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I stared at my reflection in the mirrow, combing my hair with my fingers as I hummed a song whose title I couldn't remember, too lost in my own thoughts to even try. It was my second holidays with Jude, but in some way it seemed all different from the last year. We were even more in love if possible and engaged. I couldn't ask for more, sometimes I felt so happy that my heart seemed to explode. "Jude?" I asked and jumped off the counter of the sink as I heard a noise. I peeked my head into the room and a smile played on my lips, "You didn't find me to let me know you're home." 
He grinned and got on both feet, walking over to me and tilting my head up with his thumb. Leaning his head down, he kissed my lips gently before pulling his head back and grinning wider, "I like listening to you sing." 
"I wasn't singing," I said with serious face. 
"No?" He raised a brow, trying to make his face match mine. Handsome and silly, that was my fiance.
"I was humming..." I trailed off, a small smile taking the pouts place. 
He grinned, "I love when you hum." 
"Jude!!" I said with wide eyes, his arms reaching out for my waist and pulling me against him. He dipped his nose into my hair and breathed against me while I tried to not shiver for how much I loved when he did that. "What's in your hand?" I reached for his hand as he pinned his wrist against his back and reached down for both of mine with his free hand. 
"Are you ready?" He pulled back to eye my outfit, a dress short enough to leave him groaning every time I'd bend over. "Where are your pants?" 
I frowned and looked down, "It's a dress..." 
"Turn around and bend over," He said seriously and over protectively. I knew that he hated when other guys looked at me, but I didn't even notice them and to be fair he always had grild literally drool over him. And I was jealous. "If I can see your panties, we're not going anywhere." 
I grinned coyly and leaned my chest back against him, "I'm not wearing anything under this dress." 
"Jesus Whitney," He muttered under his breath. 
I loved the effect I had on him just like I loved the effect he had on me, we were so crazy for each other in so many ways that getting married seemed the right thing to do, even though we were so young still. I was sure that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, I didn't want to wait anymore. "How do I look?" I pulled back with a pleased look on my face, doing a twirl for him as he dropped my hands. 
"Gorgeous," He said honestly. "Maybe a little too hot though. Do we have to go to your coworkers party? You don't even like half of them." 
"I went to your works Christmas dinner. It's only fair," I replied with a cute but smug smile, knowing I had a point and that he'd go anywhere she asked. "What are you holding? Another present for me? Christmas has been over for a week almost silly boy." 
He grinned, shifting the envelope from one hand to the other, "Maybe, but since you're right and Christmas is over, we can just forget about this present."
"No." I said seriously and exaggerate a pout, I loved surprised, but once you told me I was going to get one? I became curious and impatient.
"No?" He repeated as his eyes dropped on my lips, an amused expression crossing his face and I could tell that he was pleased with the effect that his denial was having on me.
"Please." I tried as I set my hands on his chest, tilting my head up and pouting even more while I stared into his eyes. I knew how to convince him, unfortunately he knew my tricks too.
He didn't seem to be impressed and just looked back at me. "Begging already?" He asked as his arms wrapped around my body loosely and for a moment I considered to be really quick and rip the envelope from his hands. Then I decided against it.
I licked my top lip but gave him an innocent face, "I'm just being polite since I'm a good girl."
"You? A good girl?" He let out a small laugh, "Never."
I wrinkled my nose, "I got so many presents for Christmas...that must mean something." I retorted, trying to prove my point even though we both knew that I was far from being the holy kind of girl. I wouldn't be with Jude if I were.
"It means that you're spoiled gorgeous." He pointed out before leaning into me and kissing the tip of my nose, making me wrinkle it again.
I sighed, "I know I am." I admitted since there was no way to deny that. I was the luckiest girl on earth for having a fiance that took care of me in such a perfect way...that, along with all the rest, made him perfect.
"What's that sigh for?" He asked as he raised one eyebrow, his hold on me getting loose as I took a step back to pull away. 
"I give up." I shrugged and smiled at him, knowing that sooner or later he'd tell me what was it about and the more I pushed the more he wouldn't spill the beans.
I nodded as I kisses his lips softly, my smile still in place since I had literally no reason to not smile. I was so happy that it was scary sometimes. "Really." I paused to kiss him one more time, unable to control myself when I was so close to his soft lips, "Now, get changed."
"Mhm?" He furrowed his eyebrows at me, looking adorable and clueless.
"You promised you'd wear a shirt." I said quietly.
"Isn't this tee okay?"
"It is." I grinned and bit my lip, "But I want to see a little of a show before going out."
"Are you going to give me one back?" Jude tried, already yanking his shirt over his head as I watched closely every inch of his perfect torso. 
"I'm dressed already," I said, my pout reappearing for only a few seconds before he tossed his shirt at me and made my hair fall out of place since I had it up so perfectly. "Jude!!" 
He grinned and reached for my waist, pulling my body against his and undoing the clip I had in my hair, "I like your hair down..."
I raised a brow but let him toss the clip aside along with the envelope, his hands dropping down to my a.ss next and slipping a hand under my dress probably to see if what I told him earlier was a lie or not. It wasn't. 
"Jude..." I repeated in a more stern voice, my face giving her away completely as I grinned wide. 
"I had to check if you were lying to me," He shrugged and pulled away, walking over to our closet as I fought the urge to ask him to touch me some more. The effect he had on me was crazy, but then again we barely ever went out and even if I didn't blame him for that I'd like to go out a little more often. I could see why it was so hard though, we couldn't ever beahve around each other and truth was I loved just staying home with him, watching a movie, cuddling, making love or even doing nothing.
"I never lie to you baby," I smiled and pushed myself onto the bed, crossing my legs and making my dress slide up as he stared. 
"If you keep teasing me? We're not leaving this apartment and that's a promise." 
"A promise? Sounds like someone means business," I uncrossed my legs with a wicked smile on my face, all he could do was shake his head and stare. "Wear the new shirt I got you!" 
His eyes went back up to mine before he turned around and grabbed a button up, sliding one arm in at a time, "Yes mam." 
"Do that a little slower... this is like po.rn for me." 
He let out a laugh and walked back over to me, "If this is like po.rn for you, then I'm doing something very wrong."
I parted my lips and my cheeks flushed a little, even after all this time he still managed to make me blush. He lowered his head before I had the chance to speak, cupping my chin and tilting my head up as he pressed his lips against mine. We were like magnets, neither of us could keep our hands or lips to ourselves especially after a day of being apart. I pulled my head back and set my hands on his shirt, tugging him in between my legs, "Let me help you with that." 
"Can I help you with your thong?" He said, watching me with the buttons one at a time. 
"I'm not wearing one..." I trailed off and his eyes flicked down to my thighs. 
"Exactly," He said back. "You're wearing one if we're going to a party tonight."
"Why?" I stopped and frowned as I looked up at him. I knew his reasons perfectly and I couldn't really blame him for wanting me to wear lingerie always, it was normal actually, but I liked teasing him anyway.
"Why?" He repeated, raising one eyebrow at me.
"I mean, I don't see the point of wearing pants if you're going to take them off of me later." I explained as I tried to keep a straight face as I used his same theory about never doing the bed. I didn't exactly disagree since I wasn't the tidiest girl on the planet, but still.
An amused expression crossed his gorgeous face, lasting not more than 3 seconds before turning in a more serious one. "Will I?" He asked as he watched me finishing buttoning his shirt up.
"Won't you?" I retorted, smoothing the fabric on his chest with my hands and admiring how handsome he looked in a shirt. He looked gorgeous always though, he'd be even if he was wearing a paper bag as boxers.
"At your coworkers party? I don't think so gorgeous." He grinned, shaking his head and making me pout.
I sighed and got up on the bed, wrapping my arm around his neck to pull him closer to me. "What have you done to my fiancé? He was a naughty boy." I smirked back at him, staring into his eyes.
He shrugged and set his hands on my hips, "I think it's the shirt that turned me into a good guy." 
"Doubtful." I shook my head and pressed a noisy kiss on his lips before pulling away from him, "We'll see how long you'll be able to keep your hands off me."
He watched me closely as I jumped off the bed and walked to my drawer. "You have no faith in me gorgeous."
"When it comes to how you can't resist me? No." I smirked as I grabbed a pair of panties that matched the bra I was wearing, "And I love it."
"Do you want me to resist you?" Jude grinned, watching me step into the panties I had just grabbed. 
"Even if you tried? You couldn't," I turned around to give him the perfect view of my a.ss, proving my point without having to say another word. One thing that he had brought to my life was confidence, I had never been modest of course, but I used to be scared that every guy would have left me for someone better then me, now instead I had no doubts about having this perfect man with me forever.
His arms wrapped around my waist from behind, his nose dipping into my hair and hot breath hitting my skin. "But would you want me to?" He asked before pressing a soft kiss against my neck, making me shiver just slightly. 
"No," I said in a quiet voice, tilting my head to the side and blinking at him. 
"I knew it," He replied and leaned in to kiss my lips, pulling back and smiling at the look on my face. "And you can't resist me either, it's settled. Are you ready to go?" 
My mouth fell open and then I reclosed it, shaking my head and grinning ever so slightly. "What's the hurry? Usually I have to drag you to these things," I said seriously with a brow cocked. 
He turned me in my arms and tucked my stray hairs behind my ear, "I can't resist you and if we stay here even a minute longer, I'm going to have my hands all over you." 
"It doesn't sound so bad..." I trailed off, pressing my chest against his and smirking. 
He kissed my forehead and watched me wrinkle my nose, a grin playing on his lips. "Party or bed? You can't have both," He said in a low and dangerous voice, running his fingertips down my arm to tempt me. 
I cocked my head as if contemplating the two, "Party." 
"Ouch?" I repeated, giving him an amused look, "I didn't even bite you or spank your lovely a.ss."
"I'm not sure about you calling my a.ss lovely..." He trailed off, raising one eyebrow at me.
I ignored him and his silliness, running my hands flat up his chest as I stared into his eyes, "You're getting sidetracked baby."
He grinned widely and cupped my jaw to force me to not break eye contact. Not that I could anyway, my eyes were always on him just like my hands, it'd be a shame to not touch or look at such a handsome boy. "What were we saying? Oh right, you chose the party over me and it hurt." He faked a straight serious face but I could see how much he was struggling to keep it in place.
"I didn't, you're coming to the party with me silly boy." I grinned, leaning against his touch and cocking my head back a little since I knew how to use my weapons with him. And that position? It usually got me kisses.
"I meant me in our bed, I should have been more specific." He said casually before pressing his lips on mine. He had a way with kisses I couldn't even explain it properly, even when they were soft, gentle even, they were incredibly hot too. Now, I didn't know if he was doing that on purpose in order to change my mind but it was affecting me, that was for sure.
"I know I'll have you later, after the party, so I'm not chosing anything over you." I whispered against his mouth then smirked, "Trust me I'm really tempted to let me drag you to our bed."
My smirk rubbed off on him as he pulled his head back, "What if I don't trust you?"
"You can still check my p.anties but I'm not going to change my mind anyway." I kept a straight face, watching him closely as he groaned.
"You're such a tease baby." He sighed and pulled away, shaking his head as he reached for my coat to hand it to me.
"Isn't that why you're marrying me?" I asked with a shrug, still looking at him as I slid my arms into the warm material and adjusted my hair one last time.
"What?" Jude raised a brow and ran a hand through his hair slowly, "I'm marrying you? Really?" 
"Yes, Jude," I narrowed my eyes on him for maybe a minute, his arm wrapping around my waist and pulling me back into him. 
"That reminds me," He cut himself off and lowered his head to kiss me again, this time deeper than before and leaving me wanting more. 
"What baby?" I said in a hushed tone, parting my lips from his before kissing him again but softer. 
His lips lingered against mine, "I forgot... you're distracting me again." 
"Then let's go," I pulled back and grinned at him. 
"Ah. I remember now," He smirked and reached for the discarded envelope, holding it out towards me. "This is for you." 
I examined it and started opening it carefully as if something might jump out at me since I didn't know what to expect, "You were being so cryptic about it earlier, I'm nervous." 
"It's nothing bad. Promise," He said seriously and grinned. 
"Plane tickets?" I lifted a brow and glanced up at him. 
He gave me a nod, "For San Diego. And?" 
I pulled out a folded sheet of paper and read it quickly, my lips actually moving and making him smile, "And a hotel confirmation." 
"Also for San Diego," He said, his smile only widening at that point.
I bit down hard on my bottom lip, feeling my heart melting and my eyes getting veiled as I looked at him. He was just so perfect, so caring, so right for me. "Baby..." I trailed off, my own words failing me.
He gave me a confused look as his hand landed on my hip to pull me closer again, "What's wrong?"
I shook my head and smiled as I wrapped my arms around his neck tighlty, "Nothing. Everything's absolutely perfect." I paused to press my lips against his, my eyes still open to stare into his, "I don't know how to thank you for how happy you're making me."
His smile matched mine and I melted again since that expression on his face reminded me a lot the one he had on when we first met. Jude was an extremely good looking guy, it was impossible to not notice, but his smile...his smile made my knees weak for how gorgeous it was. "You don't have to thank me." He said quietly, pushing my hair off my face.
"I feel like I have to instead." I said seriously, playing with his hair behind his neck, "How many women have a fiance who's willing to set all the details of a wedding? I think I'm the only one to be this lucky."
"Most of women want a huge wedding with a big cake and a ridiculous amount of guests. I wouldn't have been able to do that, you made it easier when we decided to be just the two of us." He explained like it wasn't such a big deal, but I knew it was, I knew how much effort he had put in it, how much time he had spent.
"It still doesn't change how amazing you are." I said seriously before kissing his lips again, unable to resist them. "So I have to thank you in some way."
His smile turned into a grin, "You're stubborn you know?"
"I do." I nodded my head, my cheeks hurting for how wide I was keeping on smiling. I felt high on happiness.
"The only think you can do is say yes when it will be asked you to become my wife."
That word made my stomach flip, I couldn't believe I was going to be Mrs Carter in just a few months. It was so great it didn't seem real. "I will."
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