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7.1.12 | The Rose Court Apartments

 I continuously threw clothes everywhere, trying to find my other shoe. I was going to be late. I couldn’t be late.

 “F.ck, where the hell are you?” I gave a heavy sigh, and took a seat on the bed. It couldn’t have been far, I just had the damn shoes on yesterday. I sat down and thought back to last night; things were a bit fuzzy. Forget it, I thought. I kicked off my shoe and went to my closet.

 Boom! Boom! Boom! Who in the bloody h.ell could that be banging on my door? I grabbed the first pair of chucks in my reach, and walked out my now junkie bedroom, which I had to clean later, into the living room.

 I opened the door with anger, and without looking through the peephole. What a mistake that was.


 “Oh, no.”

 “Is that anyway to greet your favorite sister,” my older sister, Danielle, chastised as she walked past me, inviting herself into my home.

 “Danni, I don’t know why you are here and I don’t want to know why you are here; but whatever it is, I don’t have any money and I can’t help you.”

 She scoffed and rolled her eyes, “who said anything about money? Maybe I just wanted to visit my only sister.”

 And in true Danni fashion, she walked into the kitchen opening cabinets. Looking for any kind of alcohol, I’m sure.

 I followed her. “Danni, I have to go,” I said impatiently.

 “Then go,” she replied without looking at me and finding what she was looking for. 

“There you are. Tried to hide it from me, didn’t you,” she asked me as she looked at me over her shoulder with a small smile.

 I reached out for her hand, “No, seriously Danni, I’m already late for work.”

 And that wasn’t a lie. I was running twenty minutes late searching for my elusive shoe when my sister ba.nged on my door.

You see, wherever Danni was, trouble was sure to be lurking around the corner. It's not that I didn't love my step sister, 'cause I did. Honestly. She just had a twisted way of showing her love back to me. 

 “And where am I supposed to go, Boobie?” Gah, I hated that f.cking nickname.

 “I don’t know,” I shrugged, “hotel, a motel, back to the D, Mom’s. Any of those will work for me.”

 “You know I can’t go stay with Mom. That lady treats me like I am a f.cking teenager.”

 Here we go. “Danni-“

 “No,” she cut me off. “I’ll leave. If you don’t want me here, Bailey, I’ll go.” She walked into the living room, grabbed her things and walked towards the door.

 No, Bailey, you are going to regret this. “Fine, Danni, fine. You can stay,” I said defeated.

 “Oh, thank you, Boobie,” she said gleefully as she grabbed me into a hug.

 “But only for a week, Danni. One week,” I held up my index finger, “ONE.WEEK.”

 “Yeah, yeah, got it.” She threw her stuff back on the couch and walked back into the kitchen. I was a sucker for this scam every time. I shook my head and rolled my eyes, I had to finish getting ready. Chase was going to kill me.

 “You are forty-two minutes late, Bailey,” Chase said as I dashed into the salon. He pulled the magazine down from his faced, closed it, threw it on the table, and stood up.

 “I know, I know, but I really do have a good reason, Chase. My sis-”

 He held his hand up, cutting me off. “I will not tolerate tardiness or excuses, Bailey. Get to your station.” He clapped his hands two times, “Chop, chop!”

 I sighed and followed behind Chase.

 “And Bailey?” he stopped and turned abruptly. “Make this your last time.”

 I was going to kill Danni.
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