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faded futures
speechless | lady gaga
jamie ramone
06 . 09 . 12

"What's the highest you're willing to bid for me?" Hunter asked as he zipped up the back of my dress. Tonight was the charity auction. It was fair to say I was completely nervous, I mean rejection was hard face to face but with a whole room of people looking at you it was guarenteed to be much much worse. I had to stop thinking like that but I'm sure it was the one thing on everyones mind. 
"Three hundred." 
"I'm deeply offended, I'm your best friend. Gosh." He replied with mock offense making me laugh a little as I checked the dress out in the mirror. I had been saving this dress for christmas or new year but now was as good a time as any to wear it.
"How much are you willing to bid for me?" I asked with a half smile knowing he would come up with some smart as/s answer.
"Three hundred and one." I knew it, my half smile blossomed to a full grin.
"That's so sweet, I'm gonna puke." I sat on the end of the bed to put on my heels.

Hunter was my back up for the night, not in a bad way. He knew he was and I was his. Basically we had both agreed on a maximum amount of money we would bid for each other in order to avoid an emergency. An emergency being if someone either of us didn't want to go on a date with bidded or even worse if no one bidded. 

"Okay how about we make it a little interesting because we both know it's going to be boring as fuck." I looked up at him with a smirk playing around my lips.
"Sure, what have you got?"
"Whoever get the highest amount wins, simple as that." he shrugged adjusting his tie in the mirror.

Now that the bet had been added it was game on.

"And the loser?" I asked turning to face him.
"We'll figure that out later."
"Alright, its on."
"How do I look?" I asked, laughing to myself.
"Like cr/ap." 
"Fantastic. That means we can go." 


"You're up."
Never in my life had I wanted to run out of a place quicker, whilst my head told me to run my body carried me across the stage. I couldn't look at Hunter, I knew I would just burst out laughing. I couldn't process what the guy was saying on the stage, it was nothing to worry about though he had given everyone a lovely glossy overview making us all sound like angels. Not only did I have my dignity to think about but also the bet was niggling away at the back of my mind, Hunter had been bidded on for five hundred dollars.

"Three hundred, any more?" I heard the guy say making me smile a little to myself. I quickly gazed out at the tables. There was Cain. I caught his eye through the crowd, his stare was captivating. His lips twitched into a half smile as did mine and I quickly reverted my gaze. He looked even more timeless tonight. 
"One thousand." he announced and that was it game over. I had won, in both ways. 
As I headed off of the stage and made my way towards the table I poked my tongue out at Hunter, who shook his head pretending to be deeply disappointed.
"Suck on that." I whispered as I sat down next to Hunter, he laughed silently holding his head down.
"A thousand dollars, really?"
I shrugged my shoulders, grinning.
"More importantly. You lose."
"I think the thing you should be worrying about, is the creepy rich guy who just bid for you." I smiled, he was such a bad loser.
"Sour grapes, man, sour grapes."


"Hey." I heard Cain's say from behind me.
"Hey." I smiled turning to face him, I had no idea what to even say to him.
"Nice to see you again."
"You too." I smiled. "Thanks for bidding by the way, you helped me win a bet."
"A bet?"
"Yeah, me and my friend made a bet, whoever got the most money bidded for them won. So thanks." We bothed laughed lightly and he took a sip of his drink.
"So about the date then."
"Yeah about that actually. I just want to tell you, I'm not really one for dates. I mean I've been on dates but what I mean... what I'm trying to say is I'm not dating at the moment. I just I don't want anything serious."
"Really." he smirked.
"God, I sound like a complete as/shole."
"No, you don't. That's fine, actually neither am I. I mean I just got a divorce. I really like you though."
I laughed, I could feel my face was on fire.
"Do you want to go outside and get some air?" he nodded and I lead the way feeling every bit humiliated as I went.

We found a spot on the steps outside and sat side by side. 

"I meant what I said about liking you but not wanting a relationship." he said taking a cigarette out and lighting it up.
"Yeah. Me too." I nodded. I felt better, I mean it was obvious he wouldn't want a relationship what with just getting divorced and frankly I was glad. He was just the kind of thing to tie me to Lewisburg forever and my heart lay in New York City, I couldn't be distracted or persuaded into a life here. That wasn't to say we couldn't have fun together.
"So I bet your friend is upset about losing." he laughed quietly flicking the ash away into the night air and taking another puff.
"He'll get over it. Although I do have a forfeit to think up." 
"I'm sure you'll have fun with that." he smiled as did I.
"So, how are you settling into Lewisburg?" 
"I like it. Skyscrapers are underrated." he flicked the cigarette aside and stamped it out.
"That's actually one of the things I miss, opening up your curtains and looking out onto skycrapers."
"I like it but I haven't been able to test your theory yet about the rain."
"It's a dealbreaker." I nodded with mock seriousness. 
"I'll let you know."
"Yeah, do." I smiled. "Listen I'm gonna have to get going."
"Me too. I'll see you around Jamie." he leant in to kiss me on the cheek, another one that would stay with me for the next few hours. He held my arm lightly as he did and he pulled back giving me another bone melting handsome gaze before leaning in again. This time he kissed me on the lips and I kissed back. I made a point to pull back first, I had to regain some assertiveness.
"See you around Cain."
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