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It’s your first day back at school, and we’re jumping right back in with an assembly for the entire school. Make sure to sit beside a friend, because these things can go on forever and you don’t want to be stuck next to that kid that asks all the questions... You know who you are.


August 23: Time to sign up for sports teams! Your options are: Lacrosse, volleyball, basketball, cheer, soccer, tennis, and gymnastics. You don’t have to sign up for any sports if you don’t want to. Who likes sweating anyways?
beatrice magdalene parsons

I clutched my Victorian Literature anthology tightly while I leisurely walked to the tennis team’s booth. There were rigorous tryouts after sign ups, obviously, but we liked to make everyone feel like they had a chance of joining our elite squad. I was currently captain, but coach had made it very clear that if I couldn’t keep my grades up that there was going to be a co-captain in the mix. And obviously, I don’t really do joint leadership. It was a bright August day with just the slightest of breezes. The freshmen were easy to spot with their bright eyes and bushy tails, eager to learn everything they could about this academy. Their shiny new backpacks made them look like turtles to me and I sashayed past a few of them just to get up the stairs to the office. A few of the girls glared at me as I passed by, jealous that their little impish boys had someone new to idolize, but I paid it no mind.

“Hi Bea!” Regan chirped before immediately clasping her hand over her mouth. She was really quite shy, but she was probably the only person at this school that I couldn’t bear to be mean to. She was the only reason that I got through Shakespeare class last year with a B. We had secret tutoring sessions each night while Nat was asleep. I shot her a knowing smile before giving her the signature hair flip.

“Who was that?” asked a deep voice before an arm snaked around me.

“No one, Damien.” I rolled my eyes, turning to face my boyfriend.

“Didn’t look like no one.” He breathed, kissing my neck hello. “You really shouldn’t associate with losers like her.”

“Oh leave her be. She’s not a threat.” I giggled, pushing him and his tickling breath away. “I have to meet with the Headmistress. I missed the senior orientation day and she’s peeved.”

“Are you really picking Madame Grumpy Pants over me?” He whined, running his hands down my sides.

“Yes.” I curtly replied, swatting his hands away. “Yale is my future and you know that.”

“Yeah yeah yeah…” He grumbled before pushing off of the wall. “I want to be a part of your future too. Don’t my needs matter?”

I froze before looking up at him. “We’ve talked about this, Damien..” I whispered, an apparent look of distress forming on my face. “I’m not ready.”

“Well every other boy in this school thinks that you’re more than ready. Why is that?”

“I’m not going to talk about this right here.” I growled and turned to stalk off away from him, but he swiftly grabbed ahold of me.

“If it doesn’t happen soon, they’re going to be calling it a Bea-Card” He breathed in my ear before letting go of my wrist. He shot me a malicious smile before running off in pursuit of the cheerleaders. It wasn’t exactly a secret that this was a failing relationship. He had already slept with half of the cheerleading squad and was trying to work his way through the gymnastics team. It was also no secret that he kept a blog, notorious for recounting his sexual ventures with slightly less than clever pseudonyms for the girls. Sometimes he would even have pictures or videos. It was amazing that he hadn’t been arrested for the content thus far.

I took a moment to breathe before further venturing down the hallway. I reached the Headmistress’s door and readied myself for our impending conversation. “Did Little Miss Perfect get in twouble?” A mocking voice jeered from behind me.

“No Violet. She’s actually honoring me with a plaque for always doing better than you without even trying.” I snarled back, not even bothering to turn around. I would recognize a snide comment from her lips even if I was blindfolded and underwater. I turned the knob and strolled in, gently closing the door behind me.

“I’m doing what exactly?” Madame said, a smile playing on her normally stern face. I blushed before coyly smiling.

“Oh nothing.”

“Good, that’s how it should be.” She replied before pushing her glasses further up her nose. “Now Beatrice, though you are a senior, you must not be missing classes.”

“I know. It was a family crisis however.” I said, crossing my legs in one of the antique armchairs in her office.

“No excuses. Family can always wait until the academic year is over. Yale won’t care if it’s a party or a death of your second cousin. I expect excellence from you, Miss Parsons.” She paused before pulling two sealed letters out of her desk. “One of these is a stunning recommendation letter from me on your behalf, which will be mailed assuming your absences decrease to zero and your grades are top notch. The other is a transcript of your grades from the previous semesters. I’ll let you do the math as to how much you need to improve.”

“Yes ma’am.” I stuttered out, despite the tears welling up in my eyes.

I’m not going to be able to go to Yale. I’m not going to be able to go to Yale.

The rest of her words at this point blurred out to me. Snippets like extracurriculars, extra credit, and volunteering popped out but when she was finished blabbing, all I did was nod and exit her office.

“Hey Bea-otch.” A familiar voice cooed. I glanced up to see that it was Clara. She may have been sarcastic all of the times that I talked to her, but that was just a part of who she was. She was never fake with you, just honest. “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” I sniffled, storming off in the other direction. I’d probably get bombarded with texts or even tweets about me later, but oh well. I wasn’t about to let the whole freshman class see me cry. I had to run to my room to change into my tennis skirt and tank, because there was no way that coach would let me skip signups. I had to be there to put on my sweet sugary face and convince girls that joining would make them just like me.

I dashed across campus, shoving freshman boys out of the way if I had to, and dodging skateboarding “rebels” on my quest to get to the residence halls. As I neared my oak door, I rummaged around in my purse for my key Two packages of gum and four cigarettes later, it was empty.

“Damn it all.” I moaned, crossing the hall to bang on Nat’s door. Ever since freshman year, we had traded enough clothes and books that it was only fair that we had the key to the other’s dorm to reclaim our stuff if there ever was a falling out. I pounded on the door, wiping away my mascara stained tears.

“Coming!” A high and sweet voice yelled from the inside before pulling open the door. A short dark haired sophomore popped her head out before craning her neck to look up at me. “Oh hi Bea!”

“Hello Rainbow Sprite.” I moaned, pushing past her to get to Nat’s side of the room. She sputtered a bit, before bouncing behind me.

“So what are you looking for?” She asked.

“Nothing that matters to you.” I growled, grabbing the spare key from out of Nat’s desk drawer. It had a Hello Kitty skin on it which made me smile a bit before I walked back out of the room.

“Oh. Goodbye!” She said with a shaky smile, not sure what I was up to. On the way out, I bumped into Nat.

“Bea! Where have you been?” She exclaimed before enveloping me in a hug. “I have so much to tell you!”

“Why don’t you just tell your little pixie?” I hissed, jamming the key into the lock, and entering my room.

“But Bea!” She wailed dramatically as I slammed the door in her face and sank down against it. 

Yale didn’t want me. Nat didn’t want me. Damien didn’t want me. What’s left to live for? 

[you may comment in character if you want, but no one knows about the whole.. yale thing. kay? kay. love y'all! first story woooooooo. bad set... ehhhh.]
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