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Name: Cordie Castleberry 
Age: 17
 Model: Lucy Hale
 Region: Kwulai
 Likes: making friends, her family, sweets, all kinds of music, singing in her spare time, loyalty, freedom, photography
 Dislikes: liars, dishonesty, rejection, darkness, nightmares, the selection, the color black
 Bio: Cordie is the nicest girl you'll ever meet. Her sweet demeanor has made her Kwulai's sweetheart. No one really has a reason to hate on Cordie, except that her personality may seem sickening sweet at times, but maybe that's what the country of Paradis needs in times like these: someone honest who will bring good PR to the monarchy. It also doesn't hurt that Cordie's parents are respected artists. She doesn't care much for the competition, but she believes that behind all that facade, the prince is a vulnerable being. If there's something Cordie likes, is to find the positive side of people. Maybe she's wrong and some day she will have to wake up to the cruel truth, but for now, Cordie wishes that everything remains with hope and bliss. Family: Randolph Castleberry, 41. Cordie’s father is a well-known artist from Kwulai. He takes very good care of his family and wants the absolute best for them. Maura Castleberry, 39. Cordie’s mother is the sweetest woman you will ever meet. She gives to the poor and does not care what region you are from. This is where Cordie received her good nature from. She is also a well-known painter. She has also had heartache in her life having three miscarriages leaving Cordie as an only child. Taken By: @followyourbliss
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