△July 2nd - Today the laws of gravity seem to have been bent slightly which allows us all to float above the ground a little!
I dreamed that I was on the edge of a meadow. Behind me stretched miles of flowery grassland. I looked down and saw a river carving through a vast canyon. The sound of hushed voices floated towards me on the wind just before a shadowy couple emerged. As they stepped into the sun's golden light, I recognized their faces immediately. The two shuffled forward until they were right next to me.
"Open your eyes," Marcus whispered. Ondine tore his hands off her face and gasped.
"It's beautiful," she breathed.
"So are you," Marcus traced a finger across her cheek. As they leaned into each other I turned and ran. Suddenly I lost my footing, and I was falling towards the valley below. I woke up with a jolt and found myself tumbling off my bed. However, I was surprised when I didn’t land with an inevitable SLAM on my bedroom floor. I looked about me, only to realize I was floating a few inches above the ground. A shriek escaped from my lips and I clapped my hand over my mouth. I rose to my feet and floated across the room where I dressed and fed myself before setting out. I scooped up Marco’s rose from my doorstep before hurrying down from my tree house. I waved to Madaline, who was painting on the balcony of her tree house. I greeted Darlene, who was spinning around in a cloud of glitter. I looked up to Marco’s tree house, where he was pulling his shirt on. I called out to him and waved, which he returned with a beaming smile. 
“Hey, how about a picnic by the river?” he called from his window. I nodded eagerly and promised to be there at noon. Once the sun was high in the sky, I set out into the forest to find Marco. I peered through the trees and saw him laying out a checker-print blanket by the riverbank and sighed happily. Suddenly I heard loud splashes just upstream, followed by a short screech. I dashed through the forest, and what I saw in the river stopped me dead in my tracks. There, lying lifeless in the rapids was Ondine. Her dress was ripped in several places and there was a dreadful gash on her cheek. I rushed over to help her, but something stopped me. I thought of all the times she had tried to sabotage my relationship with Marcus. Even in her unconscious state, I could still feel her glaring coldly at me. I shuddered and forced myself to forget our indifferences, at least for the time being. I scooped her out of the rushing stream and struggled to keep a grip on her slippery body. I thought about going back to Marco for help, but her slowed breathing showed me there wasn’t time. I arrived at the White Queen’s castle what seemed like an hour later. I stumbled into the massive palace and left her in the tender care of the White Queen herself. Exhausted, I made my way back to the river, only to find that Marco and the riverside picnic had vanished. My heart stopped. In its place, I found a single trampled red rose. The sun began to dip below the hills as I trudged back to my room. Even though I was floating, my heart felt as if it was sinking with the sun. 

 △July 3rd - Today is a day for picking the juicy ripe strawberries and eating them with cream!
I trudged through the endless rows of strawberries, occasionally throwing a few in my bucket. Images of Marco's signature rose trampled into the ground remained embedded in my brain. I began to hear voices coming from the next row over, and I immediately recognized one of them as Marco's. My spirits lifted. I dashed over to the next row, ready to explain myself. As I grew closer, I recognized the second voice as well. Marcus. Without thinking, I sidestepped and hid inside a strawberry bush.
"...she's just so unpredictable," Marco was saying. I knew in my gut they were talking about me.
"You're telling me!" Marcus exclaimed. "Did you hear what happened after the party Thursday?" he asked then covered his mouth as if it had accidentally slipped out. Marco leaned forward in anticipation. "You can't tell anyone," Marcus began and checked to make sure no one was within earshot. "I heard that Harper spent the night at Kevin's after the party," Marcus whispered. It took all of my efforts not to jump out of my hiding place and rip his hair out.
"What?!" Marco hissed.
"I mean it makes sense, since he just broke up with Darlene and all..." Marcus' voice trailed off. Marco looked stunned. "You didn't hear it from me," Marcus held up his hands before jogging off. Marco stood in a devastated silence. I wanted desperately to leap out of the bush and tell him that it was all a lie. Before I got the chance, he turned and stormed off. I had a sinking feeling he was searching for me. Once I was sure he was gone, I climbed out of the bush and ran towards home. On my way I passed by a bush and a strawberry splattered against my cheek. I burst into tears and ran faster. Teardrops streaked down my cheeks as I replayed the conversation I had just heard. How could Marcus be so cruel? I was just about to climb up to my tree house when a single voice rung out over the otherwise quiet countryside.
"Harper!" Marco was stomping towards me. I winced at the sound of anger in his voice. “How could you do this to me?!” he screeched. “You could’ve at least told me you weren’t interested instead of making me wait for an answer,” he growled. 
“It’s not true!” I cried. Marco seemed about to say something but stopped.
“What’s not true?” he asked slowly. I realized in alarm what I had done. “You were eavesdropping on us weren’t you?” he yelled accusingly. 
“Marco-“ I tried, but he cut me off.
“No, Harper,” Marco said. The serenity in his voice caught me off guard. “I thought you were different,” he shook his head sadly before turning and stalking off. I spun around and ran up to my tree house, where I collapsed onto my bed in tears. Heaving sobs drenched my quilt until I could cry no longer. I lay limply on my bed, out of tears and full of sorrow. There I remained for the rest of the day.

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