Back To The Future is my favourite time-travelling movie trilogy ever ("wow" says imaginary hugh jackman sarcastically "because there are sooo many time-travelling movie trilogies out there." I tell him to shut up, because being sarcastic doesn't suit him. ((I am totally lying, everything suits him. Even being a starving "criminal" suits him - you see my dilemma?)) Oh and also I'm not sure if I can call him imaginary, because I saw him at the know what Idc.) And to commemorate this I have decided to give you fellow movie lovers a idea of how to dress like the amazing Marty Mcfly.

Movie 1 Marty:
Basically follow the clothes in the set: Orange Gilet (oh wow I know fancy words), White Sneakers (the scruffier, the better), Jeans, jean jacket, crimson t-shirt, checkered button down, and headphones (the older and cheaper, the better. This is from the 1980s, people! I suggest using airplane headphones).

Movie 2 Marty:
White Sneakers, White Plain Baseball cap, Jeans, Checkered Button Down, crimson t-shirt, Leather jacket (black sleeves, red middle), skateboard.
-For the sneakers + baseball cap, gets some pens, or multicolored fabric to get the Marty Jr. Disguise
-See if you can decorate your skateboard (with colored paper or paint) to achieve the iconic look of the Hoverboard

Movie 3 Marty:
Garish Wild West Shirt (you could find this at a thrift shop, or just decorate a sew together a pink button down with a baby blue button down along with yellow fringe...the tackier, the better see here:, bandana, bowler hat or cowboy hat, bright red trousers, cowboy boots.
-If you wanna, you can add a brown poncho to the mix.

-Bring sunglasses for that iconic hand-on-head looking-at-watch look from the poster. 
-2015 is the year that goes to in the future - Have a party on October 21st
- Say "Back to the future" as much as possible. The films always do this (ex. "I've gotta go the future) 
- Same with "chicken" It will be even funnier if no one is threatening you at all "Chicken...nobody calls ME chicken"
- If you can get two other people to dress as the other Marty’s, you can spend the party "avoiding" each other
-Alternatively, if you don't have friends (Hey dude, I'm the one with an imaginary Hugh Jackman in my mind...don't be ashamed), you could wear all of Movie 1 Marty's outfit, Movie 2 Marty's skateboard, shoes, hat, and possibly the jacket. For Movie 3, wear the poncho. And then ppl will say "Hey weren't you wearing something else" and you can be like "huh??no" and then everyone will lol and make various time travelling puns*

*time-travelling puns not guaranteed
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