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HEY EVERYONE I'M BAAAAAACCCCKKKK!! :))) Missed you all! Read below for a short bloggy/update!

1. I AM OFFICIALLY OBSESSED WITH JENNIFER LAWRENCE. OMG. I cannot even describe how much I love her because a) she's an amazing actress, b) she's GORGEOUS, c) she's not super skinny, I think she's perfect the way she is, d) she's got killer red carpet style, e) she could also be a model, f) she's so genuine and down-to-earth, g) she's hilarious, h) I just want her to be my best friend. 
2. Yeah so obviously I went to The Hunger Games midnight premiere while I was on vacation and I cannot even... ashkgLADGLKgfkfv;g; I am still trying to process how FLIPPING AMAZING it was. Jennifer was awesome, Josh was awesome, everyone was awesome.
3. My vacation was great! We went to Chicago for those of you who were wondering and it was a really cool city and I loved all the shops and the accents hehe those were fun xD They probably thought I had an accent. Anyway it was fun and I had a great Spring Break but I'm glad to be home. If only I didn't have to go back to school on Monday... 
4. In 1D news.... I GOT TICKETS TO THE DALLAS CONCERT!!!! Ahhhhh I am so stoked! They're not like front row seats but even getting seats at all is awesome so I'm really excited I'm going with my cousin, a fellow Directioner, and we're gonna see @glitterinmyviens and her BFF there and it will epic. I literally cannot wait. I don't even know what to wear though... #AHHHHHHHHH!
5. I haven't been on Tumblr in over a week. Wow, I should go do that. At least I queued posts. So yeah I need to clip some pictures for a new brunette silhouette revamped collection! :)
6. That Mulberry bag I used is called "The Taylor". Haha now that is a nice bag xD
7. For those of you who have left me PMs, I promise to try and answer them soon!
8. I will try to have an SDF set up tomorrow! (and past stories up too)
9. I will also try to have a MTW set + story up tomorrow if I have time! Again, if anyone sees any new Marloes pics that aren't like really risque, please link them to me and I'd really appreciate it! :)
10. So to end this bloggy/update with a bang... I would like to tell you all some great news I just got when we got home today... Remember me talking about this interview I was WAY nervous for about a scholarship? A scholarship to get 4 years full tuition paid for plus award money every semester to the university I'm going to? WELL when we got home there was a letter in the mail... And.... I GOT THE SCHOLARSHIP!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all so so so much for your prayers and good luck because it worked! I am so happy, this really helps my family out and my parents are gonna get me a new MacBook laptop in the fall since it is covered under the award money since I will need it for school. But yeah I'm really excited, I was so nervous I wouldn't get it! But I did, I need to have more confidence in myself... Anyway, my mom also said now she'd get a limo for my friends and me to have for prom in April :))) #goodday


xx Taylor

P.S. Shout-out to @istylista because she's so lovely <3
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So cute!! Plz follow me I follow back

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this is amazing!

Wrote 4 years ago
love the outfit!

Wrote 4 years ago
So beautiful! The outfit is so perfect :)



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. all of your sets .

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United Colors of Polyvore

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Be Positive;;Get Popular ♥

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Pretty Women

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