Starlight unraveled from its fields of black satin,
Like cosmic satire,
A delicate joke held within the astral infinity.
And the constellations
Gathered into their celestial shapes and faces
And softly kissed goodbye to their nebulae
And drifted, with the solstices,
Into battle.
To the universal tragedy,
The darkmatter spear brought on by 
The planet of those
created as the star’s children.

The afterthought of celestial images
Are mirrored in radiance,
But evolved slowly,
A gradual drain,
Into man’s own desires.
The balls of plasma, 
Bound by gravity,
Collapsing into dust upon dust.

The Gemini blinked back tears
And raised their bows.
Libra balances the blood and
The intentions, but one sinks deeper through the air.
Leo’s mane curling, feral, as arrows plunged
Forward to split the stoic face
Deaf by its own jeering
And blinded by its own silver ichor,
Mute from the red giants and white dwarves it’s swallowed.

Then silence

Earth bobbed like
The cosmic pincushion
It had become.
And the stars shimmered in disgust
And glided back
To the heavens
Where war was just a word
Another invention of man.
Another lost universe.
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