name: Delilah 'Lyla' Audrey Collins
age: 21
hometown: new york
college: boston university
major: journalism
neighborhood: allston
likes: donuts, iced coffee, traveling, reading books to kill time, watching movies, kids, singing when nobody's around, finding bargains at flea markets, writing, the scent of green tea, long conversations on the phone with her sister, wild night out with the girls, saying what's on her mind, cuddling with her cat on the couch, spicy Asian food
dislikes: smoking or smokers in general, being late, drunk men, rainy days, being idle, losing her phone, hangovers, starving, her childhood
music: oasis, radiohead, the rolling stones, coldplay, arctic monkeys, alicia keys, garbage, adele, and pretty much a few artistes/bands she discovered during her travels in other countries
food: donuts, tom yum, chicken curry, baked rice, and whatever her mom cooks. isn't fussy about food when she's hungry.
style: loud and bold, with mix of prints and colors. loves vintage finds from flea markets along with hand-me-downs designers from her mom and sister.
family: her biological parents are unknown, but was adopted by charlie collins, a famous broadway playwright who is also a single mother. charlie's other daughter, elena, was also adopted and is very close to Lyla. the collins are pretty well known in new york city because of charlie's active involvement in children's rights. and also because the mother-daughter trio look absolutely gorgeous.
model: karlie kloss

top 3 models: karlie kloss, rumi neely, emma watson

edit: collection is up - just left with a story
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