against all odds - phil collins

perfect song.♥

inspired by the one and only @sunrays56 ♥

Good news of the week ; 
- my first day of school was surprisingly good. 
- i got a top set on Monday♥
- i bought a new coffee mug♥

Bad news of the week ;
- my lips are all cracked because of the wind & it hurts a lot. :c
I think that's all the bad news!(:

- - - -
Now onto my first day of school c:

Like I said, it was actually really good!

My old history teacher is working there so I can always go to her when I need help.

And my classmates are incredibly nice.
I sort of expected everyone to be I guess selfish & posh,
but they're not.
 They're just really nice people.
I mean so far they seem A LOT quieter ( they make a lot of noise, but nothing compared to my old group ) & nicer than my old classmates so that's gonna take some getting used to, but it's not bad. It's just different than what I'm used to.

And, as I promised my mother, I'm keeping a low profile. So far the "good girl" attitude is, though hard to pull off, really paying off.

Plus, my male classmates ( and apparently every single guy in the whole freaking school ) are freaking attractive, so that's a real bonus!

I think that's about it! If I remember anything else I'll let you know(:

Oh & I hope you have a fantastic weekend!(:

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@vanessa1313 ♥
@thenamesmaggie ; you're ridiculously talented & super sweet & I just love you, okay? 'k.♥
@akahipster ♥
@say-something ♥
@ginaheartscupcakes ; I JUST LOVE YOU TOO MUCH. ♥
@larissa-xo ; OMG you like AW we shall fangirl together & I am insanely jealous of your sets.♥
@recendon ; Re. You beauty are my soul mate, badass shadowhunter&timelord. I freaking love you.♥
@its-me-darling ; YOU FLAWLESS HUMAN BEING.♥
@sunrays56 ; you & your sets are AMAZING. you should PM me sometime(:♥
@ashleynoel1 ♥
@gabbilurvsya ; MY THUG. I FREAKING LOVE YOU.♥
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@k-a-tie-is-crazy ♥
@lillyisabanana LILLYBOO. I LOVE YOU!♥
@chloeadorable25 I love you bubba♥
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