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My tryout for Shanghai Doll Faces:

Noelle Bernard (20)
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Step, pose, step, and fall down, crash and burn. Noelle was a model; confident and beautiful. One day during fall fashion week, she tripped with her sky high heels in an Alexander McQueen show. Now, models have fell before and have gotten gracefully and continued their career, it wasn’t a big deal. But being only 18 at the time, she was on the ground traumatized and it was the end of her career. She got a luxury apartment in her hometown and stayed there, a shut in. But after a year, she realized she needed to do something with her life, so she went back to modeling and moved to Shanghai. Noelle still remembers that flash moment of her falling and with her back to modeling, it can happen again. Because in Shanghai, where the girls are bitchier and the runways are an accident waiting to happen.
Looks: Josephine Skriver (in some pictures she has blonde hair)


My mother's famous last words echoed in my mind. "You will never be successful," she bitterly said to me in her thick Dutch accent the day I was leaving home forever. "Never."

For as long as I could remember, I had wanted to become a model. My parents thought modeling was a phase that I would soon grow out of. I used to flip through my collection of magazines and gaze at the models in them longingly. I wanted their life. They were all so beautiful. Tall, thin, and perfect. I would cut out their pictures and paste them onto my Goal Board. The board was actually an entire wall in my room. I had asked mother and father to put me into a modeling agency. Asking wasn't enough so I had resorted to begging. When my parents finally grasped that it was not just a stage, they practically kicked me out. I would be a disgrace. I would bring reproach and shame upon my family. And my family wasn't just any family. I was the only child of a well-known senator who would soon be running for president of the Netherlands. Having a daughter who was only a "model" would be an utter humiliation. 

Now, as I was boarding a plane to Shanghai, China, my mother's words kept playing in my head. "You'll never be successful." Maybe she was right? After moving out of my parent's home, I had began working as a model. I was making lots of money. I was having fun. I was happy. My childhood dream was becoming a reality. 

Then /it/ happened. 

Back when I was eighteen, still an amateur model, The Incident occurred and it had proved my mother right. I had tripped on the runway of my first Alexander McQueen show. In my first major designer brand runway show, I had /tripped/. I couldn't believe it. I couldn't live with myself. I could almost hear my mother's disapproving cackle as if she were right next to me as I struggled to stand back up. I had let myself down. My mother would only hate me more intensely from then on. The news spread all over my country of course, being the sole child of my influential senator of a father. My parents were right all along. 

Almost as soon as my modeling career had started, it terminated. It was all over. My eighteen-year-old self thought my parents were right. What was I thinking? Trying to make a name for myself in the fashion industry? I might have been pretty, but that wasn't enough. I had made a complete and arrant fool out of myself. I could never show my face again. 

That's what I thought. Until a year after hiding in my luxurious apartment, I shifted my thinking process. So what if my parents hated me? So what if I had no genuine friends? So what if I had tripped on a runway? So what! I was still young. I was still goal-oriented. And I was still pretty. I could still chase after my dreams. I wouldn't let a stupid transgression on my part change that. My parents had practically disowned me, so it didn't matter anymore what I did. I could set out and become a model again. 

And that's just what I came here to Shanghai to do. To prove everybody wrong. And to be successful. 

1. Can you stay active? Seriously think about this one.
-Yes. I am an active roleplayer. I really get into the character and the storyline. I make about 1 set a day, sometimes more. I'm not in any demanding roleplay right now. I have time to devote to my character. Please consider my audition because I promise to be active.
2. Will you ditch this roleplay for new ones?
-No, I won't "ditch" it. Even if I do join another one, I will not leave this one behind. I am committed. 
3. Who are your top five choices? And put in their models as well.
• Noelle Bernard (Josephine Skriver)
• Winter Gilles (Josephine Skriver)
• Elizabeth van Adrian (Josephine Skriver)
• Prosperity Tyler (Jacquelyn Jablonski)
• Camille Cameron (Kristina Romanova) 
4. Do you have a storyline in mind?
-Yes, I have a lot planned for Noelle.
5. What is your living arrangement?
-Nanjing Xi Lu 
6. Please write a bio for your guy and follow the same format as the girls. Also, first come, first serve for the model / actor reservations.

Nathan Knightly, 20
Vancouver, Canada 
Nate is your typical good guy. He grew up in a small town, and worked strenuously for the things he has. Going on a scholarship from academics, he moved to New York, blew through Yale with zero relationships with girls, and is now interning at a law corporation here in China. His sense of humor is welcoming, and his ideas are sharp. He's an all-around optimistic person. He's caring, but not too protective. He's loving, but he isn't too clingy. Nate isn't exactly looking for love, but he might just find it. Who knows, anything can happen in Shanghai. 
Looks: Julian Schratter

@urban-barbie @theporcelaindoll
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Wrote 4 years ago

Wrote 4 years ago
I'm in love with this!

Wrote 4 years ago
amazing style!!

Wrote 4 years ago
You totally own Noelle. This is so great <33



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