The music was blaring from the speakers. It was making the windows shake and the chandelier sway. I could already see Jamie dancing with Mark, the cute guy from Harvard, and Kelly was dancing with Alex a guy from her Advanced Calc class. I sighed. Once again I was at another party with no one to talk to. 
 To be honest, Halloween freaked me out. I didn't like the fact that people wore masks and I couldn't see the face behind them. But this year was a little different, I had found this AMAZING dress perfect for my Corpse Bride costume and I felt great for once, aside from the lonliness. 
 I walked to the food room, carefully manuvering around people hoping no one would step on my dress. I growled when a werewolf ran into me, throwing me off balance. I began to fall, hoping that this tulle would pad my oversized butt, when arms embraced me saving me from a horrifying death... okay.... overdramatic. I let out a squeal and looked up to see Victor, well not a guy name Victor but the charater Victor, my Halloween Character's love intrest. 
 "Whoa there, bit tipsy? There's not even beer here." He laughed.
 "Um, no... sorry, the hairy mutt ran me over." I joked back. He smiled and we began to talk. A soft slow song came on and he asked me to dance.
 "I'm Lewis by the way." 
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