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Ψ Sasha Morrison (19)

Birthday: May 31st, Gemini

Specialization: automatic hand rifles and hand to hand combat are her speciality (alongside her famous graffiti tags and extremely fast driving techniques), but she is most known for her distraction methods; let's just say, Sasha is very smart and a very good actor.

Likes: Sex, the color black, graffiti, astrology, fast cars, guns, fighting, modifying and fixing cars, being in control, being in charge, feminism, red lipstick, tattoos, bandanas, earring studs, milk, traveling, astronomy, money, drag racing, breaking laws. 

Dislikes: Sexism, driving slow, cops, her birth parents, her adoptive parents, orphanages, conformed religion, mainstream music, people she doesn't know very well, bad weather, conformity, meat, being told what to do, basically everyone.

Poison: Marijuana, cigarettes, and vodka.

Music Taste: The Neighbourhood, Nirvana, Capital Cities, 30 Seconds To Mars, Sublime, Slightly Stoopid, Modest Mouse, Atlas Genius, Miike Snow, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Iration, cKy, The Expendables, Death Cab For Cutie, Two Door Cinema Club, The Holdup, Empire Of The Sun, Incubus, Grateful Dead - she's VERY VERY picky!

Personality: Sarcastic, witty, smart, cold, calculated, rebellious, distant, malicious, guarded, hostile. She's an ice queen, so to speak, and doesn't mind inflicting pain on others. She doesn't open to many and maintains her harsh, cold front. She appears not to have emotions and only her freezing outer shell. She can easily pinpoint your weaknesses and use them against you. She's observant and educated. She uses people to her advantage - mostly for sex - and is constantly doing the exact opposite of whatever it is she has been told. She is a notorious rule breaker but manages to do so in a classy, sophisticated way. She's top notch.

Bio: Sasha is not originally from Germany, but the eastern European nation of Belarus following the end of the Cold War and the nation's independence. Born in the capital of Minsk, Sasha was given up for adoption almost immediately following her birth by her mother, a sixteen year old prostitute. Sent to an orphanage, Sasha lived in the crumbling establishment until she turned 10 years old and was adopted by a Russian socialite and her political husband who relocated her to their home country. After living in their care for three years, her adoptive parents didn't care all too much for her cold, hard exterior and her sarcastic attitude and cast 13 year old Sasha out onto the streets of St. Petersburg, Russia. In search of a way to earn fast cash, Sasha began selling her body, the only thing she knew how to use, for Rubles. She followed in her mother's footsteps, though unlike her mother, she became an escort instead, selling what she coined as "the girlfriend experience" to her clients along with sex. Through her work, Sasha got into a deep, dark underground punk scene in Russia and began spray painting her artwork all across the city, becoming one of the country's most famous anonymous graffiti artists after the Cold War. Through her escort service, she found her way into the Russian sex industry and became one of the most top paying porn stars, under her middle name, Listoya, of course. By the time she was 18, she'd seen it all and had made herself a giant amount of money, becoming one of the richest women in St. Petersburg. She decided to leave porn and found herself traveling all throughout Europe in search of her next and greatest adventure. In Berlin, she found herself amongst a rich society of illegal street racers and while she had always been good with a wrench, Sasha became a racing superstar. Of course, no one is quite aware that mechanic, racer, and graffiti artist Sasha Morrison happens to be the Russian porn star Listoya... And she hopes to keep it that way. Through the underground racing scene, Sasha stumbled into Weiss Kreuz and hasn't turned back since. She now owns a mechanic shop in Berlin, modifies and fixes engines for a living, and wrecks havoc on the city in her spare time. The rest is history.

Biggest Secret: Sasha Morrison was once the notorious Russian porn star, Listoya, and hopes to keep her previous identity secret, though many are beginning to wonder where the orphaned mechanic got all that money she seems to be sitting on. Luckily, no one has yet to catch on and if anyone dares to ask the dark haired vixen how she accumulated her funds, she's ready to share one rapid fire lie to charm her way out of answering.

Model: Sasha Grey

Taken by: @sophiaspastic
(1) Why did you choose to join the Weiss Kreuz, and what were you doing prior?
I joined for the newest adrenaline rush, of course. I own a small car shop in Berlin and work on fixing and modifying engines for street racers (while fixing up normal cars on the side). I've been doing that for almost a year, alongside working on my art, which seems to be of the more vandalizing variety.

(2) How much combat experience have you had? How much education have you received?
In fighting? I've had my share of street fights in Russia and know my way around them well. I'm not one to be messed with in that department. I also have had lots of practice with automatic hand guns and am an artfully skilled shooter. Everything I've learned is self-taught. Best of anything, I'm an extremely fast and skilled driver and pride myself in my way around a car.

(3) Are you willing to follow all orders, regardless of the consequences?
If it's in my best interest, yes.

(4) Do you believe in the mind, the body, or the heart?
The body. Don't ask me why I know that, but I just do. The heart and mind are both frivolous items that many put expensive tags on, but at the end of the day, the body is the only way to honestly and truly achieve one's desires.
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