You're my favourite movie
A thousand endings
You mean everything to me
Cinema (Skrillex remix) // Benni Benassi 

hey I used the cute puppy in the middle-ish from your other set! I hope you like *hipster* fashion :3 (i guess that's what you could tag this set under) 

This morning I ran. I actually ran!! woo
I haven't had exercise in ages and it's really starting to show :/
But finally!! After like 2 months!!
massive achievement for me I really didn't wanna start up again

When I got home I looked out of the kitchen window
and there was a DOUBLE RAINBOW! 
It was so clear
or should I say they were really clear
and it wasn't even drizzling or sunny or anything
Pretty amazing right ;3
I was like taking pictures and stuff 
Okay I'm overreacting aren't I haha :3

I got my music camp invite today in homeroom c:
So I'm going c:
But it's gonna be so awkward with harp boy
Because he's my only friend friend in string ensemble
but he's been ignoring me... o_o
Because I said hi to him and he didn't respond. 
But then at lunch he was all like happy and he came up to me and my friends and was like 'High fives guisee!!' 
I think I just wanna be friends with him now
he's a pretty cool guy i guess lol c:

I had a science test today
and I dont think I did well :/
the first part I think. But not the second part.
I had to come back at lunch to finish it off. And I'm pretty sure I did it wrong. This is such a tradgedy for me 'cuz I'm usually freaking amazing at science. ://
Actually this year I'm not doing as well at school.
Like I'm getting averages instead of above averages. and excellents. T_T
I think it's because my brain is still adjusting to the amount of work. lol.

hm well that's all the typeworthy stuff that happened to me today
k byee :3
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