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for role play, everything is fictional.
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The cornucopia is dead center in the middle of twenty-four podiums that curve around it. The podiums are around 5O feet away from the Cornucopia.
These are the items that are located at the Cornucopia. Each is a different length from the Cornucopia.
* = At or three to five feet a way from the Cornucopia. It is a very good supply, but very hard to get. The backpacks labeled with this contain a flashlight, a pocketknife, three energy bars, a raincoat, a rainhat, a large water bottle ( filled ), water purifiers, socks, underwear, a pillow, and rope. The water bottles purify water itself with *
** = Near the Cornucopia and is still dangerous to get. These supplies aren't as good, but good enough. The backpacks contain two energy bars, a pack of beef jerky, a medium water bottle ( half filled ), socks, underwear, water purifiers, and rope. The water bottles are not filtered, but are large.
*** = Distant from the Cornucopia and very easy to retrieve. These things are good, but are enough to sustain. The backpacks contain an energy bar, socks, rope, a small pocketknife, a small water bottle ( unfilled ) and water purifiers.
There are a few food packages and drinks that are scattered near and far from the Cornucopia. Some come in packs, and some in singles.
There are some coats and hats that sprinkle around the Cornucopia, and if you're lucky you can find one.
Sleeping bags and tents are near to the Cornucopia , and are a bit hard to retrieve.

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