Cosplay Sets

Feeling inspired? Create an outfit
Get cosplay costume ideas and art inspiration on Polyvore! Whether your character’s source material comes from manga, anime, comic books or video games, you’ll find ideas for what to wear to Comic-Con or any other fan convention. New to costume role play? Cosplay is a fun way to express your fantasy of taking on a character’s persona, which is embraced by the cosplayer community. Some consistently popular characters that pop up at conventions include Naruto, Harley Quinn and Sailor Moon. Buzzy comic book characters are also crowd pleasers around highly anticipated movie release dates.

Sure, a lot of cosplayers feel less inhibited and wear sexy costumes when they’re in character, but there are plenty of low key dress up options too. Whether you play tough as nails Emma Swan or time lord Dr. Who, or dress as a cute anime girl with sweater, plaid skirt and tights, the main thing is to emulate a character. Be bold and add some colorful wigs to your fantasy cosplay collection! See how the Polyvore community styles their costumes and creates DIY looks.