy celebrity men who are as much a part of ...
  • Tao Nightclub Las Vegas Night Club Tao
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    "It started here at a nightclub. Emily was singing when he walked in" — @kendaloupe
  • bed | Tumblr
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    "After a lot of drinks and a one night stand, Apollo left but a few weeks later Emily discovered she was pregnant" — @kendaloupe
  • The Mother-Daughter Bond | Psychology Today
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    "Emily loved her little daughter with all her heart and vowed to always take care of her" — @kendaloupe
  • imgfave | search for dancing
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    "Though she moved on, she could never really get over Apollo" — @kendaloupe
  • holding hands | Tumblr
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    "But when Cordelia was 5 she got remarried to a kind and caring doctor who became a father to Cordelia" — @kendaloupe
  • Los Angeles 2011 Wall Calendar | CALENDARS.COM
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    "She grew up by the beach outside of L.A." — @kendaloupe
  • An image of Jackie Evancho
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    "From a young age Cordelia displayed amazing talent in music and was an angelic little girl" — @kendaloupe
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  • We're exactly where we're supposed to be.
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    "She could play piano by the time she was 5" — @kendaloupe
  • The Wasted Youth (credit to photographer)
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    "and guitar not too long after but when she sang it was magical" — @kendaloupe
  • Tumblr
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    "Cordelia is one of the kindest, most compassionate, sweetest and gentlest girls you'll ever meet" — @kendaloupe
  • best friends | Tumblr
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    "She will be one of the greatest friends you'll ever have. A shoulder to cry on, the one to make you smile and will always be there for you" — @kendaloupe
  • Reality Escapes Her...#
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    "Though she was happy, Cordelia always felt that there was a part of her missing, a puzzle piece she couldn't put into place. She knew that her mother wasn't telling her something and at 15 demanded to know the truth" — @kendaloupe
  • Photos of Camp Half-Blood - profile photo
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    "And her mother did tell her the truth and brought her daughter to Camp Half-Blood" — @kendaloupe
  • Last additions - 011 - Amanda Seyfried Fan
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    "Being a Daughter of Apollo, she quickly became a master archer with a deadly aim" — @kendaloupe
  • I want to make you cry.
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    "She also discovered the amazing power her hands had. The power to heal with just a touch and a few words of ancient Greek. Later, as a gift from her father they were able to create light" — @kendaloupe
    Alicia // when she dies she'll go to heaven because she already spent her time in hell
  • John William Waterhouse: The Siren - 1900 « Paintings
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    "And lastly the power she's not too proud of. Cordelia is a siren. Just by singing the right song she can make you do anything she wants" — @kendaloupe
  • Amanda Seyfried Daily Photo Gallery - 2009: Session 001/012
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    "Throughout her time at Mount Olympus a lot of things happened. A lot of drama, turmoil and heartbreak that caused the sunny girl to grow up a little bit from the innocent girl she had been when she arrived at Camp Half-Blood to a strong and confident woman" — @kendaloupe
  • Teen Idols 4 You : Pictures of Kellan Lutz in General Pictures - pg
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    "Cordelia and her father have a pretty good relationship. They hit a rough patch when he broke her best friends heart but they made up. There are rumors that she's his favorite daughter." — @kendaloupe
  • lucy hale | Tumblr
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    "Tori Newsby, Daughter of Persephone. Simply put, Cordelia's best friend in the entire world. The two have been through thick and thin, always sticking by each others side. Cordelia even went down to the Underworld to save Tori and put on a happy face when she was dating her father because she knew it made her best friend happy. Though most people don't see past Tori's wall and see her as a bi.tch, Cordelia is one of the only people who can see the real her" — @kendaloupe
  • karen gillian | Tumblr
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    "Lucilla Lockets, Daughter of Hera. Another one of Cordelia's closest friends. They're probably two of the most bubbly girls on Mount Olympus. And Cordelia is always there for Lucilla when she needs a little compassion" — @kendaloupe
  • Victoria's Secret Angels
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    "Evolet O'Connor, Daughter of Hephetus. Though the girl who's dating the boy Tori likes, Evolet and Cordelia are still super close friends. She's also the half-sister of her boyfriend" — @kendaloupe
    Model Directory Adriana Lima ; Alessandra Ambrosio ; Anne Vyalitsyna ; Behati Prinsloo ; Candice...
  • Burberry's Body: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley unveils Brit label's new fragrance | Mail Online
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    "Hermione Napoltina. Though arch rival of Tori, Cordelia and Hermione have remained friends, though not as close as some. But Hermione did defend her when a girl who liked Cordelia's boyfriend called her a lesbian" — @kendaloupe
  • Emporio Armani Ad Campaign Fall/Winter 2010 Shot #2 - MyFDB
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    "Corey Jakeson, Son of Zeus. A boy who was there for her when Tori died and though he probably doesn't realize it Cordelia does care deeply for him a as friend" — @kendaloupe
  • shiloh fernandez | Tumblr
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    "Devon Jennings, Son of Hephetus. Basically he's her "one and only." Together they make one of the most lovey dovey couples on Mount Olympus and are completely and totally in love with each other. She's the sunlight to his darkness. She brings light into his world and he's her rock amongst all the chaos" — @kendaloupe
  • Amanda Seyfried fotka
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    "That's Cordelia
    A beautiful, compassionate girl who brings light into the world" — @kendaloupe

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