name; brigitte moreau
age; 23
biography; born and raised in paris, brigitte is your stereotypical french beauty. she’s calm cool and collected, as well as mysterious. she’s on point in her every day style, and has always been since the moment her parents let her dress herself. And as the daughter of a make up artist and a photographer, it’s no surprise she is. she’s been surrounded by fashion her entire life.

so it only came naturally to her when she decided to start a blog to keep track of her daily fashions. over time her blog began to gain popularity and people started asking her advice on make up and styling tips. brigitte made one video and has never looked back since. years later, and thousands of followers later, brigitte has created quite the name for herself all the while tracking her personal life through her posts.

one little part of her that she doesn’t quite go into detail about is her relationship with her now fiancé frederic. brigitte and frederic have been dating for about four years now, and about a month ago, he popped the question. and as the ‘loving and devoted girlfriend” she is, she said yes. but now that she’s committed to the marriage, she’s having second thoughts. she’s not so sure that frederic is really the one, or if she’s just settling because they’ve been together so long.

before brigitte could really consider her feelings, or even processed the fact she was engaged, she was offered an internship in america, and immediately took the opportunity.

so now brigitte is spending time alone in New York City, and questioning her entire relationship. but all the while she’s living out one of her dreams, being able to work in fashion.

occupation; owner of the lifestyle blog ‘la petite princess’ (named after her love for the french novella the little prince) who is best known for her beauty and fashion vlogs. brigitte has recently been asked to intern in new york city and help a start up fashion company as their social media intern. 

style; classic, pretty and feminine, but with an edge or a unexpected twist to the classics.

likes; fashion, make up, vlogging, music, coffee, tea, cafes in general, true love, soul mates, paris vogue, magazines in general, books, vintage shops, thrift stores, lazy sundays, old fashioned advertisements, flowers, perfume, animals (especially baby ones), city life, concerts.

dislikes; uncertainty, the feeling of being trapped, indecision, love triangles, bad hair days, being broke, chipped nail polish, broken heels, being all dressed up with no where to go, silence.
model; Marine Deleeuw

Where will you find continuous inspiration for your character?

Honestly as cheesy as it sounds, but in everything around me. From fashion bloggers I follow, to tabloids, to songs, to my every day life. I’ll usually find inspiration randomly from different sources. It’ll just hit me, usually.
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Alternative Fashion

Alternative Fashion

New Wave, Indie, Retro, Vintage, Eclectic, Odd, Unique.
And unordinary

A Little More Than You Expect

A Little More Than You Expect

-Girly Tomboys
-Sass snd Naughtiness
-The Unexpected
-Rough Around The Edges
I want to see unique sets, characters, a tough girl, sets that are all abercrombie and hollister are NOT welcome, make that shit origional PLEASE or I'll remove it
Fashion, Art, Anything is welcome as long as it follows the ideas listed above! :D

LABELS & LOVE {LL} {a collaborative group}

LABELS & LOVE {LL} {a collaborative group}

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”
― Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City
A Sex and The City meets Girls role-play of twenty somethings seeking their good friends, Love and Destiny, in The Big Apple...
People are given labels these days as if we're all just plastic dolls in tiny boxes waiting to be bought at your local toy store. Out of high school and continuing much after your higher education, the ultimate search for your "label" begins.
You will be defined by where you work and what you wear, but nothing matters more than whom you lie in bed with at night and whom you hold hands with in the morning. Oh, don't deny this. You will find that it eats at your brain when you are lonely. When you close your eyes, you swear a face dances on your eyelids.

This is how a group of young women in New York City feel about their respective lovers as they take on their search for identity. It is not pathetic. It is love in all of its labels.
Besides, they are never alone because they have each other.
L&L has very few guidelines for its members:
1) You will TRY to publish one story a month at the least, or at LEAST an update from you and what your character is up to.
2) You will read AND comment on your fellow members' stories.
3) Your character will have some sort of relationship with EVERY character in the group. To ensure this, your characters can always start off as friends with the others through my character, Ami.
Collaborations between members are a must. This is a COLLABORATIVE group.
This means you will plan an event with another member in which you each write a part to what happens and/or your character's POV of the event.
If you have questions, ask me!
4) Your character will have conflict in her life NOT LIMITED TO romantic relation with men/women, in order to keep the theme of love in the group.
For new members of L&L, please create a set and follow these guidelines:
1) Your set should reflect the style and the lifestyle of your character and should include photos of your character's model.
2) Provide a character profile with the following criteria...
- Name
- Age (20-29)
- Biography (a couple of paragraphs telling a brief past history and what your character is up to now)
- Occupation
- Style
- Likes/Dislikes
- Chosen Model
3) Lastly, please answer the following question: Where will you find continuous inspiration for your character?
[Note: L&L is an invite-only group at this time]
@ahlexandra writes for Ami / Romina
@sarahstardom writes for Tamara
@little-red writes for Pixie / Darcy
@mclovinn writes for Poppy / Lennon
@emgeemtee writes for May / Morrigan / Emi
@elizabeth-kate writes for Junko
@lovelygabriella writes for Paola / Arden
@neusex writes for Isla / Alex
@kirkland writes for Em / Hayley
@alycat writes for Taylor

@wakeupfarah writes for Aerin
@effyeahleofashionista writes for Deng
@withlove-kirsten writes for Ayden
@lalasparkes writes for Kendall / Demetria
@lixi-bunny writes for Isobel
@the-wild-things writes for Rose
Thanks goes to @etchasketchinlola @wakeupfarah @emgeemtee & @sarahstardom for their companionship in making L&L happen and continue happening.

Love is all you need! hah
L&L was recreated on 1/2/14 - Our past group and the sets and information that went with it was deleted.
© 2013 @vampire-weakend, Alexandra

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