name/age; Stella Montgomery- 28
occupation; PR Director at D Magazine- Dallas' guide to city life.
{12 Weeks Preggers}
scenario; {see collection} Stella is the kind of woman who has had her life planned out since 10 years old. Stella got married to Liam at 26 (according to plan) and has been trying since. She's now a year behind and a little concerned that her whole life will be thrown off by this change of plans. 
likes; order, plans, chunky jewelry, Egyptian cotton, house hunting, interior decorating, wedding planning, steak houses.
dislikes; disorder and confusion, things not going according to plan, drive thrus, germs, motels
bio; Thus far, Stella has spent most of her life planning. She has her days, months and years outlined out to the T. She grew up in DC with a pretty luxe life, thanks to her political mogul of a mother. Stella remembers being left at school and having hectic weekends because of her parents refusal to ever plan things out. That explains her need to have everything structured. She went to UT Austin and met her husband Liam freshman year, just like she said she would. Liam accepts her crazy 99% of the time and is really supportive of starting their life together. Sometimes he can't believe her high standards and need to always have the best, but at the same time he loves her for it.
collection/storyboard; Coming
model; Josefina Cisternas
taken by; @lacrossefashionista
>describe your family; So far, Liam and I are pretty perfect. I make dinner Monday through Thursday. Friday is date night, Saturday is party night and on Sundays we eat at his parent's. Liam is an advertising specialist for the Dallas Cowboys, so we get to go to games on Sundays, which is always fun. We are just so excited to add a bundle of joy to our mix.
>how do you feel about being pregnant? Excited! I've been planning this forever. Hopefully, I will have a little girl, and then a year later a son. Lucy and Liam Jr. 
>why should you be chosen for What To Expect...?
 Because I would bring order!
-short story {at least three paragraphs} describing the moment you found out you were pregnant
If I wasn't pregnant, I would die. 

Everything was going downhill. I was supposed to be pregnant at 27. I was almost 30, for Christ's sake! We were falling behind; it wasn't Liam's fault. He did his job. It was getting to the point of where sex wasn't really fun, because we were so anxious to get pregnant. Actually, that was probably just on my side. 

"Of course you're pregnant," Steph said. Steph was Liam's younger sister and my best friend. "It has to be this time." 

I was pacing the bedroom while she sat on the bed. Liam was at work; I had taken a half day.

"Okay, it's time," Steph said, heading towards the bathroom. "Are you going to come?" I bit my lip. She dragged me in with her. "Now look." One line.. two lines.

Two pink lines. I showed Steph. 

"We're gonna have a baby! We're gonna have a baby!" She sang. She put her ear to my belly. "Hello baby Lucy. This is your aunt! I'm going to go buy some clothes for you!" I laughed.

"We need to go to the Home Depot to pick out paint swatches."

"Slow down, Stell. We have to find out if it's a boy or a girl first." But Steph couldn't stop me. My mind was already running 5,000 miles an hour. We were gonna have a baby.

Baby Lucy.

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I'm Stella and I'm so excited for the show!

{Detailed relationships please!}
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