Go Your Own Way- Fleetwood Mac

This is a draft set, because I'm on my iPad c:
Just testing out my new tags!

I'm excited for school to start again on Monday. Two weeks break is just too much! 

Amber Zoe // @amber-soleil // #peacelovepickles

Taglist set is still open! Check the last one. Muah! 


The lovely purple-pickle-eaters (my special tags):
@miss-fashion-is-great you're lovely! I like talking to you, and you make spectacular icons. 
@abbi-payne-a-true-directioner directioners unite!! Lol, we should talk sometime c:
@allthingsbeautiful65 whenever I see your username I think of the Owl City album "All Things Bright and Beautiful" are you a fan? I am! 
@boy4fashion the only boy I know who loves fashion! Lol, you're cool. 
@the-infinite-dreamer we should talk more! Keep dreaming c; "you may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one...."
@diamonds-dia I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO EXPLAIN HOW FRACKING AMAZING I THINK JOSH RAMSAY IS. that is all cx I know all Marianas Trench fans are FRACKING amazing too. 
@fashiondiva351 your icon is sexy c; I love Ross. R5 is a really good band! I love their originality :3 
@brook-liam-payne-lover I love Liam Payne too! But don't worry, I'm a Harry Styles girl! cx 
@ohioruth we should talk sometime! I'd like to know you c:
@aubrey-renner thanks so much for being such a sweetheart all the time! You rock! c:
@xoxo-may one of the bestest tip/icon girls I know! c:
@riley-e31d I hope all your magical dreams & wishes come true! c; hehe, wonder where I got that from?
@langanla your sets are so cute!! Haha, if you have a taglist, I need to be on that! 
@onesirectiongirl One Direction forever!! I like your little imagines c: 
@flannerypaige I love your sets! You're a great tip girl c: and you can make beautiful icons! That is Polyvore talent, right there c;
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