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also one thing video > life. It is adorable and harry makes the most hilarious faces. Then don't get me started on how adorable niall was. They are all very fit. 

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January 12th:
We're heading back to Aubrey + Francesca's place again. They've hired manicurists and pedicurists to give us hot mani-pedis for the winter season. Have some fresh cucumber water and relax.

“Dove, I don't want to do this. Everyone will remember me from last time.” I said trying not to sound too whiny.
Dove silently ignored me. We were making our way up the elavtor the same as we were two days ago. Hopefully, though I wouldn't have to walk home with my shirt completely see through.
The elavator arrived on Aubrey and Fracesca's floor. Dove and I stepped out. I wasn't excited about this, but Dove had insisted.
We entered the apartment and mingled for a while sipping on our cucumber waters. The living room had been completely transformed from last time. Instead of being filled with small ornate tea tabled. The room was spacious and the walls were lined with mani pedi stations. These girls loved to entertain. 
I walked over to the large table lined with nail colors. I was about to pick a lovely light gray, but I hadn't noticed another girl come up to the table. Our hands collided and we knocked over a few of bottles. 
“I am sorry.” I said, gosh I wasn't this clutzy back in Cape Town. It must be this cold dreary weather.
“No, my fault sorry. I'm Imogen.” The girl ,Imogen, said extending her hand. We shook hands and then began to pick up the nail bottles and put them back on the table.
After we finished Francesca walked over and said “Heather, Isobel! Lovely to see you both. Heather you always seem to make a mess when you come here.” 
“Well I have no idea who Heather is, but I ,Halo, am sorry about both times.” I said.
“It was mostly my fault this time.” Imogen said laughing, not bothering to correct her.
“Well, nice chatting with you girls.” Francesca said walking away to go chat with someone more important.
“Isobel? It’s only been a day or two since I last saw her last and I didn’t think my name was that hard.” Imogen laughed picking up the last over turned bottle. I laughed, glad that she wasn't the type to get upset by little things like that.
“I think she has more important things to worry about then our names.” I said, which was probably true. She seemed to be a busy person. 
Imogen looked back at Francesca ,who was chatting up an entirely different person than just two seconds ago.
“Seems so. Want to join me?” She said pointing towards two empty stations at the end.
I grabbed a bottle of lovely gray nail polish, nodded, and followed her to the empty spots. I slipped off my heels placing them to the side. They were a bit taller than I was used to so my feet were already a bit sore. I slipped my feet in the bubbling water smiling at the instant relief. I closed my eyes starting to relax.
“What’d you think?” I heard someone say. I opened one eye to see someone standing by Imogen. She glanced at me but didn't bother to acknowledge me. She was too busy wiggling her obnoxiously bright orange toe nails.
“Pretty. Halo, this is my sister, Lindsay.” Imogen said looking at me. (Just so you know by this time both my eyes were open. I wasn't that weird)
I smiled extending my hand. She looked at it for a moment but slowly shook my hand.
“Pretty name. Nice meeting you.” Lindsay said walking away. 'Charming girl.' I thought.
“Sorry about that. Linds pretty much marches to the beat of her own drum.” Imogen said studying her nail polish bottle, looking a little embarrassed.
“It’s nothing. I’ve met worse.” I said brushing it off. I had met much worse.

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